There are a lot of tutors and teachers in India who earn a good fortune by providing tuition classes to school students. Many experts also provide private classes to engineering, medical, M.B.A, C.A, and U.P.S.C aspirants. Although many individuals are well-established in their field with these offline classes, there are many who are limited to their localities and towns. Online teaching jobs are a golden opportunity for these people, and for teachers, to expand their business. Superprof India has come up with a do-it-yourself guide for every prospective online tutor.

The e-learning platform is sprawling its roots in India very fast with more and more people connecting with it. Just by following certain guidelines and rules, you can become a freelance tutor. There are plenty of opportunities and options in this arena to help you pave your way out. Online tutoring requires minimum skills apart from the expertise that you must have to deliver successful classes. Let us have a look at the set of skills you should acquire in order to build a strong career.

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Soft Skill Tips For Online Teaching Jobs

Good soft skills are very important for you to enhance the quality of your classes. It is for the fact that physical classes can be controlled very easily because teachers and students are under one roof in that setup. However, since this possibility is not with online tutoring classes, the students can find a thousand reasons for bunking them. It is only with the help of NVC (Non-Verbal Communication) that you can hold the students’ attention. NVC, commonly referred to as soft skill, consists of the following qualities:

Voice Modulation

The major skill that you need to improve is learning how and when to modulate the tone of your voice. During online classes, students gather most of the information just by listening to their teachers through earphones or headphones. If you do not know the correct tone of voice while explaining something, it might be misinterpreted by them which is not a good thing to happen.

Suppose you are an online math tutor and two of your students just hate the subject. Now whenever you are addressing them to explain the concept, your voice has to be soft enough so that they do not feel scolded. Similarly, it cannot be a very frank and friendly tone as many students might not take it seriously. Thus, keeping a balance and bringing modulations whenever required is very important.

Good Body Posture

Just because online classes can be taken by sitting in a comfortable setup does not mean that you should not maintain sophistication. Slouching in the chair, leaning on pillows, folding legs on the chair, etc. are not a sign of good soft skills. You should choose a proper seat which is comfy enough for you to sit. Sit straight and look alive while taking the classes. Also, make sure you look formal and decently dressed on the screen.

Use The Right Gestures

Proper hand movements must be used while explaining something. Especially if you are teaching how to play a musical instrument or how to dance. The best tutors know how to put the right emphasis on the lessons so as to put forward a better explanation. The role of online tutoring services is to help learners solve the obstacles that come their way. In the process of doing so, you must make sure your intentions are delivered correctly to the students.

Interact Politely

A good online tutor is one who knows exactly how to make a balanced and strong bond with his students by using polite effective interactions during the class hours. In order to do so, you do not need to hamper your privacy or involve yourself personally with every student you meet. Just by adding some out of the context conversations to boost your students’ will power would do the magic. The key to effective soft skills is being cooperative and friendly without crossing the line.

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Proper Facial Expressions

After voice modulation, comes the use of proper facial expressions in online teaching jobs. A lot of people fail to understand the significance of it but it plays a crucial role. Your students should be able to read your facial expressions so that the decorum of a virtual classroom is maintained. You may lose the attention of your students if you put your resting face on all the time. From a warm smile to a stern glare, you must master it all. There is never the need for scolding the learners if your expressions do the talking.

Read Incongruent Behaviour

A person with commendable good soft skills always knows how to handle a class and the students. There is no denying that every student has a different mindset which needs to be moulded in the right way to get better results. A student’s report card does not only reflect his performance but it would also be used to reflect yours in the class. Thus, you must be able to read the behaviour of your students during the online lessons so that if there is any incongruence, it is never late to eliminate it.

Show Compassion

Home tutors are supposed to be more compassionate and homely as compared to the school teachers. These young minds require a mentor who can show them the other side of the coin. Thus, if you manage to improve your emotional capabilities in a way that can make them see their own strength, you would succeed as an online tutor. Always remember that a child would sit in front of his computer for two hours if only he feels happily obliged to do so.

Importance Of Private Tutoring

Schools accommodate around 30-40 students in a single classroom which is conducted by one teacher at a time. In this setup, every student does not get the chance to interact personally with the teacher and clear out their doubts. Above that, many children are introvert by nature and fail to express themselves in a room full of people. If the curiosity of these students is not fueled properly in the right way, it would die in the long run. This is why private tutoring is given so much importance.

Almost 75% of Indian students seek out help from private tutors. Today, this service can be easily provided through online platforms which have just multiplied the benefits of tuition classes.

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Scope Of Online Jobs For Students

The expansion of online education has also generated vacancies for homework help. There are plenty of students who take help of tutors for doing their homework or clearing the concepts which they could not understand in school. Superprof sets a platform for these individuals by providing online jobs for students who hold expertise in certain subjects or skills. High school or college students can easily register themselves with Superprof to find students with matching interests. If you too are looking for such an opportunity, this is the right place to execute your plans. This online website helps in connecting the teachers who provide online tutoring lessons with the ones who are seeking it. Now earning pocket money to finance your additional expenses is not a tough job anymore.

How To Become An Online Tutor In India?

Although the benefits online tutoring work is reaching to more and more tutors around the country, there are many who still have the question- how to become an online tutor in India? The answer to this is as simple as it could be. There are various online tutoring platforms that provide jobs to hundreds of teachers, tutors, trainers, dancers, singers, etc.

The convenience of this recently established job opportunity has contributed largely to expanding the online tutoring business. You just need to identify your needs, surf the internet for finding the right website, and register yourself. The best part is you can either serve under an organisation or set up your own business as well.

The power of networking by creating a rapport among your students can help you in many ways. So, start your online teaching career just by polishing your soft skills and arranging the few resources that you will need like a computer, good internet connection and a microphone.

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Apart from these tips and tricks to become a better online tutor, it is important to keep a check on other important factors as well. First, always take the ID and address proofs of every student who registers himself for your classes as it is a good safety measure. Second, do not fail to take payments in advance as tracking down the students who avail online classes is quite difficult. For this, you should be able to accept all forms of e-payments which the students can make through credit debit cards. Once done, you are ready to take on the e-learning platform for making a career you always wanted to.

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