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Piano and singing Guitar learning fast course available online you will rock

i can make you rockstar .my teaching method is so easy for learner and beginners u can play your insturmenta easily so dont wait msg me for best results now.

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Learn To Play Musical Keyboard / piano with our Unique Methods and System

Hobbies can provide an outlet to nurture our in-born talents and develop the need to create the unseen. Hobbies Uncover and Nurture Talents you didn't even know you had. Learn to play the Musical keyboard instantly! Our Institute is specialized in teaching Musical Keyboard and Piano. No matter what your level of musical knowledge is.....

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Golden oppurtunity for prople willing to learn western classical on guitar piano or recorder ! Note: Only pure notation based western music is taught .

I am very passionate and lusted for music since my childhood . I have been studying western music since three years and already completed four grades in both piano and classical guitar . I wish to sow the seeds of music in pupil intrested in learning western classical and for people who have quest for music .

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10 Years of experience in sugam sangeet gives keyboard,Harmonium, piano amd vocal lessons at Home in siolim, Mapusa in Goa.

I prefer to the beginner students in music who wants to be a singer and interested in vocal and instruments like Harmonium, Keyboard and Piano. I believe foundation is very important for any building and I make very strong it.

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I have been teaching music piano and harmoniam from past 8 years

*i am balwant singh from chandigarh 14 sector . (concealed information) I have been teaching music theory and piano from past 8 years.I can train kids and adults for music .I start from a very basic theoretical notations of music and then go further in applying theory into practice and each lesson will contain exercises and practices to do through the week.

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Learn Chords,Patterns,Music Of Melodica : The Traditional wind instrument: Time to blow your Talent

I am Paul Varghese, from India and I play the melodica , a wind instrument that resembles the piano structure. I have an experience of about an year playing and teaching melodica. The classes here would be structured as : 1.The Basics Of Melodica 2.Structure and Functioning of melodica. 3.Chords 4. wind techniques with melodica 5. Breathe exercises 7.Creating Moods 8.

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Iam a musician currently studying at A R Rahmans music conservatory Chennai

Im currently studying music theory and majoring in violin in the my conservatory. I can teach any student between age 14 to 40. I can teach through online. I can teach you music not as an subject but as a passion.

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I teach keyboard,piano and guitar for all kinds of levels. Located at trivandrum,Kerala. I'm post graduated and diploma in music technology and 5th grade painist.

I teach all levels of students. Focussed on staff notation. Teach both eastern and western music. Site reading,chords accompanying,lead playing etc will be targeted. Currently working as music teacher at Trivandrum international School. Post graduated with diploma in music technology. 5th grade pianist.

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Piano classes for beginners, and singing classes (Western music) for beginners.

Myself Blesson T Varghese, have 14 years experience in singing and playing keyboard.. My contact number is +(concealed information) Email : (concealed information) For Church purpose and all i can give good information in singing and playing keys.. Beginners can contact me..

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Indian music---presently in Pune-- shifted from punjab (Ludhiana)-post graduate in music instrumental

Worked in govt college Ludhiana to teach B.A @ M.A batches n also in private college. Now giving private coaching in light n classical music( singing @ instrumental both) Poonam lekhi Post graduate (Gold medalist) in music.

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Piano keyboard western music grade abrsm music programming programming electronic music production

I am Vineeth Esthaphan. Graded piano teacher from ABRSM School of Music London. I can give you classes for music theory and also practical applications. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Student pianist with 4 years of experience teaching the fundamentals of piano and music theory.

Classes are given to beginners who want to start learning music. Classes will begin with fundamentals of music theory and later move on to the basics of piano. After the fundamentals and basics, important and useful tips and techniques for live performances, different ways of practicing and additional information will be provided.

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Lessons from band pianist with 8 years of experience! Come lets play!

I'm a official band pianist. I have an experience of more than 8 years in music. I will not teach it as a subject but I'll create your love in music because it is an ocean! I will give vocal lessons with piano lessons also.

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Rampur Sahni
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College student doing commerce gives piano lessons for beginners in hyderabad, india

my teaching method is very simple. if you ask me the same doubt 100 times the same time i teach you, i will show it to you again but if you ask for it after some time like a month then i will become strict.

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Learn music and keyboard now more easily and at your comfort zone.

Consider me your friend and all I need is your dedication rest leave it to me.I like to teach things beyond the syllabus and more vastly a topic. I want you to know everything that I do and then you use it to create your own masterpiece.

New Delhi
Robin singh
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Learn Guitar / Piano at home no need to go to any institute... (south delhi atc..) with my teaching you will progress pretty good and fast to know more

Hi Guys i teach guitar and piano / keyboard , i am teaching from past 4 year , we teach with professional way of training musicians , start taking our classes and see your progress going up.... whether if you are kid or adult you are welcome ..

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A Natural Acapella\Pianist Singer with Playing, Singing and Hearing Experience from Childhood

Moses from West Africa. My teaching is based on vocal (western Classical) and Keyboard. I give classes to toddlers and Adults. istart by exploring the Power of Hearing with my students using solfège and followed up by series of Practice.

Babu rao
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I am teaching notation and contemporary music and i have 5 yrs of experience

i make students understand each and every concept relating to notation by 1) giving proper examples 2) i prepare adios and videos relating to the classes 3) practicing the given portion several times 4) giving paper work, providing charts and books for memorising

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A Keyboard player and a Music Enthusiasist in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

I had been learning Keyboard since I was 12 years old. I have participated in many music compititions. Participated and won a Guinness World Record for the "Largest number of electronic keyboard players in Unison". I shall teach from the basics , in a easily understandable manner.

New Delhi
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Ukuleles and Guitars? I can teach you. I can also teach how to play the keyboard and piano.

I can teach you how play a Ukulele, Guitar, Keyboard and Piano. I am fairly friendly so classes should be fun. Hopefully.

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"Lady Professional gives music lessons at home", Come join and lets start :-)

I teach film songs with karoke. Not a professional musician but teach light music. Interested candidates can please ping me. i have sung numerous film songs with karoke and i am very happy to share my hobby on this platform.

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Kuthala ramnath teaching piano across pan india for grade 2 students grade

Explain who you are and the content of your classes: In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give classes (degree, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (class structure) - Your characteristics as a teacher? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your classes.

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Paris 6e
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Play the Piano ! The pleasure of playing the Piano & the passion for the Piano

I suggest: 1) Private Piano lessons for children, adults, all ages and all levels, based on a custom musical followed : Discovery - methodical Learning - Development - Concert at the end of the year 2) Coaching comedians and actors (piano) For example, I was Professor of Piano actor Romain Cottard in the preparation of the play by Yasmina Reza, "How do you tell the game".

Paris 1er
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Piano, music theory and composition, for all ages and levels in Paris

Hello, formed in a Russian school at Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory (piano, composition) and actually pursuing studies at the Paris Conservatory in the class of composition, I offer piano lessons, music theory, music composition for people of all ages and levels . I can help you in many areas: listening, intonation, theory, writing, composition, orchestration and improvisation.

Paris 11e
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Piano lessons with a smile for all levels (beginner as superior, preparation for competitions or exams ....) in Bastille street rocket or moving. On your keyboard :) ^^ ^^ :)

Eric graduated from the National Conservatory of Paris (1st prize and diploma of Master Artist and winner of the third cycle of over 20 National and International Competition), gives piano lessons for all levels and all ages, amateurs or professionals. Very nice and patient and adapts to any level. Street rocket (11th) on a grand piano.

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Pawandeep, found their piano teacher

Hi Rajesh, I am oza, and I am a software enginner. I had learned keyboard in 12th and I can play with both hands. I have recently purchased piano...and I would like to learn. it would be good to meet fact to fact so i can explain where I am.

1 month ago