Online tutorials have benefitted the students and the teachers in various ways. It has helped digitalise the traditional education system and create new opportunities. People who are able to make the most of online education are students and teachers. While students are able to take up online tuitions or any course, tutors are using various platforms to advertise their service offering for teaching online.

There are various students who are taking advantage of online tutoring to practice their lesson. On digital platforms, teachers are available easily for any discipline. Moreover, one can also hire a teacher for extracurricular activities like music, painting, learning fashion designing or enhancing any other skill. All the students will require is to sign up on the dedicated platforms that teachers use to upload their profiles so as to be found online.

Learn via video conference
Video conferences help students and teachers to connect with each other online. Source: The Indian Express

Platforms Contributing To Online Private Tutoring In India

Do you know how to earn online? If not, then you will find it in this article. Here are such websites which help students get in touch with the teacher on a selected discipline, thereby creating a job for the teacher.


Preply is available for students from all corners of the country. It has created several online jobs for the teachers as well. Using this, teachers are able to provide over 100 subjects to the students which include both languages, college or university disciplines and personal interest. So, if you need an English teacher or ESL teacher, this could be the right spot for you.

Being a remote teaching medium, teachers and students can connect with each other irrespective of the place. An active internet connection, a device with a webcam and a microphone are all a student will require.

Cost: The teachers are allowed to set their own reasonable charges for a subject. Generally, the teacher can earn up to $550 a week. He/she can list their details on the platform by signing up. Ofcourse, the registration charges are free of cost.


If you are indulged in a more serious education as in any specialised degree course, you will probably need a well-qualified hand to back you up. Skooli is one such online tutoring site where the minimum qualification of a teacher to sign up is Bachelor’s Degree and teaching certification.

Cost: The tutors on Skooli can charge as per their qualification or depending on the standard of the child they are going to teach. Generally, a teacher can earn up to $25/hour on this platform.


It is one of the greatest platforms that allow the teacher to be visible to the students who seek private tuitions. It represents data of over 60,000 tutorials being provided on a monthly basis. Students can choose the mode of tutoring, location, time and subject. In terms of equipment, the users would require a device with an active internet connection and webcam.

The teacher, on the other hand, can upload his/her details including qualification, time of availability and charges. They can also choose to deliver offline tutoring services or face-to-face teaching class. For this, both the teacher and the student must find a suitable place, which can either be the house of the student or the tutor. The teacher can also start private coaching.

Cost: Superprof is the most efficient platform when it comes to online tutoring service. Here, the teacher can easily make up to $30 in an hour. It is one of the most suited platforms for freshers or teachers holding experience in teaching.

A student with the laptop
Online platforms like Superprof will help students search teachers more efficiently. Source:

Various Modes Of Online Classes

Online education is new to India and many students are not necessarily prepared to use it. This is because of the lack of digital presence of the kids. Many teachers are also not familiar with the use of online tools. However, online education is not rocket science and one can easily learn how to start if he knows the basics of operating a system.

There are various modes one can use to teach online. These include both paid and free websites for learning. The use should be done accordingly. Here are a few points one can use online education-

  • If a teacher wants to earn via online tutoring, he/she must sign up on the platforms like Superprof.
  • Students who are looking for online part time jobs can also choose to teach online. Since they are not a degree holder, they can opt to teach art and skills like drawing, guitar, dance and so on.

On the other hand, the modes of online education include-

One-on-one Tutoring

Having found the teacher one was searching for, the student can ask the teacher if he or she is available for home tuition. Many teachers out there visit the place of the student to guide them with online classes as well and to help with project-related work. Depending on the requirements, one can set a tutor for the child.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the most preferred ways for an online class. It is the best tool for many work from home jobs. The teacher and the student can connect easily with the help of video conferencing. For this, the required applications or sites are Skype, Google Hangout and so on.

Benefits Of Online Teaching

There are various benefits of online teaching for a tutor. It is among the finest modes of earning from home. The advantages of online are listed below-

Earn Better In No Time

There is fewer remote work available in India. Home based jobs might seem hectic if the earning is low. Jobs like data entry and application filling require too much time and patience. But with the online teaching jobs, one can earn the right amount in less time. One can check the job salary, search for various other online jobs and compare them to see teacher’s pay. Even if the teacher is called for home based teaching, he/she can make good money by spending one hour only.

A student with her teacher
A private tutor is a perfect guide for any student who wants to score better in exams. Source: Zoom Blog

Get Teacher For Every Subject

Students need teachers in various disciplines. However, not all of them are found in one’s locality. So, the online mode of teaching serves as a helping platform when it comes to finding a teacher. Whether you need to learn English online, Maths, Dance or Music, you can easily locate a teacher for you.

Better Efficiency In Learning

While school teachers guide the whole class, a private tutor looks after one student at a time. Thus, the learning skill of the child is enhanced. The student can clear doubts related to a particular subject and practice the lessons taught in the school. In addition, he or she can also ask the teacher to teach them extracurricular activities and language.

Convenience In Time Management

With the help of online education, one can manage his time more conveniently. Since the teacher and the student can set a particular time for class, the teacher can decide whether to take another student for the next session. On the other hand, a student can also manage his/her time after school.

A child learning online
Students and teachers can set their own time for an online learning session. Source: NBC News

Great For Additional Earning

Online teaching jobs are the best ways of earning extra money. Here is how everyone can make the most of online teaching as an earning platform.

  • The students can teach subjects like Maths and English if they have a flair skill for it. 
  • The working professionals can create their account to provide part-time tutoring service to the students.
  • People with additional language skills can also provide a once-in-a-week class to the students who want to learn new languages.
  • Housewives and retired professionals can offer to teach online which would help them earn at home.

To sign up as an online tutor, one does not require a high degree of certification. Knowledge and confidence are all one would need to be a great teacher online. This is why even people with only a Bachelor’s degree are able to earn decently on online tutoring platforms. But there is no denying that a higher degree will only add to the advantage for the ones who join as a teacher.

Additional Benefits

Online teaching is easily accessible. Students who are living in rural areas can also access it with the help of the internet. It is a great way to connect students from any part of the world with the teacher. People have also started practising skills such as Yoga with the help of online classes. There are many teachers available online who can teach you yoga or any other form of physical exercise.

One of the most vital advantages is that one can be their own boss with the help of online earning. Teachers and students can decide when they want to take a class and refrain from being under the supervision of a boss or leader. So, there is no way you can ignore the importance of online education.

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