The present era is the busiest phase ever. Despite the advancement of technology, people are left with a lot of work that consumes their entire day and leaves very less to share with the family. For working parents, it becomes impossible to look after the child. This is the reason why many students who are weak in studies fail to improve their academic performance. With the internet giving scope to education websites, students can now take advantage of it.

The e-learning facility in India has provided students with one of the best guides that is a private tutor. People are now able to look for guidance effortlessly and leave the child to the hands of the experts altogether. Online tutoring brings a number of scopes for children to learn and explore. They can now learn their hobbies as well with the help of online tutoring sites.

Student studying online
Online education provides enough scopes for teachers and students. Source: Prima

Online Tutoring To The Rescue Of Children

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world, people have favoured online classrooms rather than sending children to school. To their surprise, children seem to perform better online. In India, although many students struggled with the same, most of them are finding it way convenient. Here are what you can expect from it-

Better Assistance

In the journey of online education, students can expect a more convenient and diligent approach of the teachers in assisting them to learn. A teacher can also check the capacity of the child with the help of online assessment. This way, the teacher is able to note the capacity of every child in the class and help them accordingly. Moreover, there is an option to hire an online private tutor who would assist the kids with the homework.


With the presence of various sorts of learning materials online, students can study things on their own. Moreover, there are better resources such as online courses, educational programmes, assessments and practice modules. With the help of these, a student can practice without the help of a teacher, which will make them a self-relying learner rather than the ones who require spoon-feeding.

Convenience Of Time And Place

Traditional schooling required students to visit places in order to get the lesson done. After school, they visited tuition as well for practising the lesson of the day. However, these tasks are not required in online education. One can attend school lessons and private tuition by simply sitting in front of a smart device. Besides, the student is also given the chance to decide when he wants to attend private tuition online, ofcourse considering the availability of the tutor.

A student in a classroom
A weak student requires more attention than an ordinary student. Source: BBC

Leaving Bags Behind

Believe it or not, a school bag is a burden for many children, especially the ones who walk to school. They were required to carry a lot of things such as notebooks, stationeries, lunch, etc. But in online education, a notebook and a pen are enough for the child to start with.

Online education has proved to be the best phase of learning for every child. With the convenience it provides, every student favour online mode of learning rather than school.

To Seek The Best Learning Website For Your Child

With the emergence of online education in India, there are a number of websites that came with either courses or a list of online tutors. The e learning portal in the country can be both paid or unpaid.

Paid Course for e-learning

Paid online courses are a bit expensive. However, with the format of the course and the quality of education provided, one can find it worth spending for. Here are a few such websites that offer paid courses online.


Superprof is one of the most renowned websites for finding a tutor online. It has a number of teachers signing up every now and then from across the world. You can find a teacher from Arts, Science and Commerce disciplines. Moreover, you can easily find tutors to teach your hobby, be it playing the guitar, dancing, singing, cooking, or anything else. The search is always easier with Superprof.


It is a private establishment that offers a wide range of open online courses. At first, the website offered free access for all the courses but with time, it introduced many paid programs as well. Now, it has both free and paid courses for the users, which includes disciplines like Arts and Humanities, Business Studies, Computer Science, Data Science, Social Science, Engineering, Languages, Maths and Logical Reasoning and so on.

Graduate Guru

Although paid, Graduate Guru is one of the cheapest online websites that present a number of online courses across the spectrum of regions. In every field, students can find a relevant course. Business Economics, Business Law, Cost Accounting, Direct Tax, HR Management, etc. are some of the options for students.

Unpaid Courses For E-learning

Just like the paid courses, unpaid lessons also provide students with studies. Moreover, there are many free courses online that are provided with certification. Students get a certificate online with the completion of course. The unpaid websites are as follows-


Besides paid, Coursera also has a number of unpaid courses for the students. Although the number of unpaid courses are a few but can be useful for the students.

Google Learning

Google Learning introduced some of the free courses that can be accessed from across the world. Indian students can also use this platform to learn skills like Digital Marketing or other disciplines. It also provides students with free certification.

How To Get A Tutor Online?

Learning websites like Superprof can help you find a tutor online. However, you must consider a few steps before hiring a teacher online.

Students studying
One must check the requirements of the child before finalizing a tutor for him/her. Source: Onmanorama

Check Your Requirement

Traditionally, one tuition teacher used to teach all the subjects at home. But with time, parents have realised that teachers have their own expertise while students have their own weaknesses in a particular subject. Normally, students struggle in fields like Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry, or Language. So, make sure you are hiring a teacher who can guide your child flawlessly.

Search For The Professional

Hiring anyone will not help your child even at the cost of long hours of the session. So, go for the professionals and tutors who are trained enough. For this, you must interview the teacher and request a demo to see the progress.

Check Availability

Time is one of the most precious things when it comes to teaching since both students and teachers are busy creatures. Check what will be the best time for your child and look for the teacher accordingly. This will help both the teacher and the student with the private session without any hassle.

Decide Expense

Money matters for everyone and there is no doubt in that. So, before hiring anyone, decide how much you can pay. Also, the rates are different for both online and offline private tutoring.

Checking The Progress Of The Child

Most of the time, a teacher does his/her best to provide students with the necessary guidance. However, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a check on the learning progress of the child. Children tend to divert easily from their studies. To know how they are doing in academics, it is important to check their lesson plans and communicate with the tutor from time to time.

On the other hand, there are students who are weak in studies. You must ensure that the teacher you hired is doing his/her best to make the child understand topics. Besides the tutor, you as a parent can also take an assessment of the child to see his performance.

In many scenarios, people leave the academic progress of the child completely in the hands of the teachers and tutors. However, you must check whether the child is repeating his lesson in the absence of the tutor.

Creating a calm environment at home is another major step for the mental development of the child. Also, help him make a routine that includes everything from morning till night. This will help the child develop a great habit and time management.

Progress Of Online Education In India

If it is an online tutor, parents need to be more careful since the idea is new in India. Many schools and colleges have started online sessions only because of the pandemic that hit the country badly. Before the current development, students were attending schools and colleges as usual.

A closed education centre
Students should learn to be familiar with the online mode of education. Source: The New York Times

However, these scenarios would not be the same after everything is over. There are full efforts by the government to make student access online education. Sooner or later, the online mode of learning is expected to become the primary source of education given the pace of its progress.

So, do not hesitate if your child is not familiar with the idea of online schooling. It is the responsibility of the schools to make them understand how to learn online. All you will need to do is support the child for a better outcome, which can be done with the help of learning websites and private tutors.

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