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Professional Chinese language teacher. Learn Chinese’s language through English, Hindi & Gujarati . Mandarin langauge

1) Learn chinese in 3 different Langauge English , Hindi and Gujarati. 2) One to One conversation. 3) Audio classes. 4) Speaking classes. 5) Skype classes. 6) Sentence construction from Chinese to English Or English to chinese. 7) Practical classes etc.

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BLCU China HSK studied Mandarin language Teacher in Mumbai or Thane City

Mandarin language its self is a very expressive language. It has Pinyin and Hanzi teaching methods. My teaching method is an interactive method with lots of references which helps students to understand not only the language but Chinese culture also.

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Learn Chinese Mandarin language in Delhi-NCR by an Engineer from Delhi University.

I prefer Individual classes as a student can grasp more when paid individual attention to. Classes will be of 4 hrs a week for all age groups. Course will be comprised of oral as well as writing lessons. All the classes will be conducted on weekends.

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Ni hao! I am pursuing mandarin Chinese (final year of diploma) teaches beginners level and communicative Chinese as well as at professional level.. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single

I prefer taking the role of a 'facilitator': guiding students through the language process.I believe in the communicative approach :asking and answering questions, making requests, describing, narrating and comparing in the language . Task assignment and problem solving—two key components of critical thinking—are the means through which the communicative approach operates.

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Learning Chinese,understanding Chinese culture,history and food, learning how to read Chinese :)

My methodology is very practical. There are always games involved in my of teaching, for example character recognition is best learnt via games. The course is designed in a way so you retain what you learnt and keep coming back for more. Conversations and listening are emphasized via songs and movies I teach both simplified and traditional Chinese.

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Learn Mandarin within 30 hours by foreign language expert in Bangalore at your home.

my teaching method is different from others. i teach after study the mind of student by this way they want to learn give them trick to catch the words and phrases and how to make sentences by selves. Within few days student start to speak .

New Delhi
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I have learned Mandarin from Dolatram college ( University of Delhi). Also completed Mandarin Course from delhi Institute of Foreign languages.

Basics reading and writing is very important. Will teach your from very first word in a most simplified manner. I will make your solid foundation for sure. I can give you this in writting if you want.

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I'm preparing for MA in Mandarin(Chinese). I can teach Mandarin to hsk1,2,3 and 4.

My teaching methods depend on students. I won't force a student to learn vocabulary and grammar if my student finds it extremely boring. But I'll make sure he or she learns them through games or stories.

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Teacher with great experience who can provide best Chinese learning experience for you

Being lived in china, I can provide real world examples, materials and information on relevant topics. The methodology will also include in teaching the history and culture of china.

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We provide highly experienced and qualified tutor for all the languages.

We provide online 1 to 1 personal class to the learners. Before assigning a tutor to the student, we understand the requirement of the learner and then according to the requirement, we assign the tutor who is the best fit for the student's requirements. For the time being, we are providing tutors for language learning but our long-term vision is to provide tutors to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Ala language
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Learn Mandarin Chinese Language for your Business or Job in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

My Teaching Methodology may be: Face-to-face classroom teaching, recorded video teaching, Online classes, Hindi / English Language to Chinese Language Teaching. Language Related Translation, Interpretation and Transcription Services depends on the nature of work. Private Tour guides for Chinese Language also available.

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Mandarin Chinese Level 4 student giving private tutoring for HSK 1 exam

My teaching style combines time-tested techniques for mastering grammar and vocabulary with games, roleplays and fun. My primary focus would be to help you succeed in your HSK exam. For that I will focus on oral comprehension and reading. i will also provide you multiple tests that follow the exam format.

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Hi. My all dear friends I'm a teacher of Chinese language.. I can teach all of you. Chinese. Iam pravesh negi

I have many books and firstly always I wana give my students a good base of Chinese language

New Delhi
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Chinese teacher with few years of experience gives chinese mandarin lessons at home

I am a native Mandarin speaking teacher from mainland China. I'm good for teaching beginners, intermediate , spoken chinese, HSK exam. How I will teach my students? First i would ask my students why they study chinese, then according to the student needs, I will prepare a suitable teaching plan.

(3 reviews)
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Learning about different language and country lets you explore you own identity ..

My teaching method is very understandable and communication skills are very good and can make you understand as per your perception..

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Graduated Bachelors in business administration student and done certified course in Chinese language

My teaching method is to understand the student's ability and strength on a particular subject and likes and dislikes first.

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I am pursuing my diploma course from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in Chinese Language

My teaching method is firstly depend upon the student's convenience. I gives 2 classes per week.

Paris 19e
(20 reviews)

Trilingual teacher (Chinese / English / French) with 6 years experiences teaches Chinese, English or French as a foreign language to students of all levels

Double degree of French language and economics in 2008 at Wuhan University in China, Master of Management Science in 2011 at Em-Lyon business school in France, Founder of IRIS Education in Ile-de- France, 6 years experience in the field of education and vocational training, I attended several international language examinations (CET4 / CET6 / IELTS / TOEIC / TOEFL / TEF / DELF / DALF / TCF ...

(9 reviews)
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Native Chinese Speaker in Berlin, Experienced Chinese Teacher, currently a Ph.D. Student in Political Science

For people with zero Chinese knowledge, I always start with the proper pronunciation of Pinyin. It is vital before moving on to character learning. For people with some knowledge of Chinese, I tailor the lessons based on the language proficiency and the personal need of the student. With songs and videos, my lessons focus on either reading comprehension or oral communication.

(6 reviews)
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Chinese passionate teacher giving classes for students of all levels in Paris

Born and raised in the north of China, I speak Mandarin without accent. In France since 2011, I have integrated well into society. I benefited from experiences in both companies and associations, allowing me to easily communicate with my students. In continuous learning of the French and English language, I know how to put myself in the place of the teacher and the student.

(8 reviews)
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Mandarin Chinese courses for all levels in Bordeaux, by a Chinese native

I am a chinese living in Bordeaux. I give chinese courses for all levels. I teach Chinese mainly in English but i also can use some french, as i am currently A2 and i continue to learn it to improve. I would like to help anyone who wants to improve their Chinese.

(10 reviews)
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Pioneering, Innovative and Unique Methodology Guaranteed to Support You to Master Chinese in The Quickest Possible Time!

I’m a highly imaginative and skilful native-Chinese speaking tutor with excellent teaching abilities demonstrated by 10 years of language teaching experience as a university English teacher in China and freelance Chinese instructor in the UK.

Paris 5e
(11 reviews)

Chinese tutor for beginner and intermediate, all ages / Traditional and Simplified Character

In Taiwan, I received a degree from the National Taiwan University Normal (National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)) in 2002 in the Fine Arts Department and was professor of plastic-art for several years.

(6 reviews)
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Chinese Chinese Prof easy for Adults and Adolescents in Nanterre and Reuil

Hello, My name is Jasmine and I am a Chinese national. I teach Chinese to adolescents or adults to practice Chinese by professional obligation. I specialize in teaching Chinese to foreigners with five years of experience behind me. I worked for a year in the Philippines and two years in France. I speak French fluently.

(2 reviews)
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Chinese tutoring in Troisdorf for beginners and advanced with patience, logic and humor

The teaching method varies according to the level of knowledge of Chinese. For the beginners the base, namely "Pinyin" is taught. Compared to the traditional teaching model, Chinese keyboard is also taught to help you familiarize yourself with Chinese words and symbols earlier. For those who already have basic Chinese knowledge, flexible training is provided.

(3 reviews)
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English Chinese language in Rome - 9 years of experience in China

I am a Chinese cultural and linguistic mediator with almost 10 years of experience in China. (Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Sanya and other cities) Former Chinese Wife (Tianjin) I can help you understand how Chinese people express themselves, focus on pronunciation, tone and try to meet the specific needs of each you.

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Newcastle University Student who can rap in mandarin offering mandarin lesson locate at London

I usually do online course with my students. I give lessons to any one who wants to learn mandarin and any one who is interest to Chinese culture or Chinese rap. I help my student to comprehend sentences. I will teach my students to read some Chinese rap song lyrics, and help them to comprehend. My class will be fun.

South Brisbane
(8 reviews)
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Native girl teach Chinese in a no book, lively and logical way

My lessons are mainly with games and communications. The games are used for words remembering. Games help us to categories the certain words suitable for different situation in everyday lives, and each picture will be used to explain these words in detail. Communication helps students to make the words they remember become the words that can be used in real life.

Marseille 9e
(6 reviews)
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Professor with 5 years of experience in China gives private lessons of Chinese for beginners

Patience, method and especially good humor are the key words of a good learning. The most important is to diversify the tasks to perform and especially to practice roleplay, an activity that I use a lot to get my students in real communication situation.

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Immigrated Chinese Lady teach Chinese in Guelph, has MSc degree, patient, knowledgeble,

Chinese is my native language. I have been in Canada for 17 years. I have no problem to communicate with you in English I can teach different level of Chinese. I can use both Chinese and English to teach according to your understanding ability. I use textbook, multimedia, app, game. I can talk to you everyday via phone or internet after regular lesson.

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