Every new industry goes through the scrutiny of millions of customers across the world who would become a part of it. People throw hundreds of questions and conflicting thoughts at the service providers with the hope of getting an assurance. Online tutoring has not escaped this phase as it is still a very fresh concept for Indians who are well-accustomed with the traditional approach of learning.

With the universal peeve of parents related to the overuse of smartphones and computers of their children, establishing such strong roots of online education in India is truly commendable.

Although there were several e-learning sites available in the market, the outbreak of COVID-19 in India inclined the Indian Education system to opt for online classes. With no alternative in left to maintain social distancing, schools and colleges took it to the online platforms for continuing the academic sessions. The students are also giving exams through their computer screens under the high developed interfaces of some exclusive websites. Yet some home tutors and professors are still undecided about whether or not to provide online tutoring services.

Online session
Online platforms have successfully assembled an entire classroom on one screen. Source: webcdn.com

The tuition teachers who were providing homework help to various schools and college students by converting their homes into tuition centres can now do the same thing through their computers. Some teachers are ecstatic about this newly growing industry while the others are still struggling to get a grasp of it, especially the ones who are not tech whizzes. There is nothing wrong about it, and in fact, it is quite natural to be curious about new changes. If you too are in this same league, read on to find the answers to the most common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Is Online Tutoring A Reliable Career Option?

Just like you, many teachers are there who find online tutoring as a questionable career option. Well, the experts claim that the e-learning industry is here to stay and flourish, given the popularity and preference that it is enjoying. The Indian Government also announces it as the most significant reform in Indian Education. The reliance on the online education industry is strengthening with the support of the Education Ministry. So, you can prepare yourself for building a career in this pool of brewing opportunities.

Do The Students Prefer Online Lessons?

Although the Indian parents were quite dubious about online classes a decade ago, the scenario has changed within the past couple of years. The students highly prefer online lessons as they have finally tasted the comfort, benefits and exposure of the same. After all, is there any child in the 21st century who does not love juggling with gadgets? High school students and adults are also showing a lot of interest in online learning programmes to brush up their skills. You can grab the attention of these people to provide quality online tutoring.

Which Type Of Computer Is Required?

A prevailing misconception among home tutors wanting to take their services to the online platforms is that they need a high-end computer system. The reality is that any computer or laptop with Windows 7 or 10 is enough for providing online classes. However, you must make sure that your computer and its MS Office works smoothly. Imagine getting offline again and again during a class because your system is shutting down without warning! No, it does not sound like a pleasing thought as it can irritate the learners as well as break the flow of teaching. Thus, giving a quality check to it along with webcams and headphones is a vital task.

Can I Conduct Online Classes In Groups?

If you choose the right online platform, you can conveniently accommodate almost 250 students in one online session. It is always profitable to have more candidates in one batch. All you need to do is find the students who require an online math tutor or maybe an online English tutor and group them for one schedule.

An online session
Making attractive PowerPoint slides can help in teaching maths effectively. Source: forbes.com

Will I Get Enough Audience?

For getting the right amount of audience, you need to choose the right platforms for promoting your services. If you become successful in doing so, nothing can come in your way of fame and success in this industry. Remember, a strong word of mouth is the most influential form of advertisement. People believe personal references more than any hoardings or posters. So, even if you start your online tutoring business with one student, provide the best quality teaching.

Will The School Students Join Online Lessons?

Whether it be a primary school student, a college-goer or an adult preparing for competitive exams, attendance in an online class depends entirely upon how captivating it is. The standard lecture sessions might not be fruitful in this arena as students become more intuitive for bunking classes with their most desired distraction in hand. Your job view will include providing education in a fun and interactive manner.

Am I Eligible For Online Tutoring Business?

The greatest advantage of online tutoring services is that it is open for all who love teaching. College students can also provide online lessons if they possess the required skills and knowledge. You do not need to be a high-qualified professional with years of experience to step into this industry. As long as you are offering quality services, you are welcome!

Is There Any Scope For Artists?

If you succeed in finding the students who are looking for the skills or art form you have adhered, there is a lot of scope in this business. Dancers, singers, guitarists, Piano players, cooks, painters, yoga trainers, and language teachers are all welcome in the online tutoring industry. Utilise your passion for making money by providing online classes from the comfort of your home.

How Can Online Home Tutors Attract More Students?

Expansion of every business depends on the number of people who are connecting with it. If you provide online home tutoring services, there are few things you need to keep in check for attracting more students while making sure not to lose the existing ones.

Online classroom
Virtual classes can be as beneficial as the offline ones with the right kind of projection. Source: simplemost.com
  • Update Your Social Handles - There are a lot of potential teachers in the tutoring industry who are your direct competition. If you do not steal the limelight, they will. Update your social media accounts by posting video messages, small session recordings, etc. which can serve as a reliable reference.
  • Ask For Feedbacks And Ratings - Ask every student you teach to rate your tutoring profile and give feedback. A high rated profile will always be the top priority for students who are looking for the best minds in the field. Every person wishes to make money spent on education with it. Honest feedback and original ratings can improve the quality of your profile.


  • Try To Provide Flexible Timings - The most challenging task every online tutor comes across is managing the time slots as per the convenience of every student. You must be good with your words and counselling qualities to probe the students into choosing a defined schedule. Doing this will help in accommodating maximum students in one class.


  • Be Responsive And Available - The students should not be waiting for you in an online session. Punctuality is the greatest virtue, and lack of the same can be destructive for your business in the long run. You should be available for the students to clarify doubts and discuss their queries. Lame excuses are not appealing enough in front of people who know that there are no reasons to give any.

All these suggestions are fruitful in the long run. Try keeping all these in check to get productive results.

Relevance Of Online Teaching Jobs India

Business opportunities and job vacancies are beaming in the online education industry. Organisations that are trying to make a mark along with profit in the Indian market are a host of benefits to teachers. Home tutors, high school students, homemakers, artists can all avail online teaching jobs India by grabbing the right opportunities. You should focus on brushing up your soft skills, learning the use of e-learning websites and methods of taking online classes for securing a job in this arena.

Transformation Of Primary Education In India

A child with a smart device
The children are finally doing something productive with their digital devices. Source: simplemost.com

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a massive change in the pattern of primary education in India. Today, kindergarten students are also doing online classes for learning the basics. Students from 1st to 5th standards are enjoying their time in the online sessions more than their parents would have thought. All these activities can become the initial step towards providing primary education to children of rural parts of the country. With the positive outcome of the current scenario, you can be hopeful of becoming a part of this change.

The conclusion of this discussion gives all the answers to the common queries of tutors like you who are working hard in this newly established industry. Look out for the exclusive possibilities while improving your quality of deliverance. Make a note to self that the best in the race never stops being a learner.

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