Online teaching is not less than a digital revolution in the field of teaching. A number of people are opting for home-based jobs or trying to become a teacher. A lot of people have turned digital, with the advancement of technology.

Those days are gone when the student needs to search for tutoring services place to place. In the present era, the teacher is in the smartphone itself. Those days are also gone when students were utterly dependent on home tutors to help them with their homework. A student can now complete the homework efficiently with the help of online learning resources.

Online tuition is preferred as it is more affordable and readily available. But every coin has two sides. Nothing good comes without a disadvantage; the same is in case of online tutoring.

In the race of making the child better than all other children, parents provide the child with all the possible resources. Currently, several kids below five years of age spend most of the time on the screen of the smartphone or computer. Parents think they will learn by listening to the alphabets in musical form, but they often ignore the hazards of that.

The only mistake parents do is that they overlook the side effects of online tutoring, which affect the child negatively in the long run.

This article will provide an overview of the often ignored disadvantages of online teaching, which needs to be taken care of.

Importance Of Offline Teacher

The time when there was no concept of online teachers, students entirely relied on school teachers and private tutoring. An offline teacher is physically available to help the student in instant clarification of doubt.

The private tutor understands the psychology of a child and makes lesson plans according to that. When a child sits with a teacher, he is under discipline. While doing homework with the offline teacher, the child utilizes more brain as the teacher asks him to do exercises.

Private tuition does not require a good network at all, which makes them much applicable to rural areas. Even nowadays the offline teachers are using modern pedagogy to teach students. They are leaving no stones unturned to make learning a fun process for children.

Teachers in India nowadays are given specialized training to involve modern technology with traditional teaching methods. An offline teacher also acts as a guide to the child, helping him in taking decisions of life. They help students in choosing their academic career from their experience. A student can learn a lot from the rich experience of an offline teacher.

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Teacher and a child
Private tutoring develops a trust between teacher and student which promotes the academic growth of the child. Source: U-GRO Learning Centers

Disadvantages Of Online Tutoring

Where online tutoring tends to rule the upcoming education era, but often people ignore its disadvantages. Some of the drawbacks of online tutoring which need to be given attention are listed below:

Spoils The Child

In some cases, tutoring online spoils the child. Online tutoring asks the child to spend hours and hours with the smartphone with less time than books; this often spoils the child. Going to school or learning under an offline tutor helps the child to learn moral education as well. But in case of online teaching, no one teaches the child morals of life.

Most of the time, people ignore this but morals are very important to make a child a good citizen. Online education can make a good student, but it does not guarantee the best person out of your child. Parents and teachers need to pay attention that they are providing the child with other knowledge of life as well.

No Study Schedule

In offline learning, the child develops a study schedule where he sits with books for a fixed period. This develops as a habit over the years and helps the child in the long run. Nothing such is applicable in case of online learning. In online learning, the child can access the resources anytime. Hence there is no fixed schedule of anything. Online tutoring may provide homework help to children but kill their enthusiasm.

Teacher with her student
A private tutor develops a good study habit in the child. Source: Bristol Autism Support

Eye Problem

This is one of the most severe concerns of online tutoring. In the case of online tutoring services, the child spends hours and hours in front of the mobile or computer’s screen. The exposure to digital devices for so long hours damage the eyes of a child, making it problematic. This is the case why most of the children need spectacles in the early stage of life.

The harmful radiations of the screen are not suitable for the overall health of the child as well. This tends to increase insomnia among children as the brightness of the screen kills the sleeping hormones. Parents need to make sure that the child is getting exposure to digital devices for a short period, and they close everything before two hours of sleep.

No Instant Doubt Clarification

In case of offline tutoring, the home tutor kills the doubt then and there. The absence of physical presence does not provide an exact and immediate explanation of the uncertainties. In case of doubt, the child needs to research more for the topic.

Are Not Completely Trustable

The biggest question which lies within the usage of online learning resources is that, “are they completely trustable?” Sources like several websites and YouTube do not follow criteria to select the tutor.

In such a case, anyone can be a teacher for students. The biggest concern with these learning resources is about credibility. You can not get assured that whatever knowledge or data you are getting about the particular topic is 100 % accurate. In the case of books, they are designed by experts and the facts are highly authenticated, which is lacking in online learning resources.

Most of the time, you can get information that might be highly exaggerated. In the case of using online learning resources, you need to make sure that you are using a highly trusted learning resource.

No Parent-teacher Interaction

In case of a home tutor, the parents and tutor meet face to face and interact about the strength and weakness of the child. The home tutor and parents develop a good relationship that works exceptionally well for the child. Parents get to know about the progress of the child by a home tutor. Whereas, in the case of online tutoring, parents hardly have any interaction with an online tutor. They cannot make any guess about the progress of a kid without any examinations.

Teacher-parent interaction is important
Parents -teacher relationship plays a very positive role in the progress of a child. Source: TechMundu

Offline Over Online Tutor 

The biggest question which may lie in the hearts of parents, as well as students, is the better choice between private tutors or online tutor.

The physical presence is one of the significant differences that can be found in between online and offline tutor. The physical presence makes a huge difference between both. The offline teacher assists the student physically and clears his doubt instantly.

The offline teacher can use notebooks to solve the doubts of the students. In the case of an online tutor, the clarification of doubts needs a longer time. The doubts are cleared in the form of significant step by step calculation, which can often confuse the child.

The offline tutor develops an emotional connection with the child and works according to his mental state. The teacher understands the strength and weakness of the child better than the online teacher as there is no personal interaction between both.

Over time, the offline tutor develops a close relationship with the child and family and hence works harder for the child to excel academically as well as in life. This makes the high tuition fee worth it. But online tutoring is highly commercial and guarantees only academic success.

An offline tutor should be preferred in most of the cases until there is a great need of an online tutor. The online learning resources can add as addons to boost up the knowledge of the child. The traditional method of teaching can be mixed with online learning style for better learning and better grades.

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A classroom
Online tutoring or home tutoring, both act as add-ons to revise school learning. Source: CAE

To Conclude

Everything has both sides, advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that you often promote the benefits and ignore the disadvantages, which makes things worse.

If the disadvantages are accepted and worked on, then things can function in a better way. The same logic works in case of online tutoring. The disadvantages it comes with only get severe if they are not taken proper care.

Parents can take small steps to avoid the effects of these disadvantages. They can reduce the period of online learning. Parents should promote the child to try learning from reading books as there is no better alternative to this. This involves the entire rain making it more active.

Undoubtedly, online teaching can be the finest choice to look for teachers who offer to teach difficult subjects, be it math tutoring, social studies, mainstream education and many other subjects. One can hire tutors in the easiest way.

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