The idea of online teaching in India would not have gone down the lane a decade ago. Indians are deeply rooted in the traditional approach of teaching. There was also no awareness about its benefits and productivity which worsened the condition. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as the online teaching platforms created a buzz in the country, people became curious. Adding to this, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the complete enforcement of online classes given the schools had no other option.

Today, almost every individual is going gaga over this new establishment since they have experienced it first hand. Online tutoring is also becoming popular simultaneously with a large number of home tutors taking the route to online education. This is the reason that people have accepted this new change with open arms and absolute optimism. If you have been dwelling upon the idea of entering this industry, you should shrug off all those queries and learn how to set foot in it.

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Techniques For Succeeding As An Online Home Tutor

Home tutoring services have been in existence for decades now. Whether it be teachers who do it as a full-time job or professionals who look at it as a part-time work opportunity, there are many individuals who provide tuition classes. The only difference is that now this can be done through efficiently running online platforms. The considerable factor is that a lot of supply creates competition. If you wish to taste success in this field, which is not difficult to achieve, there are certain techniques you should strictly follow.

Take A Lot Of Pre-Assessments

There is a huge difference between tests and assessments. The latter one will allow you to find where the capability of your students lies. Every child has its own way of learning and areas of weakness. The best tutors are the ones who can find out the exact loose ends where the child is lacking behind others. After all, if Shakespeare would have been forced to become a mathematician, he would not have been in the content of English literature books.

You should start every lesson by asking basic questions about the topic that it covers. For instance, if you work as an online English tutor, ask questions related to nouns and pronouns before teaching tenses. If a student fumbles while answering your questions, you would be able to picture his weaknesses more easily. That is exactly what you need to work on. This process will make you a better home tutor which is extremely important in online tutoring business.

Apply The Theory Of Active Learning

Most of the students think that their teachers are for them to provide answers to their questions. And this becomes a problem when the tutors oblige to them. However, this is not the sign of an efficient online tutor. This form of learning process creates a sense of reliability among the children who are too young to find their own faults. So, as a teacher, this responsibility falls upon you to make them find those answers.

It is your job to learn the technique of “probing” through which you would make them find those answers. Ask questions like where did you get stuck? What can be the probable answers? Making them think as giving instant answers will curb their curiosities which is not at all good. So, help them in finding answers rather than delivering it immediately.

Make The Students Speak More

The biggest mistake you can make in online tutoring work is speaking continuously without letting the students express themselves. The students will vanish from their computer screens without even you realizing it. Bunking online classes is very instinctive for students as they get their toys in hands and it does not take much time to change tabs on the browser.

Make your students speak. Ask them frequent questions to assure their presence and the fact that they are following the classes. Not just that, it will also help them in taking an interest in their online tutoring learning process.

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Work In Layers

The online tutoring business largely depends on “word of mouth”. A successful student can open doors to many more like him if he is satisfied with your services. This is what is called networking which is very important in all forms of business. You should make layers of the teaching process which must go like a video game. In simple words, as a student continues in the classes, you should keep making the assessment levels tough.

From asking basic questions to making one explain the entire concept in his words, it is all very important. So, if you are a math tutor, you should start by asking simple formulas and equations and one by one, take it to solve unknown sums. This does not create any pressure upon the students which is a positive thing.

Give Appropriate Instructions

Better understanding comes with clear and proper instructions. Students should be guided in the right direction whilst making them self-reliant. A good online tutor should not be confined to just being a homework help. Every student is best in one subject and moderate or weak in some other. You have to identify the set of instructions required for each level to make them self-sufficient. Thus, layout the “how-to” guide for them and ask them to follow it strictly.

Suggestions For Efficient Home Tutoring

Along with the above-mentioned techniques, there are few suggestions that you may follow for carrying out successful online home tutoring classes. They are:

  1. Provide mental support and motivation to your students. There are plenty of children who are suppressed in the environment of school by exam pressure. Also, you will come across teenagers who are distracted from their aims and goals in life due to the absence of a proper guide.

As an online home tutor, you would have the liberty of becoming friends with them. A friendly teacher is no less than a blessing to the ones who are demotivated and lost. Thus, every now and then, help them find their cause in life and motivate them to become a better version of themselves.

  1. Discuss their fears and ask them to conquer it. Children feel awkward sharing some problems with their parents or maybe do not tell them out of concern. However, these fears related to their studies can cause a disaster in their career. You should help them if you identify any incongruent behaviour in them during classes.
  2. Lastly, make the learning process fun so that your students love to learn. The school curriculums can be stressful for young minds. You can share the burden by simplifying the process.
Online learning
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Understand The Role of A Private Tutor

If you take your online lessons in the way school teachers conduct their classes, you are doing it wrong. The ambience of virtual classes has to be controlled by your presence of mind, soft skills, and right techniques which usually do not exist in physical classes. As a private tutor who is trying to establish a career in the online teaching business, it stands as your sole responsibility to make the best use of it. Every family is giving a part of their monthly expenditure to home tutors just so that their child is given the right care and learning. Thus, do not fail to miss out on any of the above-mentioned tips and suggestions to become the best in this arena.

How To Find Private Teaching Jobs In India?

The availability of online teaching jobs in India is increasing rapidly given its demand is prevailing in the market. You must be thinking about how to find private teaching jobs in India?

Well, Superprof is successfully catering to this rise in demand for online teaching jobs by providing the right online platform for you and for everyone who is looking for a good opportunity. Register yourself on the website of Superprof by briefly mentioning your skills, area of expertise, and location.

Now, whenever a student will make an inquiry, your profile will appear on his screen. This is how you can easily connect with numerous students across your city and even your country. The Superprof platform is open to all whether it be a dance teacher or a yoga trainer. The online platform can be utilized by everyone who is eager to work in this newly established industry.

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The rise of online teaching jobs is helping a lot of individuals across India who could not find a way to expand their tutoring business. Parents are also highly recommending online classes to others after realizing that their child is benefited from it.

There was a time when the lack of awareness about this industry caused chaos among people. Today, almost every Indian is utilizing its benefits to the most. There are also many students who are taking advantage of this platform for earning pocket money. If you have been left out of this league, it's time that you channelize all your efforts in this field with the knowledge you gathered from this article.

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