The location of the area is a crucial factor if you are planning to become a tutor. According to the Economic Times of India, almost two-thirds of the Indian students partake in extra-curricular activities and take extra tuition outside of school.

As a result of this research, it was not out of the ordinary to assume that tutors all across India are on the same plane when it comes to setting the rates for the tuition they are supposed to partake. There are several factors which affect the pay rates that a tutor can charge for giving tuition. It could be the tutor's qualification level or experience in the field of tutoring, you can also apply in the online platforms which work as a bridge between the tutors and the students. 

However, factors such as the location are beyond the control of the tutor. We have found that the tuition rates vary from region to region within the country. The rate at which the tutor charges for their classes can differ depending on what the student is studying and he or she needs. According to data that was collected by SuperProf India, it has been discovered that the tutors in India charge approximately around 1000 rupees per hour whereas some can charge as little as 100 rupees. Thus, for this reason, tutors all across India discover social inequality when it comes to determining the rates of hourly tuitions. On the basis of regions, Delhi and Mumbai are the affluent regions of India. If you are someone who is clueless about the rates of tutoring and want to learn how a tutor should charge, whilst taking all conditions into consideration such as the locations, experience etc, then we must dive into the relevant data.

Private tuition in india
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Stipend for Tutoring Jobs in India

SuperProf has gathered data on how much our tutors in India earn. This data only focuses on the rates charged by online tutors in each city. These rates can vary depending on various factors such as the subject studied by the student, the years of teaching experience of the tutor, and the level of the learner. These figures act as a guideline for tutors who are looking for a starting point for the rates of their classes.


The average of the tutors in Delhi is around 750 rupees. There is a significant gap between the highest and lowest charges of tuition fees. The highest fee charged by tutors in Delhi is approximately 1500 and the lowest is 150 rupees. 


The online tutor job at SuperProf India earns an average of 1500 per hour. The highest rate charged by online tutors in India is around 2500 and the least amount is 250 rupees. The areas which have less population have lesser competition among tutors. So the private tutors can charge the fees of the tuition at any rate they feel justified. 


According to the data we collected and analysed, the tutors in Kolkata can expect to earn about 1000 rupees per hour. The highest rate charged by tutors can approximately be around 1500 and the lowest rate could be as less as 150 rupees. 


The average rate that the home based tutors in Bengaluru, India can charge is around 1200. The highest rate is approximately 2000 and the lowest rate could be 220.

Private tutoring fees in Bengaluru is generally high
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Factors which affect the prices for Tutoring Jobs in India

There are several factors that private tutors and online tutors in India need to keep in mind before determining the rate at which they can charge for the tuitions that they give in the area. 

  1. The opulence of the area

The opulence of any area has an effect on tutoring for every subject. Basically, where the areas that are more affluent than the rest, the people living in such areas have a greater tendency to pay more for private tuitions. According to a study that was conducted, it was found that Kerala, a state that is progressive in terms of education, has the highest percentage of students taking private tuitions for the secondary level (55%). Maharashtra falls second to Kerala in terms of private tuitions (49.35%) which is both an educationally and industrially developed city. It is usually higher in bigger cities than in the smaller and less affluent ones. The present study establishes a similar trend in India where more students from affluent cities are more likely to take private tuitions than their less affluent counterpart. Private tuitions in smaller and less affluent cities at the secondary level are less than 29.03% whereas in bigger cities the percentage rate is 64%. 

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Private tuition charges in Kolkata is affordable
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As a result of this, there is a significant gap between the participation of students in urban and rural areas and between various social groups. Although more than two-thirds of youngsters in India take part in extracurricular activities outside of school, these young learners are not distributed in an even manner throughout the country. Home or private tutors in poorer regions have to charge a lower rate for the tuitions that they give so as to generate more potential students who require a tutor. This social division is also distinct in the music sector of education. Young students living in less affluent areas are less likely to take part in such classes as their parents are unable to cover the cost of the classes given. It has been found that the cost of tuition for music is one of the reasons why adults stop learning music. The rate of music lessons all over India varies depending on student's region. The average rate charged for music lessons is around 2000 rupees.   


The cost of living in Mumbai is comparatively higher than in most cities in India. Mumbai is one of the four metropolitan cities of the country. The charge of music lessons in Mumbai is approximately around 2000 to 3000 rupees.

We all know about extreme cost of education in Mumbai
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  1. Competition in the Area

There is always a tendency to compare the earning between the rural and urban areas while trying to determine a suitable rate for hourly based tuitions. One is more likely to find more students who seek private tuitions in cities and there is a higher probability that there are more private tutors in that area. 

In a similar manner in rural areas, individuals are less likely to take private tuitions, which in turn creates less demand for tutors in that area. Basically, there is more competition and there are more students in urban areas and fewer students and lesser competition in rural areas. Tutors who live in cities tend to charge a higher rate for the tuitions that they give than the tutors living in rural areas. The rate of competitiveness depends on how much it takes to live in an affluent area and the opulence of the place.     

The expectations of the private tutor can also depend on the economical stature of an area. The tutors from the cities have a student base which is more localised whereas tutors from the rural area could be required to travel far-off unless they teach their students from home. The tutoring business has flexible work hours and is emerging as a legitimate work-from-home job through which individuals with just a bachelor's degree can make extra money. Having no experience in tutoring can be disadvantageous for most tutors. A college degree in Bachelors or having a PhD can increase the chances of you making money online as a tutor. Teaching online is among the few job opportunities that are readily available in the market. As a freelancer you can be your own boss. You can practically work from anywhere and set your own schedule for tutoring online.

Musicians often tutor alongside their professional activities
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How to earn more by giving tuition in poor areas

If you are someone who lives in a less affluent area or you live in a locality that has a lot of competition, it is quite easy to feel disappointed by the rates that you need to charge your potential home tutees. However, private home tutoring has various forms which help to widen the range of your clients beyond your local area. You can earn money, or for some people extra money, via online tutoring jobs. 

Go Online

Online tuition is growing at a rapid rate and is gaining popularity in the sector of private tuition via applications like Skype which can help to bring the classroom to the web. The advantages of giving tuitions online consist of zero commuting, a flexible schedule, and you can reach students outside of your local area. Online tuition platforms such as SuperProf help to reduce the rates of tuition which are influenced by the geographical areas. Online teaching jobs have a wider range of potential clients than private tutors but online tutors have a higher rate of competition than the home tutors. Online tutoring is not only limited to the academic arena, it expands to music and sports as well. The pay rate of tutors who offer tuitions online via webcam is increasing day by day. Giving tuition offers as a great substitute job for teachers as well.

Online tuition advantages include choosing your own office and reaching a wider clientele
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Increase your group size

The rate charged by tutors is often less per student in group sessions, which makes this more popular than one on one tutoring for students and their families. This is even popular in areas that are less affluent. It is a win-win situation for both the student who has to pay less and the tutor who earns more at an hourly rate. These sessions can involve more preparations and marking than in individual classes, so online tutors in India should keep these factors in mind while setting the rate for group tuitions.

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