In this fast-paced running world, getting a job is the biggest headache. From high professional degrees to extra courses, people leave no stone unturned on getting the perfect job for them. Many times, we end up making compromises. But not anymore!

Online teaching jobs open a world of new fields for every individual. It just asks for relevant skills and some time. It is also one of the most trending online teaching jobs where many newcomers and experts can try their luck as a teacher. There are uncountable perks of being an online tutor.

From English teachers to Yoga experts, you can get students for every field and earn the right amount of money. Here in this article, we will look into different prospectus of online tutor functions.

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Work from home with online teaching jobs. Source: teach away

What Are Online Teaching Jobs?

Online teaching is not concerned with a single area. It is widespread in all the spheres where learning is applicable. Let’s put a glance on all the possible and highly demanded online teaching jobs in India.

Language Teacher

A lot of students across the country are oriented towards learning a new language. It has promoted the culture of foreign language training in India. Having a good command over a language helps a lot in building a stable career.

Knowledge of a foreign language is a cherry at the top. In India, a lot of students look for extra tutorials in the English language. Hence, it opens an excellent opportunity for English professionals in the world of online jobs for students in the English language.

If you have experience and knowledge of other languages such as French, Spanish, or German, it can bring many students to your doorstep.

Online teaching opportunities in India
Online tutoring is raising educational standards in India. Source: Forbes

Science And Maths Teacher

Students look for online tuition in academic subjects such as maths and science. So, if you have a good knowledge of either of the subjects, you can make yourself an online tutor of the language. Most of the time, students search for experienced teachers who can guide them with maths solutions and science logic.

Professional Course

In free time or spare time, students get their hands-on professional courses. In India, millions of students appear for professional courses such as CAT, UPSC, NET, etc. If you can guide such aspirants and help them in cracking these examinations, you can end up in making an excellent online teaching career.

Vocational Course

It is a slightly different type of learning than traditional academic education. People belonging to various work fields are interested in gaining some knowledge of entirely different areas. Such as, a student pursuing a career in engineering might have a soft corner for photography. A person being a doctor might want to learn some business. Vocational courses are out of the box courses that help people with a new talent or some day to day life work. You can train people in the extra subject of their choice and have an excellent online teaching job. There is a number of such prominent vocational courses available in India.

Yoga And Other Sports Teacher

Yoga is taking over the world. If you are a Yoga professional or have relevant skills of any dance or exercise, the online teaching world is probably the best platform for you. You can start online classes and get students registered across all the country and even worldwide.

All you need is relevant skills and correct knowledge of handling online classes. Many people across the country are earning exceptionally well through online courses of Yoga, dance, and exercises such as Zumba, Aerobics, etc.

Benefits Of Online Teaching Jobs

Online jobs come with plenty of benefits. You cannot count each of its advantages over fingers. But still, here is a try to list some of the significant benefits of an online teaching job:

Earn Good

The foremost benefit of an online teaching job is that you can earn extremely well. People giving tuition over the internet get reasonable payment, which can be their primary source of income or it can act as an extra income. Most of the time, online tutors get paid at an hourly rate that varies from subject to subject. Experts can earn exceptionally well for each of their sessions. If you give private Yoga and fitness classes, you can earn a good amount for each category.

Work From Home

The most significant benefit of online teaching jobs is that they give you the liberty to work from home. In a pandemic like we're dealing now, work from home becomes the only option to stick with the work. Being an online teacher helps you in continuing your classes even if there is a lockdown.

You can still access your students and receive payments. On normal days, you get privileges of working from home, which saves enormous time. It becomes easier for both students and the tutor to stay at home and continue the learning process. 

Part-time Tutor

Online teaching industry promotes online part time jobs. It helps all the university going students, and people belonging to the working class, to be teachers and get money in their free time. You too can become an online teacher and take classes of students in your respective subject as a part-time job. Online teaching jobs are a gift for university going students that help them to earn pocket money without hampering their education.

Work from Home in India from Online tutors
Giving online assessments tests boosts up your confidence. Source: Fluentu

Flexibility Of Time

Unlike offline jobs, online jobs offer you the flexibility of hours. You can set any time that suits your time table and schedule your classes at that very time. Mostly, students are okay with the expected time.

Also, variation in timing is accepted and can be adjusted in online teaching jobs. In online tutoring, you have the time in your hand and the liberty to use it as per your schedule. There is no pressure of a specific time if it is not a particular time-oriented class.

Online Resources

When it comes to online teaching jobs, traditional education resources are replaced by new ones of schooling that are primarily online resources. Online tutors use Docs, PDFs, PPTs, digital whiteboard, explanatory videos, etc. to transfer the knowledge to the students.

It is beneficial for students as they get to learn from a modern approach. It also promotes digital literacy among ordinary people as they explore more options for online resources for education. Animated videos help understand the concept in a crystal bright and creative way, which can stay in the head forever.

Where To Look For Online Tutors?

You might wonder now where to look for online tutors. In general, online tutoring services can be found easily, and in the era of the internet, it can be within a few minutes. The take, however, is to have knowledge of the right platforms where one can get best tutors:


Many websites offer online tutoring to students. Such a portal is Superprof. The site showcases profiles of expert teachers having ample experience in their subject matter. You can search and even filter the results by entering your subject and location. It provides you with the list of available tutors in your area. Superprof is a trusted and verified website where you can get authenticated and genuine professionals for your education. It can also help one to get home tutor jobs.

Online classes in India
Online classes provide opportunities to people of each age group to educate themselves. Source: Teachaway

Tutor Agencies

There are a lot of tutor agencies around you that have the best range of teachers with them. You can ask them for an experienced online teacher, and they will provide one. Most of the time, such tutor agencies provide you with trial classes to check your compatibility with the tutor. If you find learning easy with the tutor, you can continue or ask them to change the tutor.

Look In Your Locality

It is a traditional yet effective method of finding a tutor. Generally, people use this technique to find a home tutor. You can use the same way to find a tutor for you. Look for a professional teacher or part-time teacher in your locality, or university student who can offer online tutoring classes.

Contact An Expert

It is another effective way to get the best tutor for your field. Though this step does not guarantee a positive response as the experts are not always available, there are still chances, so try to contact them. For example, if you want online guitar classes, you can contact a guitar professional for online courses. If you are lucky to get a response in an affirmation then this can get you the teacher of your choice.

Online teaching is the new scope of teaching jobs in India. It provides an opportunity for many to make a permanent or part-time career by sharing their knowledge and helps students as well. If you have the relevant skills, you must give an online teaching job a shot.

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