The new technology has advanced the world up to a different extent. Everything has changed upside down. The people of India have welcomed digital technologies with open arms. They have instilled these technologies in their veins. From morning to the time people go on their beds, every second they rely on these technologies. From small works of day to education, everything has gone digital.

The enhancement of digital technology has brought the concept of online classes. Students love to learn from available online resources.

In research, it is found that when compared to offline learning, the brain grasps things much quicker in online learning.

Online classes are much more attractive than regular ones. The online learning resources are much more entertaining and creative than books, hence many students prefer learning from them. Above all, it is something new and people love to follow a new concept.

Along with all other benefits of online tutoring, one is the increased number of teaching jobs in India. Online tutoring does not require a certain qualification, it asks for knowledge and hence many people are turning to be an online tutor. This article will look deep into the tools and techniques of online tutoring in India.

Online tutoring
You can learn new languages and new subjects with the help of an online tutor. Source:

Tools Of Online Tutoring

There are various tools that help students with the online course, schedule of classes, certificate programs, etc. Here is a list of such tools-


In traditional classrooms, the teacher uses the blackboard to teach the students. In an online classroom, the blackboard gets replaced by a whiteboard which acts as a digital screen. In online education, the online teacher uses the whiteboard to teach the students. Most of the time learning online courses on whiteboard gives the same experience of studying with the help of blackboard.

Digital Textbooks

In online education, learning is done entirely with the help of the internet without any offline resource like a book. In the conventional medium of education, textbooks act as a primary source of education.

In e-learning, all the textbooks are converted into digital PDFs and get uploaded on the online tutoring websites. The students can access those books at any time. The digital books also come for many other learning courses such as calculus, French or Hindi.

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Online learning is more convenient
Students can study their normal books on their laptops in the form of digital textbooks. Source: The Tutor Website

Fun Exercises

The basic advantage of online tutoring is considered its creative and engaging pedagogy of teaching. There are many fun exercises available on the internet in the form of a quiz, puzzle, etc., which you can access to make your learning experience even better.

For example, if you read a new science topic and they solve some fun exercise related to that, the topic will remain in your mind for a longer period. The same rule applies to other subjects as well. To play these fun quizzes you need to look for them on the internet and then log in with your email account and you are ready to enhance your knowledge. You can devote some hours a week to play these quizzes as they make your mind active.

Multimedia Learning Resources

Children learn from multimedia faster than books or any other medium. Nowadays, even the schools are using multimedia to teach children in smart classrooms. In online education, the concepts can be learned in a more creative form as many resources provide videos on a particular science, social science or maths topic. It can be best used for nursery and younger kids, as the poems can be converted into forms of songs and children can memorize them in less time and retain it forever.

Multiple-choice Questions

In online education programmes, multiple-choice questions can be used to check your progress. Whenever you study a new topic, look for multiple-choice questions and try to solve them without any help. The number of right answers will give you the satisfaction of your progress. You can study general education using online resources and then practice multiple choice questions based on that.

How To Manage Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is managed by many resources which make the concept of online tutoring functional like:

Smartphone/Personal Computer

Smartphone and Personal computers act as the soul of online education. You cannot imagine the existence of online teaching without these two things. Both of them are a by-product of enhanced digital technologies in India. Students who have access to either of this can easily access online tutoring services. As online tutoring asks students to be self-directed, students need to look for learning applications, websites and study materials on their smartphone by themselves only. You can enjoy learning on your smartphone in the time slot you prefer.

Tools for learning online
Online tutoring can be accessed anytime, anywhere using a personal computer. Source: AskIItians

Google Drive 

Google Drive serves the major purpose of sharing data online. It provides free space in an online cloud to store and share data. Google Drive can be used by the students and online tutors to study online. For example, a teacher can prepare questions in google docs and share it with the student so that he can solve it.

The same can be done using excel as well, the teacher can design mathematical and statistical problems using excel sheets and share them with the student.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing links the online tutor and student tutor. It attempts to give alive learning experience to students equivalent to home tutoring. The teacher and student connect online over skype and have doubt sessions after delivering lectures. Webinars is a more developed form of video conferencing that is done for more serious works.

Via Podcasts

Podcasts are the sound recordings which are available online. Then can be streamed online or be downloaded for further use. Podcasts can act as a medium of online tutoring. You can get access to many podcasts of lectures of science, social science or mathematics even. With the help of a podcast, you can understand and memorize things more quickly and easily. You can even download it for further reference. An online tutor can record lessons on various topics and upload them for student's reference.

How To Become A Online Tutor In India?

With the increase of reach of online education in India, the scope of career in online tutoring has increased. You can follow the below guidelines to start your career as an online tutor in India-

Identify Your Subject

To be an online tutor in India, you first need to identify your forte. Generally, your domain is your forte, it can be language, maths, science or any other subject. Once you identify your subject, it becomes easier for you to develop content into that subject.

Get Expertise

Students generally prefer teachers with good experience with many online tutors or online tutoring resources, the student will only access your content if it is highly rich in information. For this make sure that you are an expert in your subject and can deliver outstanding content on it. You should solve the doubts of the students as an expert. It needs a lot of homework from the teacher's side.

Get A Degree

A degree will always help you as it verifies and authenticates your education. If you have a degree in graduation or post-graduation, you can apply as an online tutor with any institute. After getting a degree you can become a tutor as well.

Be A YouTuber

If you are not looking for a profession in teaching, but want to follow it as a passion, in such a case you can be a YouTuber. You can run your academic learning or vocational learning channel on YouTube by uploading videos for people. You can teach students topics of science, maths, or any other subject using a whiteboard.

Online Tutoring Websites

There are many websites which need a tutor to assist students online. You can join the teaching profession as an online tutor in which you will only require to invest your time. As a virtual assistant, you can help students with education online.

Notably, for enrolling yourself as an online tutor, you won’t require a higher degree. You can offer to teach art and craft, sewing, guitar or language as well. To find online students, websites like Superprof will help you. Superprof is a website which combines digital technology with traditional home tutoring. Students can search for tutors online and teach them at their home. You can choose from all the best tutors available in your area.

Student progress better with online course
You can teach students using your laptop without visiting them physically. Sources: Get Smart Blog

Online tutoring provides personalized learning to students. The tools used by online tutoring are digital and need one-time investment. The scope of online teaching is increasing day by day. Earlier it was limited to urban areas but due to the development of strong networks, the concept of online teaching resources is expanding its wings in the rural area as well.

Students in all the parts of India, prefer to learn online with the help of advanced tools that are provided by tutoring platforms. You can also use online tutoring to enhance your grades or to add extra knowledge in your brain.

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