Online tutoring has become one of the most important mediums of education, thanks to the internet that has made teaching way more accessible and affordable than ever before. With the help of online tutoring, not only the students but the teachers are also benefited in many ways. It is a boon to society for the convenience and efficiency it has brought to the world of education.

In India, online education made its way a few years ago and became popular in no time. Not only did it help the education sector with e-learning assistance, but it has also boosted job opportunities by allowing teachers to be self-employed. Hence, online education has provided a clear scope of better learning alongside providing better financial outcomes to the teachers.

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Additionally, online education has also proved to be the easiest mode of learning for the fact that it does not require real-time assistance but can be done with an on-the-go approach. Online learning also consists of various videos uploaded by dedicated teachers, which can be viewed by the pupils any time they want.

It has also opened the arena of online jobs in India for students without investment since anyone can sign-up for part-time online tutoring services, which requires nothing but only skills and dedication.

How To Become An Online Teacher In India?

There are a few basic requirements for a person who would want to become an online teacher. Here is a short guide on how to become an online teacher in India?

To start with, the first thing that ofcourse, matters is your qualification. This does not mean that you must have a higher education degree. Even if you have a flair in maths, for example, you can start as a math teacher no matter if you hold a Masters degree in the same. Then the teacher requires some of the useful gadgets which will help/her go online and teach the students. This also includes every soft tool that would possibly serve the purpose of an online tutorial. Take a look at the stuff below-

A Desktop Or Laptop

When it comes to learning online, the desktop is the first priority for the children. Although one can use a tablet, provided the safety of the sight and comfort of the child, a desktop is usually the first choice of every parent. Besides, the best alternate for a desktop is a laptop, which is more compact and thus can be often used on the go as well.

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A desktop is the most suitable option for a child. Source:

Internet Connection

There is no need to mention the importance of internet connection separately. A computer without it is of not much value indeed. So, for the better assistance of the child, the computer must be provided with a high-speed internet connection which will help him to get an interrupted session experience.

A Notebook

It would not be possible for the child to remember everything. Also, it would not be easy for him/her to switch on the computer over and over again to check a part of the topic. A notebook must be provided to the child so that he/she can jot down the important points that need to be remembered.

Soft Tool For The Learning Assistance

There are various platforms using which the student and the online tutors may connect with each other. One of the most common and suitable mediums to connect with each other is video conferencing. Not only in education, but it is also a widely used mode of communication in the business field. The teacher and the student must find a suitable platform to connect with each other. There are various such platforms, which usually come in the form of an application.

The most common application used for video conferencing is Skype. It is easy to use, and thus suitable for both students and online tutor. In addition to that, Skype also allows sending free text messages and files. Hence, students can submit their work without any issues. Other than Skype, students and teachers can also find Google Hangout or Zoom a suitable medium for video conferencing.

A Few Free Facilities

In addition to the soft learning tool that students and teachers can use to connect with each other, there are platforms which are absolutely free of cost. However, these platforms do not offer live teaching or learning assistance. Here, the teacher can upload the content while the student can check it anytime they want.

YouTube Learning

YouTube is the most used platform when it comes to learning and exploring the world of education. It also helps one learn the activities of his interest such as guitar, dance, painting, fashion designing and so on. A person who wishes to teach these activities uploads the lesson free of cost on YouTube. To access the content, the students would only require a gadget and an internet connection.

Google Courses

Google Courses is another great online learning source where students can learn interactively. By creating an account, any student can access the learning module. One of the greatest advantages is that some Google Courses also come with free online certification.

Written Material

Learning materials are also available on the web in the form of written contents. One Google search can bring millions of relevant results the student may consider. Despite the fact that it might not be as helpful as video conferencing or Google courses, it can help students collect a lot of information on selective topics. It provides minutes read content which is generally more precise and suitable for making long notes or projects.

Learning The Value Of Private Tutorials

There are several reasons why any teacher or student must switch to online teaching and learning, respectively. Seeking a private teacher online is no big deal nowadays. This is because of the presence of several platforms such as Superprof that help you find the exact tutor for you or your child. Here is why you must opt for tuition online-

Better Assistance

Online tuition does provide better help to students who need a helping hand besides school lessons. With tutoring online, a teacher is able to look after one child at a time, which means he/she is able to provide complete attention.

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A private tutor is a personal guide for a student who directs him/her on the right path. Source: Built By Me

The Best Option For Weak Students

All students are not the same. Some of them are quick learners while others may struggle to grab something as easy as a maths formula. To nurture the learning ability of the child, private tutors are the best option. They repeat the school lessons and also provide students with additional homework.

Improves Learning Skill

Every child needs homework help. However, this does not mean you start spoon-feeding him/her, which is usually done when a teacher teaches the child at home. In online tutoring, the case is not the same despite the fact that the teacher is still assisting the child, although virtually. This improves his learning capacity and makes him more self-dependent.

Benefits Of Private Tutoring For Teachers

As mentioned above, online education has helped teachers as much as it has assisted students. With the advent of the ways of hiring a private tutor online, a clear boost in teacher recruitment can be seen. This has contributed financially to the lives of the teachers even when they were not completely prepared in terms of holding a professional degree. Needless to mention, the procedure for hiring a teacher in India had been difficult earlier, with only M.A and B.Ed candidates being set as a priority for maximum schools. Online teaching has helped the education sector to overcome this limitation.

Online teaching jobs have filled the places for private tuition in the country. With the need to provide the children with additional care and nurturing, parents supported the idea for a private tutor who can provide quality time to the pupil. Platforms like Superprof have even eased the search for these private tutors, by listing them all under one roof and yet under different categories of specialisation. With the help of this, people who have got specific skills such as singing and dancing are also able to list themselves. On the other side, it has also proved to be highly beneficial for parents who are looking for quality teachers for their pupils.

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In school or college, the teacher-to-student ratio is low which adds to the requirement for a private tutor. Source: eLearning Industry

In India, the job of teachers can also be considered challenging due to various reasons. Firstly, the schools, especially the government-owned ones in India are not very well equipped. This is to say, they lack modern teaching modules, good faculty teams and most importantly, other activities for students apart from formal education. Hence, parents can seek online tutors to help to educate their children about the importance of additional skills.

By allowing your child to have a private tutor, you encourage him to learn better and faster. Moreover, the quality of teaching in schools is not good enough since the teachers spend the shortest per-head time for a student. For instance, a classroom session in India runs for about 45-minutes and each class has about 30 candidates. You can calculate how low the teacher-to-student ratio is there in schools.

Thus, it is possible the student would need additional support in terms of homework or for the subjects he/she deems a little difficult. A private teacher or online tutors help him with these issues. They support the education of the child by providing him with the same lesson in a different and easier format.

So, for better results for the child, the parents must check various options on how they can help him learn. If the candidate seeks help with mathematics, they must allow him to get in touch with a math expert. For any language assistance, there are a number of language teachers available online. In other words, with a single search, parents can provide the child with all the help they need for better growth and subsequently a bright future.

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