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Mandarin school
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Learn Chinese in Mandarin School. place- Chennai, classes available for students, Businessman, housewife, IT professionals and for everyone who willing to join this course.

Introduction: Mandarin School Chennai is one of the most elite institutes here in Chennai where we mainly focus on teaching the Chinese language alone. We teach spoken, written Mandarin as well as advanced Chinese to students from all walks of life. Now as you know China has become India’s largest trading partner. The bilateral trade between these two countries has crossed $51.8 billion.

Ala language
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Learn Mandarin Chinese Language for your Business or Job in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

My Teaching Methodology may be: Face-to-face classroom teaching, recorded video teaching, Online classes, Hindi / English Language to Chinese Language Teaching. Language Related Translation, Interpretation and Transcription Services depends on the nature of work. Private Tour guides for Chinese Language also available.

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Well qualified Chinese language instructor providing quality education keeping in mind the growing importance of the language in dwarka,delhi

the main focus is to establish a strong foundation enabling the students to kickstart and further their studies. aim is to enable the students to master the basic chinese so that they are competent to read,write and speak a good chinese thereby cracking the "HSK" exam conducted by china.

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Learn chinese mandarin in entertainment way ...let's say ni hao ...Study chinese

You will be taught chinese in entertainment way ....videos , fun games and activities...

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Chinese Teacher has 6 Years of Teaching Chinese as Second Language to Foreigners

I can teach conversational Chinese, reading and writing Chinese to different age groups. For adults, you can choose to start with a conversation course (that lasts about 8 - 10 lessons) using romanized Mandarin and slowly move onto reading and writing Han Characters at the intermediate stage. This class is great for professionals who are planning to move to China.

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Learn Mandarin within 30 hours by foreign language expert in Bangalore at your home.

my teaching method is different from others. i teach after study the mind of student by this way they want to learn give them trick to catch the words and phrases and how to make sentences by selves. Within few days student start to speak .

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Teacher with great experience who can provide best Chinese learning experience for you

Being lived in china, I can provide real world examples, materials and information on relevant topics. The methodology will also include in teaching the history and culture of china.

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What will be the next tech superpower? What will be the next biggest economic power? China is an answer to both of these questions! This answer made me learn Chinese. It’s your turn now

I have been learning Chinese for one and a half years now. After taking a two months long trip to Taiwan and after having lived in an environment where the only means of communication was Chinese, I feel the command over my language has only improved. I have secured first rank in every level and I would love to impart the gained knowledge to the ones who wish to have it too.

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I am pursuing my diploma course from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in Chinese Language

My teaching method is firstly depend upon the student's convenience. I gives 2 classes per week.

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Learn chinese with an ease and interest that will make the language one of your favourite language.

My teaching method is simple. I believe in building up a relationship and compatibility among students and teacher. Working hard is the ultimate aim. I show chinese films, videos and sometimes I use textbooks also. Love the language it will be easy to learn rather to know about this language.

New Delhi
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Chinese Language Trainer with wide-ranging experience Graduate and Postgraduate in Chinese language

My classes are customised. Although I do not prefer to use a textbook, but I design my own notes and distribute regular worksheets and assignments. I believe in regular assessment to keep a tab on my students' progress. I work hard to prepare every lesson for every class and expect my students to be as sincere and responsible.

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Native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai with more than 5-year experience !

native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai ! native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai ! native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai ! native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai ! native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai !

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Come and study worlds most difficult language with ease (learning made easy) get trained ti d advanced level and get d most out of ur learning.

We make language fun and easy . So dont get scared thinking Chinese is tough , come n enjoy ur learning experience instead. I start from basics and create a strong base and then move further to higher levels so that its easier for students to understand.

(5 reviews)
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Mandarin Chinese courses for all levels in Bordeaux, by a Chinese native

I am a chinese living in Bordeaux. I give chinese courses for all levels. I teach Chinese mainly in English but i also can use some french, as i am currently A2 and i continue to learn it to improve. I would like to help anyone who wants to improve their Chinese.

Paris 5e
(10 reviews)

Chinese tutor for beginner and intermediate, all ages / Traditional and Simplified Character

In Taiwan, I received a degree from the National Taiwan University Normal (National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)) in 2002 in the Fine Arts Department and was professor of plastic-art for several years.

(10 reviews)
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Pioneering, Innovative and Unique Methodology Guaranteed to Support You to Master Chinese in The Quickest Possible Time!

I’m a highly imaginative and skilful native-Chinese speaking tutor with excellent teaching abilities demonstrated by 10 years of language teaching experience as a university English teacher in China and freelance Chinese instructor in the UK.

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Chinese teacher with a BA of Chinese Literature and 2 years of Teaching experience.

My teaching methodology is helping students learn the real official mandarin. Most of the Chinese people can speak Mandarin, but only a few of them know what is the most right and elegant way to speak and write it. I will tell my student the history and logic of the Chinese language to help them become a real native speaker.

(8 reviews)

One-to-one Mandarin Chinese Lessons in Barcelona (private and for companies). Learn Chinese Now!

Hello, I am a native Chinese who speaks standard Mandarin. I can teach you how to speak, understand, read and write Mandarin Chinese anytime and anywhere in Barcelona city. In class, we will speak as many Chinese as possible, but we will use English when needed.

Ciudad de México
(9 reviews)
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The Chinese native Class of Mandarin to door in Mexico City

I graduated from the University of International Studies in Sichuan, the level of Spanish is B2, I can be used for daily communication. I would like to help foreign friends who like Chinese. Because I'm a Northern, my Mandarin accent is standard.

(3 reviews)
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English Chinese language in Rome - 9 years of experience in China

I am a Chinese cultural and linguistic mediator with almost 10 years of experience in China. (Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Sanya and other cities) Former Chinese Wife (Tianjin) I can help you understand how Chinese people express themselves, focus on pronunciation, tone and try to meet the specific needs of each you.

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Immigrated Chinese Lady teach Chinese in Guelph, has MSc degree, patient, knowledgeble,

Chinese is my native language. I have been in Canada for 17 years. I have no problem to communicate with you in English I can teach different level of Chinese. I can use both Chinese and English to teach according to your understanding ability. I use textbook, multimedia, app, game. I can talk to you everyday via phone or internet after regular lesson.

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Learn Chinese with a native speaker studying in the University of Guelph as an international student

I usually let the person I'm helping with to choose the part of the subject that most interests him/her, and I will start right there just to establish a feeling of fun, not fear against the subject. (Studying is always hard, but we can still get a bit fun from it!) I can be really flexible with the content of tutoring, and I can prepare a unique curriculum for each person if they want.

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Certified Mandarin teacher with 7 years of experience in Montreal gives regular programs and workshops

Course description: I give a variety of programs tailored to fit the individual needs of the student or group : regular programs, workshops, specialized programs. The course will be offered in French or in English. Teaching approach: My teaching methodologies are synthetic approaches in pedagogy which stimulate and facilitate adult language learning.

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UCL Masters student teaches Mandarin (one-to-one) in London as a native speaker

As a fluent speaker in both languages, I understand the key differences in the languages and difficulties a student might face. So I focused on these differences and offer the student an interest-based teaching approach, tailored to each student's need and level of experience.

Cheng-hung (jerome)
1st class FREE!

Taiwanese teaching Mandarin and traditional Chinese characters in Edmonton, fluent in English.

I will start with listening and speaking, to make you familiar with the tone of this language and then will move on to reading and writing. I will find video clips on YouTube with both English and Mandarin subtitles, which can help you correlate the sound with the words.

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Teaching Chinese as a foreign language with 12 years of experience at University

I have rich training and experience in student-centered learning, task-based instruction, and curriculum development. I have taught for both lower and higher levels of Chinese courses.

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Chinese from Venice with deep knowledge of Chinese language and culture, cross-cultural interaction and real teaching experience

- I prefer to interact as much as possible with the students - I tell real fascinating stories about China today - I understand very well the western mentality and apply it in the lesson - Well educated in China, I have authentic pronunciation

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Uni Adelaide Master student can give support on Mandarin and Maths, Thanks!

My teaching method is talk with each individuals and set up the suitable method to teach different students. But the whole concept is make sure every student can understand the knowledge in short time and use it easily. I hope every students will feel happy after my class.

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I am an Australian living in Canberra with a law degree taught in Mandarin Chinese

I will quickly assess the student's current level, from there we would work through new characters and grammar accordingly. I have done this myself and know what is important and what can be put aside for the time being.

Richmond Hill
1st class FREE!

Native Chinese mate gives Chinese classes for ALL ages in Richmond Hill/Vaughan

My teaching method is always to begin with things people are interested, familiar and easily get practice. The basic function of the language is to communicate while the deeper purpose is to open your mind to a whole new culture which may end up enlightening you in the future.

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