Every industry is running successfully through dedication, hard work and commitment of every member who constitutes its foundation. Just like a tree cannot grow on its own within a few days, a service sector cannot develop in a short period. The success of online private tutoring services which we experience today is also the result of resilience and consistent efforts of millions of people across the world. If you join this industry, it must be your priority to enhance the quality of services.

Every student and their parents are very dubious about the effectiveness of the teaching methods used by online tutors. For you to set tutoring business successfully, it is vital to have a convincing approach towards the virtual classroom setup that you will create.

You not only have to work at improving your soft skills but also make sure that online classes serve as a perfect substitute for one-on-one teaching. Focus on the general doubts that students have and then try to eliminate them to the best of your capabilities.

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Online education is the new learning platform for students across the world. Source: techvanio.com

Myths About Online Education In India

When a child envisions a classroom, he imagines being sitting in a setup where there are a lot of benches, a big blackboard, a strict teacher facing the class and a lot of other children like him. This explains the scenario of the physical classrooms in which we have grown up studying.

However, times have changed in the past decade, and so has the face of the learning environment. The new generation is now acquiring education through their computer screens and in a homely atmosphere.

Since this start-of-the-art revelation is quite alien for the Indians who are well-accustomed with the old procedure, there are many myths and concerns that people tend to believe.

Students Have To Learn Themselves

The biggest fear among the learners is that they have to learn all by themselves as the instructors are not physically present with them to help. Many students need constant motivation for keeping up with the exams pressure and competition.

As an online private tutor, you must make them realise that even in a physical classroom, the responsibility of active learning should be equally shared by the teachers and students. Keep asking frequent questions to help them get out of this fear.

Nonreciprocal Classes

Personal interaction between the students and teachers is very crucial for a good learning process, especially in the case of private tuition where the children are supposed to be much more comfortable and relaxed. People believe that this is missing in online classes where only the teachers speak, and students do not get to reciprocate.

To break this myth, you need to take interactive online sessions deliberately. Specify the rules and etiquettes of online private tutoring beforehand for avoiding chaos during the class.

No Scope Of Networking

One of the most underrated perks of school and college life is the networks and friendships that we build. In the long run, most of us rely upon these connections to land on suitable job opportunities and start-up plans. The idea of online tutoring services might represent this network-building process as an impossible task.

However, by possessing excellent soft skills, you can successfully dissolve this misconception.

Online Courses Are For Tech Whizzes

A lot of middle-aged professors and the traditional teachers, so to say, believe that the online private tutoring market is only open for the youngsters who are well-versed with the uses of digital gadgets.

If you too have this same thought, it is time you know that the online education platforms are providing sophisticated and user-friendly applications and software for the purpose. You can learn this as quickly as you learnt using Facebook and Whatsapp.

An online session
The E-learning industry is open for people from all age groups. Source: merchantmaverick.com

Invisible Professors

“Is this a classroom or a fish market?” - the very patent dialogue of every Indian teacher that you must be familiar with. Children tend to lose interest in the books as soon as the instructor leaves the class. Also, Indian parents are of the opinion that the physical absence of teachers during the online sessions can affect their child’s enthusiasm and sincerity to learn.

You should keep your webcam on during the entire class for ensuring that this myth does not bother your students.

Online Courses Are Irrelevant

Online education in India is still an under-development project, as many parents are still trying to take a grasp of it. Although there are plenty of online courses available in the market, it is a prevailing theory that these are not as effective as the offline course degrees.

Parents think that their child might not be able to secure a job in the future if he takes up online courses. It will be a challenging task for you to break this monotony, but you have to do it for succeeding as an online tutor.

Nonetheless, recent surveys reveal that adults are giving more preference to online education in India.

Students Can Easily Get Distracted

A student can bunk an online class even with his eyes shut if he pleases to do so. There is no denying that learners can get easily distracted during an online session if the content is not captivating enough. You can neither scold them nor pill their ears to bring attentiveness in the class.

The only way of assuring a cent percent attendance in an online course is by making it exciting and fun-filled. Take help of PowerPoint slides, animated videos, or casual conversations to make the students stick to their learning process.

Prepare The Students For Virtual Classes

The new generation of kids are tech-mongers and can use digital devices better than their parents. However, their purpose of using smartphones and laptops is limited to entertainment, whether it is playing games or watching YouTube videos.

Several case studies reveal that children tend to lose patience very quickly during online classes as compared to internet surfing. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to prepare the students for virtual classes and make them understand their relevance and importance.

The global private tutoring business is beaming with opportunities for tutors who are ready to promote this change of face of the education system. You can earn fame and good fortune both if you can attune the students with the flow of virtual classes.

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Children love the comfort of doing online classes in their formal setting. Source: usnews.com

Education In India Is Student-Centric

There was a time when teachers enjoyed full freedom in choosing their methods of teaching in the school and colleges. There was the independence of deciding the type of punishment you can give to the control of the notorious students as well.

Several incidents shifted the education in India to be more student-centric than it earlier was. The government also enforced many laws for protecting the interests of learners across various parts of the country. Whether it be the rule of promoting every student to new class till 8th standard in school or changing the pattern of school curriculums frequently, the system gives utmost attention in building a student-friendly learning process.

The same approach applies to the online tutoring business too. If you wish to establish a successful online tutoring business, you will have to provide satisfactory services. Remember, a service industry largely relies upon the good word of mouth and positive feedback.

The procedure of Online Teacher Recruitment

The online teacher recruitment process is very convenient and hassle-free. There is no need for carrying massive files from one institute to another for giving interviews. Search for job vacancies on the internet and apply through a formal, well-composed email.

The interview rounds are conducted on Skype or any other video calling software which would allow you to enjoy the comfort of your home. Alternatively, there are a few fantastic websites that provide the opportunity of setting up your own business by building a good network with interested students.

You can learn dance online
Online dance classes are gaining popularity with each passing day. Source: stutivahana.com

Superprof is a leading name in this arena which has successfully connected millions of teachers and students who are now enjoying the tutoring services. The registration process is also straightforward. The site demands a few necessary details and captions for setting up an attractive profile of yours. You must choose the subjects and your locality wisely for increasing the chances of getting student enquiries.

Superprof is an excellent platform for tutoring business networking. Create an account today to kick-start your career in this field.

The growth of the online education industry in India has resulted in a massive demand for online private tutors across different parts of the country. There are many organisations and online teaching platforms that are hiring experienced as well as fresher candidates for providing services to different batches of students.

Seek out for right opportunities and grab them instantly as many people in this industry are willing to work. You have to be persistent with your attempts and keep a learning attitude throughout the process. The goal is not just building a professional life in this industry but to also break the taboo people have about the online tutoring sector.

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