The craze and need of the online education industry are at its peak in India. The COVID-19 pandemic forced every national government in the world to impose lockdown in the country which shut down all schools and colleges. This led the administration of every educational institute to depend upon the online tutoring platforms for continuing the classes of their students. Many organisations also took the initiative of providing the required resources to the teachers for conducting the classes.

Computer systems, microphones, Wi-Fi connection, etc. are given to the employees for continuing their services. Apart from this, many individuals are taking up private tutoring jobs to utilise the extra time they get at home. You must have also heard about people who are setting up their own tutoring business with the help of online service providers.

Online classes secured and liable require video calling tools where the virtual classes are set up. You should learn about all these tools and practice how to use it before starting the online lessons.

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Every teacher must learn the basics of e-learning platforms to successfully operate it. Source:

Pros And Cons Of Online Tutor Tools

The experts’ advice to every online tutor is to not use any personal mobile applications or computer software for conducting online classes. As for the teachers who work under a defined entity, a particular platform is allotted to them by the administration.

So, if you take up an online teaching job under any e-learning company, you will be instructed on how and what tool is needed for the classes. However, you may also work as a freelance service provider by providing classes through the online tutor tools that are free to all.

The two most commonly used online tools are Skype and Google Classroom plus Hangout Meet. Both of these apps can be accessed from smartphones as well as computers with absolutely zero cost. Although big names in the online tutoring business have developed their own software and applications for serving the purpose, you can completely rely upon these tools for taking online classes as an individual entity.

The Skype Communication Service

Skype was developed and released by a group of German developers in the year 2003. It gained over 660 million users worldwide by the end of 2015. The telecommunication application was being highly preferred by businessmen for conducting online interviews and conferences.

The outbreak of COVID-19 had a positive impact on the company as it registered almost 40 million users on a daily basis. Most of these people are said to be engaged in conducting online classes given the lockdown inclined people to stay at homes.

Pros Of The Application

  • It offers a screen sharing option which is extremely important for taking online lessons. With this option, you can play any video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, etc. on your computer and your students will be able to see it directly. This saves a lot of time and the internet as there is no hassle of downloading each file for one-time viewing.
  • It is easy to use and install and does not require a lot of space on the system. You can learn its operation within a few minutes.
  • It serves as a safe and secured portal for conducting online classes. The company uses wide-band technologies which are much reliable for video calling.

Cons Of The Application

  • Skype fails to catch non-verbal communication signals as the video is disturbed very easily with a slight drop in the internet speed.
  • Background noises are picked very sharply which can cause a disturbance in the class. 
  • There is no option of language translation during the calls which can also cause a barrier during the online lessons.
  • The application has suffered an outage of more than two days. This causes an interruption in the schedule which is not a good sign.
An online session
Every teacher must learn the basics of e-learning platforms to successfully operate it. Source:

Google Classroom Plus Hangout Meet

Google Classroom and Hangouts are both products of the Google company as their name suggests. Both these accounts work in sync to provide a better and fast-forward experience of taking online classes. The best part about this is that you do not need to necessarily download the software on a computer for accessing these tools as it can be directly used through the website. You can accommodate as many as 250 members in one session of Google classroom which is also a highlighting factor.

Pros Of The Applications

  • It enables class recording facility, file sharing, assignment allocation and screen sharing too. This will allow you in easily managing the functionalities of the tuition online. Students will also be able to compartmentalise their tasks and assignments separately. 
  • There is the option of leaving comments after every class which would help you in keeping a track of your class feedback.
  • The interface of the site is clean and user-friendly so it can be used easily by almost every person.
  • You can also connect your Google Drive with the Classroom for better file sharing experience.

Cons Of The Applications

  • You have to create a separate link and account for the class which might get a little confusing at the initial stage.
  • No option for automated updates in case of applications that are installed on smartphones. This may create glitches in the long run.

These are the detailed descriptions of the two most popular platforms used for online tutoring classes.

Support Needed By Online Learners

The online education system comprises students of all age groups and backgrounds. Children of rural areas will require a lot of personal attention for getting familiar with the online tools. Also, if you work as an online English teacher, the chances of getting aged learners will also increase as a lot of people are passionate about the language. Therefore, the responsibility of supporting the online learners falls upon your shoulder as a tutor online.

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The tutor has to help the children understand the uses of online tools. Source:

It is important for you to take some introduction sessions with every new student to help them understand how to operate the online tool that you use for conducting the classes. This will need you to have a lot of patience and self-confidence to guide them step-by-step in the process.

Showing agitation or irritation while explaining the same can cause a disaster as the students are very fickle-minded and have plenty of other options too. The Indian government has also released certain guidelines recently for supporting online learners. So, you should also take it as your prime duty to guide your students during the online sessions apart from conveying knowledge about the subject.

Transformation of Teaching Jobs In India

Teachers in India have seen a lot of transformation and changes over the decades. There was a time when there were no schools and colleges in the country and students used to study under clear skies. The economical development led to the establishment of various government and private schools in the country which generated employment for millions of teachers. Then, the increasing pressure of school curriculum led to the demand for home tutors for homework help and detailed explanations of subjects. There are many teachers who still take tuition classes with a full-time commitment and earn a good fortune from it.

With the increasing popularity of modern technologies, the concept of digital classrooms was introduced on the plea that visuals are more effective than audible theories. Today, the demand and supply of teaching jobs in India have reached the online education industry where millions of home tutors are providing their services. You can be a part of this transformed education system and build a name in the business. Follow the suggestions mentioned above for a better experience in the profession.

A Blessing For Home Tutor India

There are many leading companies who are catering to the demand for online tutoring classes in India. Every growing industry attracts a lot of investors who are willing to do business in the same with the objective of making profits. Home tutor India is grabbing this opportunity for expanding their range of services in the country. A good teacher is worth a lot of appreciation and fame is he gets the right platform to perform.

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Primary school kids need extra attention from parents during online learning activities. Source:

Superprof is successfully providing this platform for meeting the needs of students as well as teachers. Academic experts, Guitarists, Piano players, dancers, singers, painters, yoga trainers, passionate cooks are all welcomed by the company to get the opportunity for connecting with the students who need these services.

Superfprof just works as an intermediary between the two parties which allows the home tutors to work on their own terms by developing a strong online network. You may also register yourself on the website to gain a good amount of learners from across the country.

Teaching is the most honoured and celebrated profession in the world. A teacher is the only person who can build a successful future of a child. Today, the advancement of technology has given a new platform to all the teachers for showcasing their talent and spreading the light of their knowledge across the world. Learn the nitty-gritty of the online education industry to become a successful professional in it.

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