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On Superprof, we have 12,072 teachers across India taking private lessons at home or online.

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💻 Can you learn Piano online on Superprof?

On Superprof, many of our Piano teachers offer online classes.

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To find online classes, just select the webcam filter in the search engine to see the available tutors offering online lessons in your desired subject.

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Learn Piano in India

The contribution of the piano in the music industry from the past 300 years has been most significant.

The piano is the most basic yet one of the finest musical instruments. Also, the piano is the most popular instrument of all time and apart from being a great instrument, it also makes the decor of a home all classy.  Learning piano is a wonderful thing to do. Pianos are simple to learn and can greatly enhance the learning abilities of a musician. The notes are simple to play and one can understand the ups and downs of music theory with the help of a piano.

How Learning Piano Can Benefit in Your Growth?

There are numerous benefits linked with the learning of the piano. Apart from the great gift of music, that the piano can teach you, there are many great lessons in life that you will get by learning this wonderful instrument.

Some of the benefits are given down-below:

  • It improves your concentration level

When playing the piano, one needs to be highly focused on the pitch, rhythm, tempo, notes, and several other things. This is a multi-level exercise that you will be doing every time you will be playing the piano. 

  • It teaches you to be disciplined

If you are thinking to learn an instrument just to show off in front of your friends and family, then you must think again. There is nothing to brag about in music. It needs a great amount of practice and determination to learn an instrument.

When you see your favorite musician playing on the stage, it feels so easy and smooth, but you do not know the amount of practice that was needed for him to reach there. Learning an instrument means you will have to practice, practice and practice more. Music is similar to maths, the more you will practice, the more knowledge you will get and the better you will become.

  • Piano enhances your time management skills 

Piano can be a great teacher for you as most of the time you will have to practice it till you reach a certain level. Practicing it for more hours will actually teach you how can the time be used in a more productive way. 

  • It teaches you perseverance

Every piano learner is eager to play songs, and jam on the songs that they like. However, the initial few weeks and even months of your learning will involve practicing the scales and perfect the rhythms. I am pretty sure, you will get tired of playing the same notes again and again but you will have to keep it together and stay patient. This long waiting will teach you to be patient and thereby increase your perseverance.

  • Playing piano enhances your emotional intelligence

There are several studies to show that people who play any musical instrument are better in understanding and expressing their emotions. Learning piano will help in enhancing your listening skills because every time you play a note, the sound will register into your mind. And to make music, you need the clarity of notes in your mind so that you can make the music. Emotions are not just expressed with the facial expressions but also with the tone of your voice and the melody of your speech. 

Where to Learn Piano?

There are many mediums for learning piano in India. But the best way of learning it is through Superprof. It is a platform through which a person can find out thousands of best musicians from which they can learn. It helps you to check out the profiles of every musician in your area and you can see their works and skills and decide for yourself which one to choose. 

Superprof also gives the option to learn the instrument from world-class international teachers with the help of the online lessons they provide. If you want to perfect a particular style like Spanish music, then you can learn it from an international teacher. 

Superprof also provides you with the option of sending the tutors to your home. They will themself come to your place and teach you to play the piano. This is a wonderful option as you do not have to go to get the lessons. You can save your time and the tutor himself will come and give you the piano learning lessons. Learning piano from Superprof is the best way as you are able to see the work and quality of your teacher and select the one you feel is the best for you. 

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