Education is kept on top under the category of 'most important things in life.’ It deserves the tag wholly. Education does not only play a vital role in shaping one's future, but it also prepares one to face and later to enjoy life both materially and spiritually.

Gradually, with time, the shape and structure of education are transforming. Indian education has travelled the spectacular journey from Gurukuls to online teaching. This journey covered a span of more than a thousand years. Over this period, the methods of education and teachings have reformed, but the core ideology has remained the same.

With the same philosophy of education, online teaching came into our lives. Over time, traditional private tutors are getting replaced by online tutors, and the limitations of offline tutoring are being overcome by online tutoring. This modern way of education is making its room in every home at a good pace and promoting online jobs at a wide range as well.

The primary focus of this article is to help you understand the prospectus of online teaching jobs.

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E-learning opens the new and creative word of education. Source: Simplilearn

Equipment You Need For Online Classes

When it comes to online tutoring, students need to have the following types of equipment handy with them. It is practically impossible or at least, extremely difficult, to go along with online tuition without technical support:

Active Internet Connection/Wi-Fi

An active internet connection is a must for online tuitions. Students must check their connectivity before their classes to avoid technical glitches during classes. Wi-Fi will help a bit more as it provides internet speed between 2-3 Mbps, a recommended bandwidth for unhindered video streaming.

Active System

A sound working system is another must for online classes. For online learning, you must have a smartphone or tablet or desktop or laptop along with you at the time of online classes. The entire idea of online classes is 'digital education,' and it cannot be done without having a digital device.

Good Resolution Webcam

While availing tuition online, you need to establish a face to face connection between you and an online tutor that makes webcam a necessity for online tutoring. The modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops have inbuilt webcams that remove your tension from having a webcam. In case you tutor yourself using a desktop, you need to confirm the availability of a webcam.

Microphone For Better Sound

The conversation is the key to education. For better learning, the student and the home tutor need to converse with each other. When you are taking online tutoring classes, a microphone will help you in communicating with each other. You can speak your doubts over the microphone, and your tutor will answer it over the same.

Books For Reference

Though books are not mandatory in online learning, books make learning easier. The books will help you in understanding topics in a better way after online classes. You should go for books of various subjects by good writers that will help you hold your grip on the subject.

Separate Environment

There is an old saying, 'learning cannot be done in a crowd.' It applies more strictly while you are studying online. Manage a separate place for you where you can sit alone and focus on your studies. The unwanted noise and movements will disturb the learning process.

Block Glasses

When it comes to online learning, eyes get the most significant headache! Setting eyes on the screen for hours makes it difficult for the eyes. Apart from learning, you need to care for your eyes as well. You must have block glasses with you while looking on screen as it will prevent your eyes from the harmful rays and will not deteriorate your beautiful eyes' condition.

Benefits Of Online Classes

Online classes bring a bunch of benefits along with them. With the enhancement of modern technology, it is emerging as a modern and better way of learning. Let us put a glance on all of its benefits.

Easily Available

Online tutors are available anytime and anywhere. There is no need to run streets to streets in their search; they will appear for your help at a click. Some websites and applications offer you, online tutors. For your help, a recommendation for you is Superprof. It is a website that offers you, tutors, online. You can view the profile of the tutors and then hire them. It has a wide range of professionals to provide you with any subject of your choice.

It is one of the biggest perks of online tutors that they can appear anytime to offer you help with the learning. It opens the door of opportunities in the form of home tutor jobs where a lot of college-going students can earn pocket money.

Learn From Home

Amidst the lockdown, work from home culture is widely promoted. Along with that, a new culture of education is spreading wings that are 'learn from home.' Online education encourages the idea of learning from the ease of sitting at your home.

You can decide a separate corner of a room and get along with your studies without any disturbance. The teacher and the student do not need to get out of their home as they can connect over a network by sitting at their respective homes. Online tutoring is perhaps the best option to go along in this pandemic situation.

An Interactive Way Of Learning

Learning should always be interactive, and the same happens in online learning. Online tutoring provides a platform for students to interact with the tutor and get solutions to their queries. Though it happens in offline learning due to the shortage of time, teachers tend to set a boundation to the questions in a day, whereas there is no such boundation applicable when it comes to online tutoring.

Online session
Online education provides students with the opportunity to get the solution of their queries in the most creative way. Source: Edarabia

Future Of Education

With each passing day, we are stepping in a world of denser advanced technology. Online tutoring and online education is the contemporary future of education in general. In the ever-changing world, online tutoring offers a platform for both tutors and students to get together with the process of learning without wasting time travelling or commuting to attend classes. It also promotes teaching jobs for many people working in a different industry at a different location.

A Different Approach To Learning

Online tutoring is an entirely different learning approach that opens the students' minds to adjust in the future of the learning process. The resources of online education differ from that of traditional learning. This modern way of earning depends more on online resources that add creative and visualization effects on knowledge. Students learn more from videos, learning applications, solved questions, and more in online education.

Online Tutoring Promotes Online Jobs

Online Education is not only beneficial for students, it helps the tutors as well. It fosters a culture of part-time jobs, where a lot of people can get some extra income by the ease of sitting at their homes. Online tutoring offers students, professionals, and experts a platform to get into the field of education and educate people.

You might wonder, what are online teaching jobs? And in what ways it benefits people. Many people want to get professional training in music and dance, which add as a source of extra income to professionals providing coaching in the same field.

On the other hand, many college-going students can earn some bucks from becoming an online tutor by sparing dom hours of their day. It helps a lot of individuals grow and earn a better lifestyle as it is enhancing the job opportunities in India.

Online session
Online tutoring is bringing a lot of job opportunities for people of India. Source: Scientific American blogs

Online Learning Vs. Offline Learning

The biggest question that is not so easy to blow away from your mind is the comparison between online and offline tutoring. In a nutshell, both have their own perks and disadvantages. Learning is done in both ways of learning; what differs is the method.

The traditional tutors remain to teach using books and notebooks, whereas the online tutors open the world of online educational resources for the students.

Learning applications, youtube videos, and online explanatory videos are some of the great online learning tools that are missing when it comes to offline learning.

You cannot draw a line of differences between the two as both serve the process of education. Offline learning is the traditional form of learning, is widely practised in India, whereas online tutoring is the modern form of knowledge that will require some time to set its pace in India.

Online session
Online learning makes it feasible for both teachers and students to participate in the learning process from home. Source:

Online tutoring or online education can be called the beneficiary of technological advancement if we see modern India where education is turning digital. It is bringing creativity in learning where students do not fear the teacher anymore but actually learn from his/her.

A tutor serves as a guide and a link between the resources and the student. He ensures that resources are delivered right to the students, and the students can become able to carve their learning concepts out of them.

The true meaning and goal of education lie somewhere beneath the modern approach of online learning that opens the entire world as a book for the students.

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