Home tutoring in India has estimated to have expanded from the starting point to 7.1 crore students in just a few years. A recent report that was conducted by the NSSO- National Sample Survey Organisation has revealed that the number of students who take private classes is around 26% of the total number of students studying in schools, colleges and universities in India. This has happened because of an increase in the difficulty level in the job markets. Parents are more than ready to invest their time and money for their child's education, especially in English so that their fluency increases.

Teaching English is gaining more and more popularity among students, teachers and professionals as there are more English speakers. A qualitative case study research was conducted in India to find out the dissatisfaction faced by teachers. Researchers followed an interview which was semi structured so as to make it easy for them to approach English teachers and understand the causes behind their dissatisfaction faced by them.

The result that was reached was that there was a lack of resources, the classes were overcrowded and there was a lack of discipline among the students of the class. This is the reason as to why teachers offer to take up home tutor jobs in order to increase their income, sometimes even as a summer job. Some even replace their english teaching jobs as English teachers for tutoring jobs or online teaching jobs.

Artists benefit from the flexibility of tutoring
Image ¦ Professional performers benefit from the flexible schedule offered by tutoring ¦ source: Pixabay

An English teaching job also seems favourable for students going to universities which helps them to earn money and gain experience in their respective fields. 

SuperProf is a commission free platform which helps to promote English tutors and their services and also helps students find the best online tutors in India. One can find tutors for any subject and in any field from academics to sports to musicals to martial arts and so much more. On the internet English tutors may share a common space but they do not have the same rate. The rate at which English tutors charge their English lessons depends on numerous factors, such as: The location, his or her experience, the level of education of the student, the format which English tutors opt for, the contents of the subjects, etc.

All these factors should be taken into consideration while a tutor sets his or rate for their hourly based classes. Choosing the right price range of your class is important because it is the first thing that most students and their parents look for when they click on your profile. It should be around the price range that is suitable for them. The lower the rate of your classes are, the higher the chances are of them selecting you as their tutor, but it should not be so low that it would put up an impression that you are not good enough. Putting up a very low rate can affect your level of experience and can appear as disreputable. It should be substantial enough to make your profile look appealing and it helps you to cover up your expenses and provides you with an income.

Tuition rates vary according to the subject you teach
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This puts up a question in front of you: How do I set an appropriate rate for the classes?

You should start by looking at the other rates charged by other English teacher and online English teacher in the market for the same subject that you are planning to teach.  With a proper price range in mind you can provide English language teaching like a native speaker and make certain adjustments and tweaks to your rate which will be more dependent on individual variables such as location and experience.

For instance, in Mumbai tutors often charge a higher rate as it is a more affluent city in India. Jobs as tutors could be more attractive for ex English teachers because they have a higher experience than those who do not have a formal experience in the field of teaching. Ex English teachers can also put up a higher rate for their private classes. We at SuperProf India have gathered relevant information for you so as to save you a whole lot of research and time that you had to conduct and to help you set the appropriate rate for your classes in your field.

Whether you teach English as a second language or Esl,  or as a foreign language you can take Tefl and Tesol training. Thereby, after you get your Tesol certificate or Tefl certificate, you can get more teaching job and teaching positions. This will also improve your teaching experience.

Professional subjects often come at a higher price due to the high level of study necessary to teach it
Image ¦ Set budding criminal lawyers on the right path ¦ source: Visualhunt |Law tuition rates

Charges for private tuitions in India according to the subject 

The following data has been collected and arranged by the hard working employees of SuperProf India. The following figures can be used as guidelines for you to help you set the rates if you are teaching English online or offline classes and provide you with a proper starting point which can be adjusted by you later as time progresses. The rates of the subjects given  below are just an average estimate of how much tutors charge in various regions of India. The rates can vary from region to region which makes it important that you check your local rates first and the competition in the area while setting up a proper rate

Mathematics and Science

The average rate that is approximately charged by tutors for mathematics and science classes is rupees 1500. 


The rates of private economics classes in India is comparatively higher since there are not many economics teachers in the area. The rate for economics classes in India could even be higher than biology classes. 


Home tutor jobs for the subject of Humanities charge an average of 1500 rupees per hour. The private English tutors who teach English online as an online course or offline for history classes tend to earn more than the rest in the field of humanities.  

Different levels of difficulty have different tuition rates
Image ¦ Primary tuition rates depend on local demand ¦ source: Visualhunt / CC BY-NC

How does the level of difficulty of the subject affect the charges of tutoring jobs?

Tutors must make this decision on their own, that is, at what level they want to teach online or offline in regards to their subjects. If the level of the subject is difficult then this will automatically raise the charges of tuitions. Usually the more advanced the students' level in the subjects is the higher will be the rate for English tuition classes, if the students English is native level you can charge more. As the difficulty level affects the expectations and goals for the tuition classes. While most countries have native English speakers who speak native English, in India we learn English as a foreign language, there are many Tefl courses, so you can also take online Tefl courses. Most private schools offer Tefl jobs, so if you have a Tefl certification, you can teach.

  • Beginners Classes allows students to dive into a new subject or topic and learn about it. It is common to assume that the student is new to the subject and has got no clue regarding its contents and he or she expects to be walked through the basics of the subjects by the teacher. A beginners class demands a less detailed explanation and knowledge about the subject by the teacher and the tutor does not need to prepare extensively for the class which in turn generates less feedback and marking. As a result of this the beginner classes cost below the average rate. 
  • Intermediate classes are for those students who have learned and mastered the basic contents of the subject and look forward to building their knowledge on the same subjects under the supervision of a teacher. The teachers are expected to invest more time in preparing for the classes and give an in-depth explanation about the subject which they can provide online English teacher for. The price range for intermediate classes is somewhere in the middle of the beginners class rates and advanced class rates. 
  • Advanced classes are for those students who have already learned all the basics and have gained whatever they could from the subjects in the previous two levels. These students are now at the level at which they want to specialise in that particular field and learn about their subject in more depth. The tutors are expected to specialise in the subject and have a broader understanding as the advanced classes covers the subject in a more detailed manner. A more tailored feedback could be one of the expectations of the students from an advanced class. This makes the advanced class sessions more expensive than the rest.
The more equipment and resources necessary for lessons, the higher the tuition cost is likely to be

Images ¦ Horse riding instructors tend to charge higher rates to cover the expenses associated with the lessons ¦ source: Pixabay

Why is there a variation in price? 

There is a disparity between the price range of subject, for instance if you are an English speaker who is an Esol teachers you will get paid more as English is mandatory in a non native country like India. Here are the reasons why this happens:

Supply and demand- It often happens that the value of the subject in the market depends on the availability of the subject in the area.  If there are more tutors available in the area who teach the same subject the less the charges can be. For example if there is an abundance of potatoes in the market, the cost of potatoes will decrease simultaneously as the vendors are willing to sell more of potatoes at a lower price. If there is a shortage of potatoes in the market the price of potatoes will increase and the demand for potatoes will also increase in the market as it is not readily available at the point of time. In a similar way if more tutors teach the same subject it will increase the competitiveness in the area and the tutors will have no other choice but to lower their rates so as to gather the attention of the crowd. If there is an increase in demand for tutors in the area as there are not many tutors who teach that particular subject then the cost for your services as a tutor for the subject will subsequently increase. 

Equipment- There are certain subjects which require more tools and resources in order to conduct the classes which will in turn increase the stipend of the classes. For example music classes, dance classes, sports classes, etc. with all of these factors in mind you can figure out the good starting point for your classes which is appropriate for you and your level of experience in your field as an online teacher in India if you teach English online in India.

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