Employment is the foremost thing everyone looks for. In India, there are multiple sources of getting employed. But with the increasing population availing, those sources might appear like a difficult task. Amongst all the other sources of employment, the job of teaching has been considered the most reputed since Ancient India.

Notably, our scriptures and ancient text have explained the importance of a teacher in all their hymns. Even the great saint and poet, Kabirdas, has emphasized on the importance of the teacher by ranking him superior to God. Over time the way of teaching jobs has changed, but the respect has remained the same.

If you are interested in educating other people or, more precisely, children, then there are a massive number of opportunities lying on the floor for you. You can become a teacher and end up making a good career.

With the advancement of technology, the teaching profession has got a twist. You can now do online teaching without being physically available at the place. India is getting more digital day by day, and this is increasing online teaching jobs in the country. You can prefer to be an online teacher and end up making the right amount of money.

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An online tutor assists you with your doubts on the online video calls. Source: How to learn online

Online Tutoring: A New Career Opportunity! 

With the enhancement of the digital age, the department of education has faced a gradual shift in the method of learning. A lot of students now prefer to educate themselves online instead of searching for tutors. Out of all the good things that came with online tutoring, one is the increment in teaching jobs in India.

Online education has created several numbers of new jobs in India. From being a part-time teacher to a full-time professional teacher, online tutoring has brought everything. Earlier people who wished for a career as a teacher, either applied to private schools, sat in government teacher requirements or acted as tutors. But now people can be an online teacher and earn the right amount of money.

Online tutoring also acts as a platform for all the university going students who are looking for jobs to sustain their pocket money, can earn descent without giving much input of time as they teach online. A lot of people look for opportunities to teach students; they are given a chance by online tutoring. It does not require any prior experience teaching, as a fresher, you can enter the teaching field and get paid well.

Benefits Of Online Tutoring

Online education comes with hundreds of benefits. Some of the advantages are counted below:

Pocket Friendly

A lot of people prefer online tutoring over offline tutoring due to its affordability. The private teacher usually charges very high for its fixed time. Whereas, in the case of online tutoring, the child can access the tutor anytime at affordable rates.

Most of the available online learning resources only need an active internet connection. Other resources such as online classes, subscriptions to study materials, etc. come at a very affordable rate. Whatever the cost of the resource material is, the information within that is worth it.

Online education is available all the time
Online tutoring is an affordable approach to quality learning. Source: RCR Education

24*7 Availability

The other great advantage of online education is that it is active for 24*7 hours. The materials present on the Internet in the form of videos, multimedia, exercises, etc. can be accessed at any time. You can educate yourself at any time of day or night. In the case of a private tutor, there is a limitation of time in which you have to finish all your revisions, but in the case of online tutoring, nothing exists.

Information At Fingertip

The learning academies do provide the required information, but the medium is sometimes not very easy to access. You have to spend hours an hour into libraries to look for research papers, books, or thesis, but in case of online tutoring, every bit of information is on your fingertips.

The Internet has condensed the entire knowledge available in books all around the globe, into a small smartphone. You can access any data by scrolling and clicking buttons from your smartphone.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Every child is different from one another. You and your friend can have different minds, and you can either understand things at a higher or slower pace when compared to him. You need not rush in case of online tutoring. You have not to compete with other students at the speed of learning things. You can look for lesson plans which suit you and your learning pace. Online tutoring has many resources available, which you can access anytime to learn with the speed in which you can understand things in a better way.

Find a good home tutor for your kids.

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Students love to study on their smartphone in online tutoring. Source: A tutor

No Age Barrier, Anyone Can Learn

If you are someone who thinks that you have crossed the learning age and cannot have any way left to educate yourself. Then you are wrong, as online tutoring ensures that everyone can get themselves educated despite their ages. Online tutors develop different pedagogy for different age groups. A five-year-old child to fifty years old man anyone can have access to online tutoring and get educated most creatively.

No Embarrassment

Most of the time, when a child is not so smart to grasp everything taught in school, he might feel shy or, in some cases, embarrassed while asking for doubts clarification again and again. In the case of online tutoring, you are alone with your online tutor and thousands of resources, which you can use to clear your doubts again and again until it gets rooted away. Online classrooms are a place where you can ask any doubt any number of times to get the proper knowledge about the topic.

Get The Perfect Teacher For You

Online tutoring ensures that you get the ideal teacher for you without any difficulties. Online tutoring provides you with a virtual tutor who is ready to assist you anytime and anywhere. Not only this, but the online world also mixes with offline teaching, and it has given the concept of searching home tutors online.

Such a website is Superprof, which provides you with the best private tutors in your locality. You need to type your required subject and location; the entire list of available teachers around you will appear on your screen. You can take a trial with the tutors and choose the best for you.

How To Become A Teacher In India

The increasing number of teaching jobs in India has created many teachers vacancies all around the country. Following ways can be developed on how to become a teacher in India:

Get A Degree

The first step towards any profession, especially teaching, is to have a bachelor's college degree or university degree. Certification authorizes your qualifications. You can enter the teaching field after completing your graduation in your respective area. Though postgraduates and doctorates are more preferred, a graduate degree will help you to start up a teaching career.

Join School

School is the primary source of education, and school teacher is the primary source of teaching jobs in India. You can also join a school and get started with your teaching career. You can choose your subject as per your domain.

A child during his lesson
Online tutors guide you with your homework as they make it easier and creative. Source: City Tutors

Be A Tutor

Even if you are not into professional teaching, but you know how to teach, then you can work as a part-time teacher, often termed as a private tutor. You can assist little children with their homework and get paid for it. In India, several youths prefer to be a tutor during their graduation period to earn their pocket money.

Online Tutor

You can always work as an online tutor while pursuing your primary job. Online tutoring often does not require any hardcore teaching skills as the teacher is virtual and assist students with multiple resources of education online. You can assist students in any Online course and get the right amount of money for that. You can start your youtube channel as an online tutor and get good subscribers to become a virtual teacher. There is no denying that millions of users choose youtube to enhance their grades.

In a nutshell, online tutoring is a power-packed element that benefits both the teachers and the student. It helps the student with its creative and more accessible approach to learning. Also, it benefits the teacher as it has increased the opportunities in the teaching field for all the teachers out there.

You can utilize the online tutoring resources in the most creative way to boost your grades and your overall knowledge in a particular field. It allows you to learn something different from your regular syllabus. It does not bound knowledge into textbooks. It gives figs to students to go deep into the ocean of knowledge and search the treasure within it.

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