Over the past few years, there has been an increase in demand for private tutors all around India. According to the Economic Times of India,  two-thirds of Indian students take private tuition as home based jobs. Private tutoring job and online tutoring jobs in India has been growing at a staggering rate. There are around 7.1 crore students who take lessons at home so as to get a better understanding of their subjects and earn extra money.

A report given by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) has shown that about 26% of the student population in our country who attend schools, colleges or even universities are dependent on private tutors.

This sector of the education system is growing continuously because there is an increase in competitiveness among the students all over India which pushes the parents to invest more time and money for their children's education. If there is a demand for any goods or services there will also be a supply for the same goods and services as ways to make money from home.

Private teaching offers flexible schedule but how do you decide what to charge?
Image ¦ Private tutoring is becoming more popular are teachers are looking for a flexible way to earn an extra income ¦ source: Pixabay

A number of teachers who are not satisfied with their salaries and feel like they are underpaid look towards a career as a private tutor working from home in order to earn more money. As the demand for private tuitions grows so does the supply for private tutors who consider themselves as freelance teachers. Tutors in Mumbai, India charge around an average of 1500 rs. for each class which lasts for a duration of one hour, the rates are set by the tutor depending on several factors.

The job as a private tutor is becoming a lucrative and stimulating career for most people including ex-teachers. Numerous people consider the online job of teaching as a noble profession, despite this teachers are highly underpaid in India. In some regions of India, the income of teachers is not sufficient enough to cover up most of their expenses.

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Factor in preparation time when deciding what to charge
Image ¦ Teachers should factor in preparation time when setting their rates ¦ source: Pixabay

The teachers at government schools who teach English get decent salaries whereas teachers at private schools struggle to manage their daily expenses and earn money. More than 80% of teachers in India feel like they are underpaid. So it is not common to think that most qualified teachers look for other methods in order to increase their incomes with a side job which fits their schedules perfectly.

A qualified teacher and ex-teachers are not the only ones seeking for a job as a private tutor which can help them make more income. Students who go to universities often take up the job as a private tutor or online teaching job so as to earn a bit of extra cash. This also helps to give their resume an extra boost. Private tutoring jobs gives them a chance to have full control of their own schedule and the rates at which they want to give their classes at as pee their flexible schedules.

The level of study of the student can affect the rate that they pay for classes
Image ¦ Primary level tuition is becoming increasingly popular ¦ source: Pixabay

How much should you expect as Tutor?

How much should one charge as a tutor, is a question which arises and is faced by a student or a teacher when it comes to setting the cost of one’s classes. “What would be the perfect price range for private tuitions?”. The rate at which you set the price of your classes also acts as a first impression for your clients. If you set the rate of your charge low then people will assume that you are not qualified enough to be a tutor and will not take you seriously but if you set you're charged too high then you will not fit in the price range of your potential students. 

Super tutors are known for charging extremely high rates
Image ¦ Super-tutors have made the news with their jet setting tutoring schedules and sky-high rates. ¦ source: Pixabay

This decision to set the right price for private tuitions is difficult because there is too much information available online which are conflicting in nature. There are some pages online which were made to give advice to people who want to be tutors, but these pages give incongruous advice regarding this matter. This tempts people to just choose random amounts for the classes although we strongly suggest you to resist this urge. 

Online tuition is becoming more popular as tutors can choose their own office and be more flexible
Image ¦ Online tuition comes with many benefits, such as choosing your office! ¦ source: Pixabay

Unfortunately, we cannot set the rate for you it is something that you need to decide. We can only advise you at what price range you can set your classes at and provide you with proper information about the charges for tutoring in India.

Technically you are being paid for the amount of time you give your students for a specific class. Although higher rates that some tutors charge in comparison to other professions is inclusive of other work that takes place out of the classroom. So basically, you should find online tutoring as a legitimate work for home job opportunities and as a suitable teaching experience.

Some instruments are more expensive to learn than others
Image ¦ Music tuition vary according to demand for certain instruments ¦ source: Pixabay

The ‘Preparation’ that you should undertake is fully dependent on the subject that you teach. For example, an English language tutor might prepare for the class by:

  • Assessing the progress of the student and planning the classes accordingly
  • Provide proper feedback to the student about the progress they are making in the class
  • Giving them a proper assignment to complete in regards to their English classes. 
  • Finding proper sources for various exercises
  • Come up with questions that are based on the texts
  • Giving lessons on the English Grammar
Tuition charges may vary around India
Image ¦ Tuition fees in Mumbai are higher than any state in India ¦ Source: Britannica.com

So an English teacher who earns between 2000 rupees per hour which requires one hour to prepare for the English teaching class, is actually earning 1000 rupees per hour. This creates a loss for the teacher as she invests more time and money while preparing for the class and only gets to keep 100 rupees for her expenses.

At Superprof there is no median between the student and the tutor. The tutors at Superprof receive at what rate they set their classes without having the need to pay for the platform which is provided by Superprof for free. This indicates that you do not need to invest your time and money for the preparation of the class.

If you decide to charge 2000 rupees for the class then you will receive 2000 rupees for the class which lasts for a duration of one hour. You just need to figure out is whether your class rate is sufficient for you and your expenses.

SuperProf is currently accepting applications to help college students in getting a college degree by teaching students online. Payment details through PayPal is widely accepted and is the industry norm. All teachers also have proper teaching certification.

How does a university degree affect your rates for private tuition?
Image ¦ University graduates can expect to earn more for tutoring ¦ source: Pixabay

Check out the market for tutoring jobs: Rates of Private Tuitions by the Subject

In order to set yourself apart from the rest, you might think that setting a lower price range for your class as it would appear to be preferable and attractive but it does not work like that. Setting a lower rate for your classes might make you seem unprofessional and inexperienced. It is not simple to set up the rate for your classes and still earn extra money. Your rate which is hourly based should be affordable and reasonable.

The rate of your classes should be similar to the market rate of teaching the same subject as you. Competition arises when you are living in an area where there are several tutors teaching the subject, with the same qualifications and experience as you. If you charge say about 250 rupees per class when the average amount should be 1500 rupees, you will come across as inexperienced. On the other hand, if you decide to charge 3000 rupees for your class then your students will expect more from you. Before taking your experience into consideration you should first do proper research on the average rate for your subject in the area.

The amount you charge for your classes if you become a tutor can depend on a variety of factors such as your location, your experience, the level of the student, and the format of the lesson. This is one of the reasons why Math tutoring and teaching English online has become one of the best work when it comes to home online teaching job.

Tutors are self-employed and must pay their own taxes
Image ¦ Setting your rate doesn't have to be a taxing affair ¦ source: Pixabay

How does the location you live in effect the rates for home tutoring jobs?

While setting the rate of their classes whether private or online tutoring jobs should take social inequalities into account. It is also important to keep in mind that not all the cities and areas in India will have an equal footing when it comes to the charges for tuition for new job seekers. For example, a person living in Bangalore has high speed internet and tends to earn more but the cost of living in the city is more expensive in comparison to the other cities. This disparity in the location also affects the prices of online tutors. On average, the tutors at Superprof India charge around 2000 rupees per hour for college students. The rates at which some tutors charge take their income and the cost of living into consideration. Online tuition jobs are one such way which enables you to tap into the field of tutoring in other regions and also you will get paid enough for the job. 

Expenses for tutoring can be set off tax as business expenses
Image ¦ Tutoring expenses can be deducted from your taxable profit ¦ source: Pixabay

How does experience affect the rates you charge as a tutor?

Private tutors act as a role model in the academic field for their students. It is important for you to do proper research before conducting your classes so that you do not make any mistakes. Private tuition enables students to reach their full capacity through online education. The more experience you have, your tutoring rates will automatically increase. For all students, the level of your qualifications as a tutor is an important factor. As a tutor with a PhD, you will be able to charge more than others.

Your level of experience and qualifications plays an important role in your selection as a tutor. If you are someone who is a graduate, your profile would not be as appealing as those of professor or private tutor with a PhD. In order to gain the attention of your potential clients, you need to increase and build your profile so as to make it more appealing. If you are someone who is looking for a part-time or a full-time job as a tutor try considering online tutoring jobs from home as an option. The timing for this job is flexible as well as you can earn a considerable amount of money by working remotely as an online tutor and be your own boss.

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