Do you require any formal qualifications for flexible work? Can you be your own boss and set your own rates? Where to sign up? 

Parents are ready to spend more on their children’s education than ever before and this has lead to an expansion of the tutoring industry in India. This helps them get a head start and simultaneously succeed in the competitive job market.

According to, Kerala has the highest percentage of students seeking private tuitions at a whopping 71%. Over the years the number of students seeking private tuitions in India has gradually grown, especially in the last decade.

Due to the demand for private tuition, the tutoring workforce is also increasing. This profession offers flexible schedules and the freedom to choose your rates for all tutors from diverse sectors. For freshers looking for job opportunities which could help them in making extra money, tutoring is the best job available in the market for them. They can either teach English online or any subject to their tutees and this will also help to improve their skills in that particular language. 

You will have all this freedom without any formal qualifications.

“Experience is priceless, but it does have a cost”

The amenities afforded to private tutors are undeniable. However, there are many decisions you need to undertake before becoming a home-based math tutor or English teacher or for any subject or language. For many tutors, the question of how much to charge for private tuition is the most difficult decision to make.

Parents pay for private tutors for their childrens academic success
Image ¦ For parents, it is important to invest in the education of their children ¦ source: Pixabay

How does someone put a price on their own Time and Knowledge? 

Setting a per hour rate for your tuition classes is usually difficult but it is not a fixed rate for teachers and students. Tutors need to consider the average rate in the market and accordingly charge their pupils for the subject they are teaching. However, this is not enough as teachers also need to consider the learning capacity of the student as well as his/her style and preparation time as well.  

And last but not least, tutors must decide on how much their teaching experience will be worth to the student. 

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It's a tricky business to find the right balance between too much and too little
Image ¦ Striking the balance between too cheap and too expensive is a tricky business ¦ source: Visualhunt

What is the Worth of your Experience?

We group tutors into three categories which you can consider when putting a price on your tutoring background:

  • Professionals:

    Professionals are also known as experts because they are experts in the field that they are pursuing as a career. Professionals work in the teaching field and give tuitions on the side. Most people value professionals as they have the required knowledge and experience required in this field and the students benefit from it as the professionals can guide them through the right path. So what does the word ‘professional’ mean exactly? The term ‘Professional’ has various meanings for different areas. In the subjects of music, professional means a musician or a performer. While in the field of languages a professional could be a native speaker. The level of their knowledge in regards to their subject could play a key factor in enabling them to set a higher rate for their tutoring classes. 

  • Qualified Teachers: 

    Teachers who are looking for jobs after retiring from their previous job as school teachers or professors have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in their own field and have already learnt all the techniques that are required to become a tutor. Ex-teachers and the present ones as well know the basic knowledge about the subject and are quite familiar with the syllabus of the school, the pattern of the tests, and know what to teach and in what manner. As a result of these factors they can place their fees at a higher rate than the non qualified ones. 

  • Fresh Graduates or College Students:

    Those still in university take up jobs as a tutor while at the same time pursue their own studies. Taking up tutoring as a part time job helps these students gain experience, and helps them make extra money and it also helps amplify their resume. Undergraduates are those tutors that have no experience in the field of tutoring but their energy, motivation, and enthusiasm makes up for this shortcoming. Students who are tutors can often relate to what their tutees are experiencing and can provide their students with proper homework and build a positive as well as a healthy relationship with their young students. Undergraduates are often a student's first choice since they charge less in comparison to a qualified teacher and a professional. They fit perfectly in a student's budget as well. Undergraduates charge a lesser rate since they lack experience in this field. Student tutors are becoming more and more popular in the realm of tutoring as they are still undergoing their bachelors degree and are up-to-date with the syllabus of most students. They can use online platforms to register themselves and search for the students.

Even though you are inexperienced, you should not set a very low rate for your classes. This might seem appealing at first because a lower price attracts more people but this has a downslope. Your potential students might think you do not have any experience and you will come out as unprofessional. You won’t be taken seriously in the field of tutoring. Retired teachers or individuals who are freshers, take up online jobs such as online English teachers so as to earn extra income. Online tutoring job in India is a legitimate work-from-home job and is also a flexible job which enables tutors to set an hourly rate and make money online.

Graduates earn more per hour for tuition than tutors who don't have a university degree
Image ¦ Qualifications are not necessary for tutors, but can increase hourly rates ¦ source: Visualhunt

Does the rate of the Tutors depend on Formal qualification?

Tutor jobs, whether private or online tutoring jobs, do not require any formal qualifications but having a formal qualification can help improve your profile and also increase the rate at which you can charge for the classes. The requirement of a formal qualification of a tutor is fully dependent on their student’s style of learning and ambition in life. Having proper qualification in your field can act as evidence to prove that you have the proper knowledge and understanding needed to teach the subject and that will provide you with an authority to teach. As a tutor, it is your duty to take care of your students and their needs. It is your duty to make sure that your student does their homework and learns the material of their subject properly. If you are irresponsible while tutoring, this can lead to your student failing in their class in your subject, which can affect your student mentally.He or she will feel like they wasted their time and money on you. This is why it is necessary that as a tutor, you need to have the proper knowledge and skill in teaching. Having experience in your field of tutoring can increase your value in the eyes of your students. 

Qualifications differ according to the subject matter, and aren't necessarily a degree
Image ¦ A qualification does not have to be a piece of paper ¦ source: Pixabay

Does having a Background in Teaching Affect your Wages?

Parents of potential tutees are willing to pay more to experienced private tutors or online tutors than inexperienced ones. This helps increase the rate at which you can charge for your tuition, but with an increase in the rate of your fees you also increase the expectations of your clients. Parents want a tutor for their child who has proper knowledge about what they are doing. Being experienced in the field of teaching will give you that extra boost that you need. Your experience acts as proof of your skills as a teacher, which gives the parents assurance about your skills. 

Students want to know that their tutor is capable of helping them reach their potential to the fullest. It is therefore important to ensure your students that your are confident of your skills.

 Your student will automatically expect more from you as their tutor if your charges are higher than the rest. They expect you to be: reliable and punctual, prepare properly for the lessons, give your students proper feedback, identify the strength as well as the weaknesses of your students, track their progress, and advise them on how to improve themselves.

Never estimate wrongly the power that 'Word of Mouth' holds! The review that you recieve on tutoring has a massive influence on the price that you set. For instance, an online tutor who has a rating of 5 stars can charge more than the tutor that has a one star review. The more you teach students, the more experience you will gain, and the more you will receive against your profile. These reviews help to make or break your profile as a private tutor. 

Some instruments don't require formal exams for tutors
Image ¦ Official certification is valued more in some areas of music tuition than in others ¦ source: Visualhunt

How to Gain Experience As a Tutor?

If you do not have sufficient experience in the field of tutoring do not feel let down by it. You can always gain new experience in few years and there is always room for improvement, you can always sign up on an online platform to get in touch with the students. 

The pay rate which you set should imitate your level of experience to a certain extent.

Make sure that the price that you set confirms to your experience and to the other rates available in the market for the same subject. 

It is important for you to adopt a proper method of teaching which will ensure that you will gain more and more experience as time goes by. In order to plan the sessions, work closely with your students so that you can assess their requirements, and give them proper training in the subject.This will help track their progress and provide them with a proper solution to their problems. As their tutor you could ask for feedback from your students.

This feedback will allow you to understand where you went wrong and how you could improve yourself and the class. Experience is not the only factor which affects the rates of your classes. It is just one among several others. If you are someone who is looking to start or restart their career, tutoring is one of the best options out there that is available.

Higher rates mean higher levels of professionalism from tutors
Image ¦ Tutors should be punctual, reliable, and well-prepared for every lesson ¦ source: Pixabay

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