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master the art of difficult conversation
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Managing Difficult Conversations in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

The Beginner’s Guide to Difficult Conversations The only thing worse than having a difficult conversation is having a difficult conversation when you don’t have any knowledge of how to navigate the situation. Difficult conversations can come up in any relationship: At work, at school, with family, with friends, with your spouse, and even with strangers. […]


Written on 23 January 2023

9 minutes to read
Learn online India
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Comprehensive Guide To Get More Students To Teach Online

How To Find Students To Teach Online (Along With Teaching Ad examples!) Teaching seems to be an easy task where you don’t have to invest at all and yet, you can make money. But finding students can cost you a great deal of time, especially in the initial stages. On the other hand, if you […]


Written on 22 December 2022

9 minutes to read
Find Excel lessons near you
Computer programming

Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced in 2023

An Introduction to MS Excel for Beginners If you have heard about Microsoft Excel, you must know that it can simplify any tabular work or computational work for you. However, even though many people have mastery over Microsoft Word, they fall short in using Microsoft Excel and Excel formulas. Microsoft Excel is a different beast […]


Written on 13 December 2022

8 minutes to read
Advice for Students

Indian Constitution Day: All You Need to Know

Complete Guide to Indian Constitution Day (26th November) In a bid to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of independent India, the 26th of November is celebrated as the Constitution Day of India. This year will mark the 73rd anniversary of the historic event that marked the dawn of a new era in 1949. The […]


Written on 22 November 2022

7 minutes to read
How to maintain peace at workplace?
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World Mental Health Day: Importance Of Mental Health

World Mental Health Day: Why You Should Be Aware Of Mental Illnesses The effects of mental illness are becoming more burdensome. It is becoming impossible to deny the influence that mental illness may have on our day-to-day lives, our society, and our economy as the number of individuals who report worrying about their mental health […]


Written on 18 November 2022

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AutoCAD Salary in India

AutoCAD Engineer Salary in India [2023] AutoCAD professionals mix their artistic sensibility and good technical acumen to produce detailed drawings of architectural plans, blueprints, and other documents. Is it the correct career for you? It can be an intriguing field to work in (and tends to pay well). What you need to know about the […]

22 January 20236 minutes to read

AutoCAD Designer: Career Opportunities, Jobs & Prospects [2023]

Top Companies Hiring AutoCAD Engineers Engineers typically use AutoCAD, a well-known piece of software, to efficiently plan, sketch out, and update 2D and 3D designs. It does away with the drawbacks of hand-drawing, keeping physical design files secure, and the difficulties of sharing, soliciting input and making design changes. In keeping with technological developments, AutoCAD […]

22 January 20236 minutes to read

Advanced AutoCAD Courses: Top 7 Courses In 2023

Top 7 Advanced AutoCAD Courses In 2023 A 2D and 3D CAD drafting tool called AutoCAD was first introduced by Autodesk decades ago. It is a CAD tool, which stands for computer-aided design and drafting. The illustrations are vector-based and show standard drawing objects. To illustrate the general appearance of design elements, AutoCAD can also […]

22 January 20237 minutes to read

the best software

5+ Best AutoCAD Courses for Beginners

9 Best AutoCAD Courses To Take in 2023 A computer-aided design (or "CAD") program is AutoCAD. It was developed by Autodesk, a business that primarily creates software and solutions for sectors including engineering, manufacturing, construction, product design, and more. Design professionals can rapidly develop and edit digital images and designs in 2D and 3D with AutoCAD. […]

22 January 20237 minutes to read

Bollywood dance classes

How To Learn Indian Bollywood Dance At Home

Learn Simple Indian Bollywood Dance Moves Once you have felt the Indian dust, you will never be free of it. - Rumer Godden While contemporary dance, classical dance and ballet are dance students' bread and butter, many people are opting to embrace other cultures with Asian dance lessons. Bollywood remains one of the most widely-recognized […]

2 February 20237 minutes to read

Who are the most famous artists throughout history?

Top 15 Most Famous Artists Of All Time

The Top 15 Great Painters of All Time & Their Paintings “Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realising it.” - Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet are some of the most famous painters in the UK and around the […]

20 January 20238 minutes to read

Best dance classes for kids in India

What Is the Best Age to Start Dancing?

What is the Best Age for Dance Classes for Kids? Dance is one of the most preferred activities by people in India. No matter in which city you live or which language you speak, there are countless types of dances in India, and almost each one of us likes to dance. Not to a great […]

17 December 20227 minutes to read

There are a number of vegetarian blogs to look out for.

Top 6 Indian Chefs & Their Food Blogs You Must Know

Famous Indian Chefs To Unlock Your Culinary Skills A food blogger is a food enthusiast who posts and shares his/ her knowledge of food in various aspects. Food blogs may be about food recipes, as well as techniques for creative garnishing and food reviews. What makes food blogging popular is that a food blogger does […]

24 October 20227 minutes to read

How do you become a private webcam tutor?

10 Best Excuses for Not Getting Homework Done

Best Possible Excuses For Not Doing Homework! Have you ever stumbled to class, filled with dread and wondering how you're going to explain why you don't have any work to turn in? Even though every student must ensure they complete their assignments and homework, sometimes we cannot stop but make small excuses not to do […]

10 January 20239 minutes to read

Find the best distance training in India

Tools For Distance Learning and Virtual Learning

How Virtual Learning Tools are Helping Distance Learning? In recent years, e-learning platforms have been widely used in the classroom. These tools will not only save you time but will also facilitate student-teacher interaction. They are mostly used by the Distance learning university. The rapid development of distance learning technology is giving teachers like you […]

15 December 20229 minutes to read

How to find distance learning course online?

Distance Learning in India: Advantages and Disadvantages

Distance learning and Online Education In India The use of distance learning in schools is becoming increasingly common. The future holds great potential for education provided at a distance. People already working but wish to further their education and career are likely interested in this learning method. The students may enhance their credentials while spending […]

15 December 20229 minutes to read

List of distance learning universities in India

Distance Learning Education in India

Why Indian Students Must Know About Distance Learning Distance learning education is an option for students interested in taking courses. They may access all of the course materials and video lectures online. Students often choose to do their homework at home rather than in class. So, let’s explore more about distance learning in the article […]

15 December 20228 minutes to read

yoga classes for beginners

Yoga For Beginners: How To Start With Yoga Training?

Comprehensive Guide For Yoga For Beginners! Whether you’re an adult looking to begin a steady yoga practice, an elder looking for some soothing stretches, or a parent looking for classes for your child, there is a yoga class out there for you. Yoga is one of the most welcoming concepts in the world because it […]

15 November 20229 minutes to read

Yoga for kids

Getting Started with Yoga Classes for Kids

How to Introduce Your Child to Yoga Training “Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” - B.K.S. Iyengar Really, there is no such thing as beginning a yoga practice too soon. A person’s relationship with yoga can change, grow, and evolve over time to […]

14 November 20229 minutes to read

yoga classes for children

Yoga For Children: Jump Start a Healthy Future

Yoga Classes for Beginners: Build A Healthy Lifestyle For Your Kids! “The seeds sown in childhood put down deep roots.” - Stephen King Yoga is a well-known healthy activity that is practiced all over the world. The modern trend is to believe that yoga is only for adults who can recognize that they are absorbing […]

14 November 20228 minutes to read

kids yoga classes

Cost of Yoga Classes for Kids In India

What are Typical Yoga Class Fees for Kids in India? “Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” - B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga is known all over the world and is becoming increasingly popular, especially among adults. But it can also be a wonderful activity for children! The […]

12 November 20227 minutes to read

Asking yourself how to learn english? Find out how with Superprof

The History of the English Language: History, Origin & Modern Usage

How has the English Language Changed Over Time? English is the first taught language worldwide, it is an official language in 53 countries, for almost 1.5 billion people. Although, as their mother tongue, more people speak Chinese, English is close behind. Nowadays, more and more people wish to learn English for job-related reasons, in particular in […]

12 January 20238 minutes to read


20+ Most Useful Hindi Words and Phrases

Important Hindi Words and Phrases For Beginners: Travelling or Living In India One possible factor that you started learning Hindi might be its popularity and its deep roots in world history. So, before getting stuck into the complexities of Hindi, you must understand the basics of it. Hindi is an ancient language that was first […]

10 January 20238 minutes to read


Importance of English Language For Indian Students In 2023

Why Is English Language Important For Students? Indian writers have appropriated English as an Indian language, and that gives a certain freshness to the way we write - Vikas Swarup The history of Indian languages dates back to many centuries. Owing to the diversity of India culture, the people of this country have adopted many different languages […]

5 January 20237 minutes to read

Learning english through quotations can makes english fun

30+ Most Famous English Quotes For Students

Great English Quotes  Motivational Quotes To Start Your Day With! By learning English, you will learn how to master the art of its grammar, syntax, vocabulary but you will also touch on its poetry and culture. Whether you’re about to start an essay or a hard week in the office, there is nothing like a […]

16 December 202215 minutes to read

Which are the best headphones for singers?

Best Headphones for Singing (All budgets)

Headphones for Recording Your Vocals In 2023 “If they're singing about heartbreak, they've lived it.” - Paula Abdul For singers, when it comes to over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones, most choose over-ear headphones. Each different type of headphone has its pros and cons depending on what you plan on using them for. Headphones can be […]

22 December 20226 minutes to read

5 Easy Steps for How to Tune a Piano

Essential Tips to Tune a Piano Yourself "An actor is like a piano. It should be well tuned, but shouldn't be hit too hard." — Monica Bellucci Just like an actor needs to perform their role properly, the inner workings of the piano need to perform properly. Whether you have an upright piano or a […]

25 August 20229 minutes to read

Violin for beginners

Proven Way to Learn Violin for Beginners

Learn by Indulging in the Best Beginner Violin Lessons Violin is one of those musical instruments that people highly prefer for learning. The reasons are many such as the sound it produces, the flare that it provides to the musician, the fact that it can be played solo, in an orchestra, and so on. If […]

22 August 20227 minutes to read

Learn Violin

Learn Violin With Regular Practice

How to Play Violin Like a Pro? There's no question that regular practice is key to learning any skill — including the violin. But how much practice is enough, and how can you make sure your practice time is adequate? In this blog, you'll learn how to maximise your practice sessions to start playing violin […]

22 August 20227 minutes to read

Top 5 Law Entrance Exams in India

List of Top Law Entrance Exams in India Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise - Anonymous For candidates, preparing for a law exam and a career in the legal profession, this should be the mantra. A law examination should not deter you from pursuing your passion in law. If legal rights and […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

Law lesson in Bangalore

Study Law in 2023: Legal Education In India

Where to Study Law in India in 2023 Indian society holds lawyers in high esteem because of the innate faith that when everything else fails, one can still take recourse to the legal system. Legal advice may be required in our daily lives, one way or the other. In such situations, who do we turn […]

31 January 20238 minutes to read

Law classes in India

AILET 2023 [Information, Eligibility & Admission Process]

All You Need to Know About the AILET Exam (All India Law Entrance Test) Successful lawyers are known as sharp strategists - Anonymous If you are an aspiring lawyer in India and one of those candidates preparing for one or more of the competitive law exams, then this article is for you. Whether it's an […]

31 January 20236 minutes to read

Lawyer Salary in India: Trends, Experience

Overview: Salary of Lawyers in India A law is valuable not because it is law, but because there is right in it - Henry Ward Beecher What does the law mean? The word law is probably very intimidating for most of you. But it is nothing but a set of rules aimed to create a […]

21 January 20237 minutes to read

Yoga studio

How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer? [2023]

How To Become A Personal Trainer: Essentials To Know Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels - Anonymous Are you someone who has always dreamt to become a personal trainer in a gym? Or give personal training classes in her own fitness studio? If the answer is yes, then you are looking at the […]

1 February 20239 minutes to read

Private tuition being conducted by a teacher at home

How To Find A Teaching Job In Bangalore? [2023]

Detailed Guidelines For A Teaching Job In Bangalore Often called the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore - the capital city of the state of Karnataka, is home to numerous important educational institutes in India. When you look at opportunities to work from home, teaching job and tutoring services are among the most popular choices as […]

1 February 20238 minutes to read

Find job interview preparation tips

Best Job Interview Books for Job Preparation

Why Should You Read Job Interview Books? Job interviews always keep aspiring candidates in a challenging position, which can also be very stressful. When you are at a job interview, you may face many unexpected problems, which is why you need to watch out for what you are thinking and saying. If your responses become […]

23 January 20238 minutes to read

Find the best tutor to prepare you for a job interview

Job Interview Skills for College Students 2023

Find the Best Interview Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Job Applicants might do better in interviews if they get the right guidance and best interview tips. They are just as important to hone as the technical and workplace abilities required to thrive in a certain field. There are various smart interview tips which […]

23 January 20239 minutes to read