With the internet taking over almost all the time-consuming tasks in the world, the educational industry is also not shying away from this trend anyhow. Many institutes are going online with the help of educational websites to facilitate a more convenient education approach. From schools and college campuses to your home becoming one of the safest classrooms, the internet has reached every corner of the society irrespective of any geographical boundaries.

Many people are aware of the online school programs, it is only a few who are struggling with the idea. This is mainly because of the lack of knowledge that the internet can and will eradicate several limitations in learning such as location, resources, and so on.

In India, online education is slowly progressing towards places where there had been no scope of education at all like the hilly zones and other geographically remote areas.

Online education
Online education can be reached easily by a student from any corner. Source: Kashmir Observer

Benefits Of Online Learning

The advent of online education has brought too many benefits for one and all. It is one of the finest modes of learning that can be accessed by anyone. Here are a few advantages of online education.

Accessible From Everywhere

The first and foremost benefit of online education, as already mentioned, is its accessibility. No worry if the child is living in a city or rural area, all he will need to learn is to use a smart device with an internet connection. Thus, it can be said that online education has helped students to overcome the geographical challenges the most.

Convenient Time Management

Online education not only helps with the location limit but with time schedules as well. A teacher can plan a lesson according to his/her schedule while the students can make adjustments in the same. Moreover, one can also avail free online courses whenever he/she wants. There are many such materials available on a free website for online learning.

Home Confined Learning

There is no denying that your home is the safest place on earth. So, what could be better than creating a classroom next to your living room for your child? In addition to that, the travelling time and cost are also saved completely. So, it is benefiting both in terms of safety and finance.

Benefits of online teaching
Online education comes with a number of benefits for both students and teachers. Source: Jagran Josh

Better Care For Weak Students

It is obvious for parents to hesitate with the mention of online education, especially when their kids are weak in studies. Although there can be various reasons why some children are weak in learning, online education actually helps them in a better way.

  • First, if the child is a little shy, he can open up without any hesitation in an online classroom.
  • Second, if the child is a slow learner, the teacher can help him/her by sparing extra time.
  • Finally, there is a fine opportunity for these children to get a private tutor, who will readily guide them to get over the fear and weaknesses.

To get an online tutor, one can search on various teaching platforms where tutors are available to provide a private session.

Top Online Educational Platforms In India

Traditionally, it took a lot of searches to find a good tutor. This is made easy with online platforms that present a list of such tutors who can guide your child in respective subjects. There are many websites that offer an easy search for availing a private tutor.

Online tutoring websites
There are many tutoring sites that students can check to find a tutor. Source: TutorRoom


Superprof is one of the leading websites when it comes to finding a tutor for getting private tuition to your child. The site presents a list of such tutors who have varied expertise. In short, it is a one-search platform for students to get teachers and tutors from diverse fields. For instance, if you want to get your hands better in subjects like maths, you can find a tutor on Superprof with a few clicks.

Apart from basic disciplines, one can also learn skills such as playing the guitar or piano, learning dance or cooking, yoga practice and so on. Just one search can bring you all the tutors of science, arts, skills and commerce.


It is another name that is geared towards professional students and corporate degree requirements. Whether it is a high professional degree or basic course, Coursera can bring you a lot of results that are deemed necessary in today’s world. Besides, it also helps students with unconventional knowledge such as software, presentation skills, decision making, communication, language, etc.

Academic Earth

This website offers students a huge field of professional and degree courses from both contemporary and traditional studies. There are numerous degree courses for subjects including accounting, engineering, economics, etc. The website has also collaborated with some of the renowned universities across the globe, giving students opportunities to explore more.


It is a popular website in India that started in the year 2008. The website, besides offering educational courses, also provides students with necessary career counselling with the help of experts.

In addition to the above-listed websites, there are a few platforms that provide free online courses in the form of videos. For instance, one can learn a basic skill such as guitar or cooking by simply subscribing to the channels on YouTube that are dedicated for the like. This helps to create teaching jobs in India as well since people are able to earn with the help of these channels.

On the other hand, Google Learning is also there where one can find a complete degree programme. These sites are helping seekers to learn on the way, with the convenience of time, places and ofcourse zero expense.

Websites In India For Free

The top websites in India which can help you learn various skills and courses free are listed below-


Despite the fact that there are mainly paid courses on Coursera, you can find a few programmes absolutely free of cost. These include languages, art, few disciplines in Science and Commerce. These are basically designed to educate a student on how the website works. Once the student finds the course and teaching style apt for himself, he can sign up for a number of paid courses.

Google Learning

This is one of the widely used websites in India when it comes to free e-learning. The website presents one of the best Digital Marketing courses for free. Moreover, there are other marketing courses as well in zero cost.


Although not basically a learning platform, students can practice a lot of things with YouTube. In fact, it is one of the easiest platforms that offer video learning. Only one search on a specific field can bring you with a lot of options to choose and learn from.

Besides these, you can also choose to find an online tutor who can help you learn at the comfort of your home. For example, many children might need a private tutor for varied subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and others. Traditionally, it was not an easy task to find a teacher in India but now, one can search is enough to get them online.

Private Tutors Online

One of the most popular websites that have made this search way easier is Superprof. The platform presents a list of options in various fields to make the search quick and simple. There are around eleven million teachers, artists, mentors, coaches and professionals to select from. Be it academics, languages, music, sports, arts or any other discipline, Superprof has a list for all.

A private tuition
A private tutor supports the child through every trouble in learning. Source: Tuition India

Online teaching has also initiated a number of employment opportunities for teachers in India. One of the main reasons behind this is accessibility. Also, there are no hectic requirements. For instance, a guitar teacher need not have a high qualification degree to offer tutoring classes. All he can use is his skill of playing the guitar in order to earn. Similarly, if you have a passion for cooking, it can create earning opportunities for you. This is equally applicable even for the housewives who are experts in cooking without a proper degree.

Private Online Tuitions As A Source Of Earning

Online courses on art and skill are based profoundly on knowledge and teaching capabilities of the individual and not on higher qualifications. This is why even students who are aspirants of the civil services exam or MBA can choose to teach primary and secondary students online. For this, they will need to have a fair knowledge of the discipline they choose to teach.

Checking Demands For Online Tuitions

You can also check the demand for the private tutors of specific subjects such as mathematics, languages or chemistry. Students learning science subjects are mostly confused since these subjects require a thorough check. Needless to mention, these disciplines are based on practice rather than theories which can be mugged up.

To conclude, it can be said that online learning has brought a whole new concept of education, which is way easier and beneficial. It not only offers students the ease of learning but also offers great opportunities to the teachers who are struggling with low salaries in schools. Besides, corporate employees can also take the chance of providing skills such as marketing and promotion to earn extra money.

So, take this opportunity for both earning and learning simultaneously and contribute to creating a more e-education environment in the country. Ofcourse, with time, online education will reach places where traditional education could not even in today's time.

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