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The average price of English speaking classes is ₹1,186.

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Learn English as your Second language in India

As an Indian and a non-native English speaker, it is essential for you to show some certification if you want to visit abroad, particularly to the UK. ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. This is a certification course that will increase your chances of getting a visa approval if you are looking to move to an English-speaking Country.

It is not easy to find a credible and authentic English teacher who can help you gain the required confidence and knowledge about the subject. It is entirely possible that you have been studying English in your school or the undergraduate level in India. But there is a difference between what you study in school and what is required for the ESOL exam.

Do you know what’s the best thing about ESOL? It has to do with learning a new language. As an auxiliary to learning something new, it shows your level of competence, patience, and the ability to improve yourself.

What is ESOL, and Why do I need it?

Apart from the full form that you have read above, ESOL is a kind of benchmark that assured the other party of your knowledge and expertise in English speaking, reading, and writing.

It is not necessary that you will need ESOL just to study in any country which uses English as its main language. In the UK, you can also teach English if you have gained the required level of certification within the purview of ESOL.

No matter the motive of giving an ESOL exam, you will get the best coaching from tutors who have excelled in training the students in this type of exam for years altogether. More importantly, an ESOL certification is necessary for getting the citizenship status of the UK. 

Is ESOL different from Indian Academic English?

Yes, it is. Educational English consists of such things that may or may not be useful in a normal conversation. Learning the nuances of the literature of the past age will let you learn the evolution of the English language. But for conversing with someone in everyday life, you cannot quote Victorian-era English.

For that, you need to learn regular English and understand punctuation plus grammar that will help you converse with your colleagues, neighbours, friends, and every other person you meet.

Decluttering the ESOL Examination:

At the outset, you may think that there is only one ESOL exam that you will get you ready to start a new life or take up a new opportunity in the UK. That is not true. There are various substrates of this exam that correspond to different levels of proficiency and its associated opportunities that will open up once you pass the exam.

Key English Test (KET): KET is the test best kept for people who are just beginning to learn English. After the initial training, you need to be well versed in basic communication.

Preliminary English Test (PET): Going up one level, the PET will help you gain a higher level of understanding. Passing the PET means that you have become a master of basic English.

First Certificate In English (FCE): Looking to study abroad? This is the test that you need to pass for getting into a course in the UK. An FCE qualification will ensure the institutes and other academic institutions of your ability to understand the extent of English that is used in daily conversation and classes.

Certificate of Advanced English (CAE): For admission into a university or taking up a regular job, you will need to show your proficiency in English with CAE.

Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE): A CPE certification will get you as close you can to becoming a native English speaker. This is the highest level of English proficiency that you can get within the purview of ESOL. Not only this, if you pass this test, then you will also become eligible to join university courses of a few other English-speaking countries.

How does Superprof help me train for ESOL?

At Superprof, the tutors have gained the required level of expertise and knowledge to teach you. You can choose from the list of more than 35,000 ESOL teachers present on our platform. Be it for an exam or to gain the required level of knowledge for getting a job abroad, these private tutors are up for every kind of challenge.

Check for the reviews, measure the prices with their English proficiency levels, and then choose the one you want to learn from. And it does not matter what your age is, you will find a suitable teacher for yourself on Superprof.

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