The development and growth of every industry induce a lot of people to step into it with the motive of making a profit. Not more than a decade ago, there were only a minimal number of people who believed in the concept of e-learning. There was this stereotypical theory among Indians that the traditional approach of teaching cannot be substituted with any form of technology. However, the success of online tutoring platforms with an increasing number of enrolments has broken the glass ceiling.

Parents and students are not only comfortable with this new change but are also preferring the same over one-to-one home tutoring. Teachers are also ecstatic with the opportunities that are coming their way.

Today, there are plenty of online education websites that are either recruiting talented brains or facilitating the options for setting their own business. You can also dive into this emerging pool of possibilities to set up your private tutoring business on the online platforms.

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Prerequisites For Establishing Online Tutoring Business

If you have specialised skills, passion for teaching and love for working with students, starting your online tutoring services is the best option for you. It is one of the most flexible business plans with minimal initial investment. Neither you need to rent a place for setting up the office nor spend vast amounts of money for acquiring resources.

Just take the following suggestions into consideration for a long-term plan-

Make The Appropriate Business Plan

Vague and rough ideas do not result in profitable establishments. You cannot keep thinking of how to start the process without planning out a healthy business plan. Observe the people of your city and their needs so that you can cope up with the demands. Brainstorm unique ideas that you can use for uplifting your service quality compared to others in your league. The perfect business plan includes these elements:


  • Overview of the market: Analyse the online tutoring market conditions in your area to identify the loopholes you will need to fill. Like, if people are indifferent about online classes, you should spread awareness about its benefits.
  • Strategy for marketing and sales: Pick out the soft spots of marketing from where you can generate customers.
  • Quality of Services: Work on yourself to ensure the quality of service upon which the future of your business will depend.
  • The operating procedure for the business: Plan the schedule and timing of classes that you will offer to the students.
  • The right use of technology: The optimum utilisation of technology is very crucial in the case of an online tutoring business.


Assemble The Required Resources

Although online teaching services are conveniently provided with a limited number of resources, you should ensure the quality of devices in use. All you will need is a good laptop/computer, microphones, stable high-speed internet connection and a quiet room.

It would be cherry on the cake if you could decorate the room in a bit of a traditional setup to make it look like a classroom. Some students might find it attractive to look at during the classes. Like if you work as an online Math tutor, hanging a few pictures of algebraic expressions would seem pleasing.

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The best teachers are the ones who keep the attitude of a learner. Source:

Choose A Suitable Online Platform

Just because you are setting up an online tutoring business does not mean there has to be an application named after you for conducting the classes. There are various online applications and software that are incredibly beneficial for online sessions and can be availed free of cost.

Look for features like class recording, options for allotting assignments, files and screen sharing options, etc. for an all-rounder performance in the long run. You should not lack any facility that a student can quickly get somewhere else.

Summarise The Fee Chart

The standard charge for online tutoring classes is calculated per hour basis. However, your charge will depend on the market conditions of the area you will be serving in. The chances of getting students will multiply if you charge nominal fees for the classes.

After gaining some popularity and fame, you may increase the rate for making more money. A smart tip is to know the prevailing standards of offline classes charged by other tutors in your area and then set the fee chart comparatively lower amounts.

Promote Your Services

Every business needs the advent of promotions and advertisement to spread a positive word of mouth. The more your parents and students will know about your services, the higher will be the chances of expanding the business. However, you should make sure not to use your personal accounts for this purpose. It is always better to keep the profession separate from private life and social media accounts too!

Maintain The Payment Solutions

Almost every person in India uses any of the digital banking and payment methods that are available in the market. For a feasible fee-collecting solution, try to keep all the doors open. That is, make an account on all the popular money transfer applications so that students can enjoy the convenience of transaction.

For the initial push, all these suggestions are more than enough for setting up an online tutoring business. You can make further advancements by creating your website and expanding the services to other cities as well.

Opportunities On Online Teaching Platforms

A lot of people are conflicted with the thought that online teaching platforms are only for teachers who have specialised skills in academic subjects. However, if you choose the right website like Superprof, there are several opportunities for artists, musicians, dancers, singers, etc.

Superprof successful host to millions of teachers across India. It facilitates the teachers and the students to find one another through a user-friendly interface. The role played by Superprof is the most vital one in establishing the foundation of online tutoring services. You will enjoy the exposure to the following fields:

  • Academics - You can teach almost all the subjects of school and college curriculum depending upon your knowledge and excellence. Provide online lessons for social studies, science group (biology chemistry physics), English language, etc.
  • Higher Education - Students of PhD degrees, Engineering, M.B.B.S also prefer online lessons as in for homework help.
  • Language Learning - The increasing craze of learning languages will allow you to become an online English tutor apart from French, Spanish, and German.
  • Dancing - Every child does not get the opportunity of availing quality dance classes in their locality. If you have the skills, try teaching dance through online courses!
  • Singing - Just like dance, youngsters are also very ecstatic about singing which generates demand for online tutors who can teach the same.
Learn music online
Singing - Just like dance, youngsters are also very ecstatic about singing which generates demand for online tutors who can teach the same.
  • Playing Musical Instruments- Gone are the days when learning musical instruments were limited to hobbies of youngsters. Nowadays, children also take a keen interest in performing Guitar, Piano, Sitar, Flute, etc.
  • Yoga And Exercise - Staying fit and healthy is nor longer a choice; it has become a necessity. If you are competent and well-versed with exercise and yoga routines, try providing online yoga classes.
  • Cooking - Online cooking classes are also in demand among various households.

Popularity and effectiveness of online classes are increasing rapidly in India. The government of India is also promoting online courses with the help of the top 100 universities in the country. You can have a secured career in this growing industry if you choose the right online platforms.

Find A Teacher In India Through Online Portals

One of the biggest headaches of Indian parents is finding the best tutors for helping their child with the studies and examination pressure. Asking the relatives and friend for reference then visiting the tutor’s home to see if it Is suitable or not was a hectic task.

With the emergence of e-learning platforms, this task has become hassle-free and convenient.

To become visible to these parents, you must have an account on available online portals. There are several options in the Indian market where you can easily make registration free of cost. Make sure to specify your details and contact information briefly.

Benefits Of Learn From Home India

The increasing crime rates in India is the biggest concern for parents across the country, especially of girl children who are not even allowed to go to school in rural areas. Online lessons are no less than a blessing for these children to avail primary education at the comfort of their homes.

You can learn cooking online
Online cooking classes are becoming highly popular among homemakers across India. Source:

Apart from that, the risk and expenses involved in travelling from one tuition class to another are also eliminated. These are the reasons why more and more Indians are availing online courses for their children.

This discussion brings us to the conclusion that the reasons for choosing online education far outweigh the minimal downsides. Indians have successfully broken the glass ceiling by embracing this new transformation of the education system in the country. Teachers are also relieved with the positive response that they are receiving. You can also become a beneficiary in this arena if you utilise your skills and knowledge efficiently.

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