An online tutor is gradually replacing the conventional home tutor concept. This replacement is offering a good increment in online jobs. A lot of online tutoring jobs are getting ready for everyone interested in joining the education world. It is promoting the ‘work from home’ culture in India that has enabled people to earn with the ease of being at home.

Let's have a look into the complete prospectus of online teaching and its scopes for teachers.

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Online Education is making learning a lot more creative work than ever before. Source: teach away

Tools For Online Tutoring

Any learning cannot be achieved without resources. Traditional forms of education depend on books and teachers' experience for the ultimate knowledge. But with the type of learning, the resources of learning have also evolved. Let's give a glance at some of the top-notch resources of online education:

Digital Resources

The essential tool for online tutoring is digital resources. It is far different from those of traditional resources. It contains a digital format of everything. The textbook you read in offline classes gets digital when it comes to online education. Online resources include explanatory videos, PDFs, etc.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are one of the most popular tools for online education. It has a lot to offer you. There are excellent explanatory videos on YouTube that help students clear the concepts creatively and efficiently. Many YouTube channels are oriented toward educational purposes. A lot of tutors refer students to those channels for a better understanding of the topic.

If you are getting online tutoring in other courses such as music, dance, or yoga, you can refer to videos by experts and improvise your way of doing it.

YouTube videos are easily accessible and are free of cost. Hence, it is an excellent tool for online tutoring. It provides people from all economic classes an ample opportunity to learn and grow.

Digital Whiteboard

Tutors use the whiteboard as the replacement of blackboard in offline classes like school, coaching centre or home tuitions. The digital whiteboard allows the teacher to use it for explaining topics and concepts to students in an explanatory way. Science teachers can use it to make handy diagrams, which will help them understand the idea in a natural and better way.

Try Skype

Skype is another essential tool in the field of online learning that offers a common platform for the tutor and student to connect. There, both can have face to face interaction and discuss things together. It promotes the goodwill of teacher and student relationships as they can interact easily.

Digital Tools

Google Docs, Slides, etc. are excellent tools for online teaching. The tutor and student can work collaboratively on Google Docs, Slides, or Spreadsheet and make edits in real-time. You can explain it in this way:

Imagine your English teacher has given you a topic to write an essay on. You complete your work on Google Docs and share the file with your tutor. He can make real-time edits, comment on your mistakes, and suggest improvements.

On the other hand, it can also be used to prepare a questionnaire for the student. Ofcourse, you do not need to be tech-savvy in order to use Google Docs and other such resources.

Comparison Between Online And Offline Teaching

Though offline and online education, both are good at their places. Let us have a look at their advantages and limitations:

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Online class gives the liberty of working from home. Source: Poutine

Traditional And Online Resources For The Study

In the offline method of study, the primary resource is the book. Whatever you have to learn, books have been the only available resource. In recent days, students started searching for important materials online but the primary source was the books.

But nowadays, there are many online resources for learning, and the most popular among them is video conferencing. Additionally, you can also have pdf, ppts, etc. One can even search for book materials online and make notes online with the help of Google.

Face To Face Interaction Or Long-distance Learning

It is the most significant advantage of offline education. This child can see his teacher and ask whatever he wants. Everything will be on the spot. You can immediately solve any questions or any doubts and can understand the concept easily. However, time could be a possible restriction.

In long-distance learning, you can teach any time you want. You get the liberty of teaching from any corner of the world. All it will take is the internet and a suitable platform to connect you with your student. Moreover, in online education, you can teach multiple students simultaneously.

Not So Much Of Digital Growth Or Digital Literacy

There is no denying that traditional learning has contributed much to the education industry. It is through education only we learn the importance of change. However, the present world demands technical know-how in each and every sector, which is in some way difficult for people who have had traditional schooling. This is mainly because in India, there as a lack of use of a computer a decade ago.

On the other hand, when you start learning online, you start learning about new things, and you turn digital. It develops a community where everyone can operate online stuff. In a nutshell, it promotes digital literacy, which is an essential thing for modern India.

How To Become An Online Teacher?

Becoming an online teacher in India is not a cakewalk, but it is also not a very tough feat to achieve. Let us look at the following steps, which can lead you toward your dream online teaching jobs:

Get A Degree

Although having a professional degree is not a must in the online teaching world, you should have one. This is because your skills and knowledge cannot be verified until you show your degree. Get a certified degree from any recognized institute in subjects of your interest or in which you will be offering tutoring services in the future.

After having a degree, it becomes pretty easy to get teaching jobs. Though a graduate degree will work well, a master's degree will boost your demand. You can start working as an online teacher as soon as you have the degree.

Set Working Hours and Fees Rate

Time plays an important role when you start teaching. You must set the specific time you want to share with students. Also, your fees must be displayed when you create your profile on a suitable platform. Interested students will view details and get in touch with you accordingly.

How to become a teacher? Online tutoring jobs
Digital education needs digital devices, ensure you have them if you are looking for online tutoring. Source:

Make Your Ad

Just like a company informs about its products to the customer via an ad, you will also need to advertise about the service you are offering or any home jobs. Make an advertisement for the subjects you are offering. Here are specific points you need to mention while designing an ad for yourself:

  • Highlight Your Skills

Highlight your skills in the ad. You can have multiple skills in a particular subject, which should be promulgated in the students’ community. Try to make ads on the basis of subjects in which you are offering tutoring classes.

  • Experience Is Important

Most of the time, when people look for online tutors, they prefer the ones having experience in the teaching field. In India, experience matters a lot. In your advertisement, give proper space to your experience corner. Ensure that you can convince people that you carry along enough experience to provide world-class tutoring.

  • Share Your Story

In the ad campaign, share your story with the world. Tell people what you want to achieve by providing tutoring services. Tell them about your past education, career, and future career aspects. It will help build an emotional connection with the students looking for tutors out there on the internet.

  • Offer Benefits To Students

There is an endless number of teachers available in the same field as yours. Why should I choose you? It would help if you have a proper answer to this question, and it is probably the first question that strikes a student’s or parent's mind while looking for a teacher. You have to convince them that you are a responsible and skilled online tutor.

Convince the parents that you have a lot to offer to their child, which he/she may not get anywhere else. If you can answer this very question appropriately, the job is in your hand.

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The online tutor offers a helping hand to solve all your queries using various educational tools. Source: BW education

Online Tutoring Is A Bliss

Online tutoring or private tuition is bliss to both learning and earning. Private tuitions are very much similar to work home jobs. A few days ago, people used to search for home-based jobs but there were only a few options available such as data entry. But with the advent of online tutoring, people have a number of opportunities for online jobs and making money at home.

Also, people can advertise tutoring to find students easily with the help of social media platforms. All a teacher would require is to create a social media account and post about their service without any investment. Even if you are a student of higher degree programmes, you can avail yourself for online tutoring which will help you earn extra money.

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