Indian education system caters to more than 260 million students who are enrolled in around 1.5 million schools. There are over 30 million students who are pursuing their graduate and postgraduate degrees from around 40 thousand colleges. Starting from Gurukuls to fully function schools and colleges and now to online education platforms, the country has come a long way. The prospect for teachers has also changed from full-time jobs in physical classes to online teaching jobs in the virtual ones.

Although the numbers of learners are huge, the demand for teachers is still unmet in many parts of the country. As per a report of 2019, India has one of the lowest teacher-student ratios in the world. This is presumably because most of the teachers cannot reach out to the rural and remote areas where the demand is higher. This geographical gap is being eliminated with the help e-learning platforms where thousands of teachers are working as an online tutor. You can also give a boost to your teaching career by stepping foot in the online education industry.

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Online learning has become a popular medium of education in India. Source:

Growth Drivers Of Online Teacher Recruitment

The online education market in India has seen immense growth within the past few years. The number of internet users has also increased by about 31 per cent from 2011 to 2016. Various reports claim that the number of users will reach up to 735 million by the beginning of 2021.

There are many driving forces behind this newly established foundation of online tutoring and teaching business. Online teacher recruitment has also increased considerably within this time which is laying many employment opportunities too.

E-learning Is A Low-cost Alternative

Online education system involves low infrastructure costs which allow the service providers to provide economical courses. Both the sides turn out to be benefactors in this scenario which is a good thing. You can also start your own online tutoring services with extremely low capital.

Offline education is 53 percent costly as compared to the online skill enhancement courses. There are neither any travelling and accommodation costs required for the students nor for you to become a part of the online education industry.

Availability Of Quality Education

It is known that there are many parts of India with a lack of good schools and high-qualified teachers. Online distance learning programmes are trying to eliminate this problem by connecting the students from rural or backward parts of the country with the best teachers. States like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir account for more than 4 lakh online course enrolments.

You have the opportunity to convey your knowledge or share the skills with talented individuals across India who are confined in geographical boundaries of their towns or cities.

Some reports suggest that enrolments in online courses will rise by 10 million in 2021 with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10 per cent.

The Increasing User Base Of Smartphones

There was a time when not every individual could afford a smartphone with their limited income. With the rise of several multinational brands at very reasonable rates, the user base of smartphones has increased considerably. Today, there are approximately 290 million smartphone users in India who are active on almost every social media platform.

Although you will need to have a computer or laptop for conducting online lessons, the students can easily use their phones for attending the classes. This means your connectivity range is broader than it would have been a decade ago. Surveys reveal that this user base is supposed to increase by 180 million new users by the end of 2021. If you get into the online tutoring business now, you can easily establish yourself within a year.

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One can easily upgrade his language proficiency through online language courses. Source:

Involvement Of The Youth Population

According to the census of India, around 46 per cent of the population is aged between 15 and 40 years. Online education business triggers people of this age group as they are aspired to learn new things. Also, most of the working population under this industry constitutes the youth of the country. There are no second thoughts on the fact that young people keep experimenting with their career choices and at the same time try to go with the flow of trends.

Thus, the involvement of the youth population is also contributing largely to the expansion of view jobs online. You will find a lot of students willing to improve their language skills or artistic skills apart from mainstream learners. So, you will have the chance to work as an online English teacher, online Spanish teacher, etc.

Government Support

The Indian government has been promoting digitalisation through different welfare programmes like SWAYAM, Digital India, E-Basta, etc. The idea behind all these schemes was to promote skill development courses in the rural parts of India so as to generate employment opportunities. 

This is another positive boost that has worked pretty well for most of the businessmen involved in this industry. You can be pretty assured of the fact that your hard work would produce sweet fruits in the developing and expanding e-learning business.

Ideal User Profile For Online Home Tutor In India

The online education platform has worked wonders for the home tutor in India. If you have been looking for an opportunity to expand your tutoring career, you must start by building a good profile on the online platforms. This business is mostly promoted through networking on social media platforms as most of the people keep searching for ideal tutors on the internet. Your profile must look promising and attractive enough for one to take an interest in it. Keep the following points in check to develop a good user profile.

  • Choose the right online platform for creating a business profile. You should update your LinkedIn and create new accounts on online tutoring platforms that lend services specified in this field.
  • Highlight your achievements and degrees very briefly on the account. Mention the years of experience in every work that you have done related to tutoring. The most important thing is to make a separate account on every platform in order to be more effective. Personal profiles include a lot of things which one may find judgemental so it is best to separate them.
  • Post small videos of your online sessions on your business account for reference. Today, every youngster is smart enough to believe in practicality than in theory. A 30 seconds video can leave a greater impact on anyone looking for quality service.
  • Be active on the accounts and keep posting good and meaningful stuff. A student would think you have a fake profile if there is nothing on its feed.
  • Ask your students to leave comments and feedback on your business pages. A food “word of mouth” is the strongest form of advertisement. People tend to believe first-hand experiences more strongly than a descriptive profile.
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Children who love gadgets tend to concentrate more on online classes. Source:

Follow all these tips to ensure that you stand out in the competitive online tutoring industry. Remember there are thousands of home tutors and teachers trying to make a name and fame in this arena.

Online Teaching Jobs Near Me 

Although the online education system is not confined into geographical boundaries of a town, city, state, or country, you may search for “ teaching jobs near me ” to find better options. You may preferably use the Superprof platform for this purpose. This online platform uses locality filters for a user-friendly experience.

While you register your details in a specified locality, say any major area near you, students will get to see the profile whenever they search for any subject or skill that matches with your bio. Superprof works at lending services to both the parties involved in the online tutoring services. The best part is it is open to all who have any set of skills including dance, music, cooking, painting, etc. You will be able to connect with every student who is willing to learn what you teach.

How To Find A Teaching Job In India?

If you are newly exposed to the online teaching industry, you must have been wondering how to find a teaching job in India? Well, it is not a difficult task as it can be done conveniently through online portals. You may register on the websites that are offering online courses if working under a defined branch of an organisation is what you are looking for.

Traditional education
Many teachers are creating their own virtual classrooms with minimal resources. Source:

Alternatively, applying in e-learning websites and online tutoring service providers might be beneficial for working as a freelancer. You should decide what you need and work accordingly.

The intrinsic characteristics of online learning platforms are what attracts the students towards this industry. The convenience, opportunity of learning at home comfort and no travelling are key motivating factors for students as well as their parents.

The demand for this comfort is suspected to increase in the near future which is why huge investments are being made towards its development. You should start working on yourself and look for the right platforms to establish a long term career as an online tutor.

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