We all get life once. Most of the time it isn’t easy to make good choices especially when it comes to choosing a career. Many times people make wrong career choices and regret later. But as it is said to regret is of no worth after the mistake is done, thanks to the new era in which we are breathing right, that is the digital era.

The new age of technology gives us several opportunities to mend our mistakes, even if you have to make a wrong career choice or you want to explore things before making a career choice. Whatever your aim is, online resources are there to help you out. The online cloud is packed with many online courses that assist you in following your passion or profession.

Many times you can access these resources without burning a hole in your pocket. It means if you are pursuing engineering but always wanted to learn guitar with the help of online teachers or guitarists. In this way, many people, who are skilled in a particular field, are offering to teach the same online. This has increased the scope of teaching jobs in India.

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MOOC guarantee you a specialization in your desired subject for a bright future. Source: Top Ten Zilla

What Is MOOC?

MOOC stands for the Massive Open Online Course. These are the online courses which aim for unlimited participation via the web. These online courses usually have shorter duration or certificate programs in a particular subject. They are the latest addition to teaching online methodology. They provide open access to everyone to choose a course of their choice and can get themselves enrolled in those courses.

The concept of MOOC as a medium of distance learning came into existence in 2008 and gained the momentum by 2012. Some of the MOOC provides students with free access to their course materials.

MOOCs are helpful for young learners and new teachers as it increases the teaching opportunities in India. Most of the MOOC provides conversational courses to support community interaction among students and teachers.by online feedbacks quick quizzes and assignments.

The MOOCs are open educational resources that show the progress of India in the IT sector. Nowadays with the enhancement of technology day by day the pedagogy to teach online is getting creative.

MOOC is also involving multimedia resources to make learning easier than private schools. It has travelled overseas and has established themselves in India as in present 8.8 percentage of people have enrolled themselves in these courses.

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Importance Of MOOC In India 

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. These are gaining huge popularity in India due to its extensive features and convenience of access. All-in-all, it has become the finest online education platform. If you haven’t tried one yer, here is why you should-

Liberty Of Choosing Subjects

The current education system in India keeps quality education beforehand. If you want to take admission either in a school for regular learning or academics for specialised learning, they require you to pass the entrance exam first which means they ask you for prior knowledge in the subject. But with MOOC nothing such happens it provides you with the freedom of choosing your favourite course without any prior knowledge.

If you want to learn a subject or other languages which might be hard you can still start learning them and follow your passion.

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A student is free to choose the subject in which he wants specialization in MOOC. Source: JWU Online

Interactive Sessions

MOOC enrollment gives you the ticket to enter the interactive world of learning. It connects you with students worldwide where there can be an exchange of ideas, review and real-time discussions.

Enhance Your Specialization

Whereas some students choose to learn online courses to learn a completely new skill, you can enrol in a MOOC related to your subject and enhance your skills.

A MOOC is of shorter duration and is distance learning, which means you can pursue the specialization with your job. You can select any subject of your domain and get more specialized in that for better work performance.

Even if you are a student, you can enrol into a MOOC of your favourite subject or the subject in which you want to pursue your career, and get ahead of your class.

MOOC In India

Here are mentioned some of the most popular MOOCs in India, you can choose anyone out of them as per your interest and make yourself more skilled.

Graphic Design 

Graphic design is considered as the job of creatives as it requires the creation of different graphics. A MOOC in graphic designing will teach you poster making, creation of banners, advertisements, logo, leaflets, brochures and all such pamphlets. Graphic design skills are in high demand as all the companies need these designs for their website.

MOOC trains you in software like Photoshop, Corel draw and adobe illustrator. The knowledge of this certificate can increase your payscale very quickly as it is a highly paid job in India.

Online MBA

A lot of people in India aspire to do MBA, but sometimes the tough exam or the high fees kill their dreams. With the emergence of MOOC, you can get yourself enrolled in an online MBA course and enhance your management skills. The online MBA is also very effective in managing your startup, business or for working in a company.

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Social Media Marketing can be used to boost up your e-commerce. Source: Forbes

Social Media Marketing

The new media that has entered everyone's life is social media. With the increase of importance of social media in India, the need for social media marketers have increased in the country. Most of the companies are using social media for the promotion of their products.

Social media marketing skills are required to market a product on social media. It requires marketing skills mixed with social media management. You can earn good money by completing your MOOC on social media marketing.


The digital world feeds on programming. The coding of websites needs high-quality knowledge in computer languages. If you are interested in coding and were not able to pursue a CSE in college you can get yourself enrolled in programming MOOC. MOOC programming courses teach you the coding in various computer languages such as Java, HTML, XML, Python and many more. You can learn programming from MOOC available in India and then earn a very good amount of money as programmers are highly paid there.

Learn programming with MOOC
Programming involves a highly attentive mind and hard work together. Source: Tech Juice

Digital Marketing

The digital world has brought every business on the digital platform. This has increased competition in the digital world, as everyone wants to top the chart. Digital marketing skills are highly searched skills as they make a brand sustain in the digital world. You can learn search engine optimization techniques in digital marketing MOOC to earn decent money as it is very much needed for websites to top the search list.

App Development

Day by day, many new startup companies are establishing themselves in India, all the new websites are looking for app developers to develop the app for them. If you are interested in this technical job you can learn app development from MOOC and work as a part-time app developer with your other job.

Film Making

Film making is an inbuilt skill that can't be cultivated. But proper guidance is needed to enhance the skills. In the midway of your degree if you get interested in filmmaking and want to try it as a career you can get enrolled in filmmaking MOOC to check your creativity in filmmaking. You are taught the concepts of direction, the camera angles, storyboarding and other aspects of film making in the online school of filmmaking.

To Learn Talents

Besides the above-listed course, one can also learn things that would be described as their talents-


Photography is the passion of many young people in the country. You can enhance your skills in photography by enrolling yourself in a photography course of shorter duration. This will enhance the quality and depth of your clicks. In photography, you are taught the rule of thirds, camera angles, shot types, picture perspective, type of photography, etc.

Creative Writing

The creative writing courses develop your skills in content creation, scriptwriting, ad writing and other creative writing skills. However, you must opt to learn if you are interested in doing so.

Foreign Language

If you want to learn a foreign language as a second language then the MOOC serves your purpose. You can get yourself enrolled in any foreign language of your choice and learn it from an instructor. The instructor might be a native speaker of that language which can turn out to be very beneficial for you. The scope of a foreign language is increasing day by day in India.

In a nutshell, MOOC is free online courses which save your time and money and also give you ample knowledge in your favourite subject. The online tutors available on MOOC are highly professional and qualified. 

In between your career, they provide you with an opportunity to try something new. You can use a MOOC to learn a completely new skill or develop an existing skill, it depends on your choice.

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