Education is limitless, and so are its sources. There was never a fixed source of getting oneself educated. From ancient times to the present era, there have been multiple sources to boost knowledge.

In the present era, schools are the primary source of education for children. But that is not sufficient for many kids, as some require special attention. The concept of tutoring is to help such children.

Private tutoring is preferred as an add ons with the school teaching to assist children in homework, improve the grade and build up a good knowledge of the particular subject. Tutoring has been in trend for many years. But there is a shift in the way of tutoring. Earlier, there were home tutors, to assist the children in their homework. But in the digital age, the home tutor is gradually getting replaced by an online tutor.

This gradual shift has created a boost in the opportunities of online teaching jobs in India, as many students are looking forward to a virtual teacher in the form of an online tutor. Online teaching is now being used home to home. Everyone looks for an alternative that is affordable, accountable and credible.

Education comes with a package that combines all these three elements, hence it is getting popular day by day.

This article will provide an overview of online tutoring and teaching opportunities in present India.

A child being tutored online
Children love studying with the help of their personal computers. Source: Space-O Technologieso

What Is Online Tutoring?

Online training is a gift of enhancement of information technology in the country. Along with all other departments, the department of education gets branched in the digital platform. Teaching online refers to a kind of tutoring that is being done using the digital platform. Online teaching does not require a teacher to present physically. There are many methods of how to teach online. From websites providing an online course to youtube acting as a major source of knowledge, all these things compliment online tutoring.

Online tutoring does not follow the traditional pedagogy of teaching. It is an enhanced and updated version of the conventional form of education, which includes more creative sessions rather than boring lectures.

The online teacher often grabs the attention of students more than any school teacher or home tutor. Online tutoring is expanding its wings all over the country as it is more feasible, creative and entertaining for students. With the help of online tutoring, homework is no more a stressful job for kids, as children now enjoy completing it.

Online Education does not require a bookshelf, as the knowledge of the entire world has been brought together within a single click via your smartphone. Online tutoring happens on the smartphone, which makes it more popular among the kids as they do not require to dig their eyes into the books.

On the other hand, it also opens up opportunities for several types of teaching positions. To teach online, tutors will not require any teacher training certification. If he/she is qualified and confident enough, online tutoring can be offered. Moreover, it is not limited to education since one can also opt to learn music, language skills, math, etc.

Online Vs Offline Tutoring

The first mode of teaching was an offline medium, such as private schools, language schools, international schools, pathshala, Gurukul, Madrasa, etc. Home tutoring is different from traditional teaching. In-home tutoring, the tutor comes to the home of the child and then they sit together to discuss education.

The home tutor helps the child with the homework, gives him English speaking classes or maths tuition. Sometimes, the child finds home tutoring more like a burden than additional help as the homework given by the tutor kills the playing time of children. But there is nothing such with online tutoring.

The child need not wait for his tutor to come as there are thousand of 24*7 available tutors over the internet. You can access any tutor of your choice at any interval of time.

Find a good home tutor for your kids.

Online session
Online Tutoring acts as a creative source of learning. Source: The statesman

There is no homework pressure in online tutoring but instead, there are homework assignments, which can be done at any time to practice your skills and enhance your grades. Unlike offline tutoring, an online tutor does not come to your house. The tutor is virtual and can get connected with you on real-time chat, video calls or text messages.

The best thing with online tutoring is that, and it does not have only one source of education, the entire internet works as a source of knowledge. There are many websites, self-learning applications, youtube channels etc. to assist you in your studies.

Unlike offline tutoring, online tutoring is more creative and gives you a broader perspective of education as it is not confined to one area. Online tutoring is multidimensional and allows you to expand your wing in your favourable field.

Online tutoring has an advanced and updated methodology of teaching, which makes it more popular among the students. Students love to learn while using their smartphone, which is lacking in offline tutoring.

Benefits Of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring comes with numerous benefits for the students. Some of its most rated benefits are listed below:

Information At Fingertip

Online tutoring brings knowledge of the entire globe, in a smartphone. Earlier, when there was no internet, students needed to spend hours into libraries, deep into books to look for their answers. Many a time, they did not get the relevant answers.

But with the help of online tutoring, they can access any information in just a click of the button of the smartphone. It is feasible in nature and accessible by anyone. You just need a good internet connection, and the world’s information is on your fingertip. With online tutoring, the information that can be retrieved is limitless.

Reasonable Price

The homer tutor who comes at home to teach you charges a considerable amount of money for his dedicated time. In need of the hour, parents are even ready to spend all their savings on the costly home tutors.

But in online tutoring, nothing charges you beyond your limits. Most of the knowledge can be accessed without burning a hole in the pocket. Some of the tutoring applications and websites charge you a subscription fee, which is a very reasonable price and will not appear as an extra load.

Online class
Homework is no more stressful job with online tutoring. Source:

Extra Homework Help

Homework is not the favourite work for any kid. When you are doing it alone, sleeping into pages of books, it becomes more pathetic for you. But the resources of online tutoring have transformed the figure of homework completely. Many children have started loving doing homework with the help of online tutoring.

How To Become A Tutor In India?

In India, teaching jobs is considered as a very reputed job, as they educate the future of India. Along with reputation, making a career in the field of education can be suitable for your economy as well. You can follow the below guidelines on how to become a teacher India:

Get A Degree

The foremost thing that is required to be an authenticated teacher in India is certification. Get a graduate degree from any verified college or University. Masters and doctorate degrees can provide you with much better opportunities, but you can start with a graduation degree as well to become a tutor.

Join A School

As schools act as the primary source of education, you can start your teaching career by joining any school in your locality. You can work there for some years, gain teaching experience and then move to a reputed school.

Join a tutoring institute

Tutoring institutes provide an excellent opportunity to the freshers as well as retired teachers in India. You can join any tutoring academies and work as a home tutor. Tutors often make the right amount of money.

Online Tutors Providers

The digital age also provides you with multiple opportunities to make your career as a teacher. There are many websites offering tutors online. You can update your profile on Superprof and then work as a home tutor. With the help of Superprof, you need not search for students. The student will search you via online medium, and if you fit his/her requirements, then he will hire you as a tutor.

A home tutor
A home tutor not only assists you with homework but acts as a guide. Source: FluentU

Local Tutor

Being a tutor has always been an option of extra income to most of the University going students. From the busy schedule, you can work as a part-time teacher in the form of a tutor and earn your pocket money. A lot of parents look for University going students to tutor their kids at home. The best thing is that you do not even need a degree to be a tutor then.

Online tutoring is a medium which can be used to enhance the knowledge of kids. Everything asks for a change after a certain period, so do the traditional methods. As a parent, you can allow your child to access online tutoring resources to improve the grades and enhance the knowledge creatively. Even during the darkest times, education never stops!  One can always from #LearnfromHome.

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