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Teacher french

We recently moved our daughter to a school (grade VII) where the curriculum has advanced French. Swathy mam's well-paced, conversational, and easy-to-understand style has made a tremendous difference and we have seen a lot of improvement in one...


Teacher french

My son has been taking French lessons from Prachi for the last 2 weeks and he is loving those. He is 10 with no prior French knowledge. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about his willingness to continue the classes but Prachi is very friendly and...

Devdatta, 2 weeks ago


Teacher french

Ajeya has been teaching my son who is in the 10th ICSE. He is always punctual and very involved in the class. I was looking for a French tutor who has a thorough knowledge of the subject and is also a good teacher.I am glad he is around for any...

Radhika, 3 weeks ago


Teacher french

My daughter has been taking French lessons from Prachi for the last few weeks and she loves her classes. Prachi is very friendly, patient and dedicated.

Susmitha, 1 month ago


Teacher french

Shreya is an exceptional French teacher. She makes sure you’re having fun in the class. With most teachers and French teaching places you’d need to put in a lot of expense for study material, but not with her. She has created an entire...

Prashant, 1 month ago


Teacher french

Eserchel is a pleasing personality who handles each class very well with my 15 year old. I have only ever heard her speak in French during classes and she always connects with the student in new and interesting ways. She took my feedback into...

Humera asrar, 1 month ago


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How to Learn French In India? 

France is one of the most important cultural centres in Europe. France has a prestigious heritage of literature, music, painting, movies, cookery and what not. Haven’t we fallen in love with the picturesque landscapes of the country time and again?

How about if you could interact in this marvellous language? Wouldn’t you feel closer to this delightful culture?

French Language and Career Prospects

Now if we think of the entire scenario from a careerist point of view, the scopes and opportunities that you get after learning French, prospects look equally bright! In India, most of us have English as a second or third language in school. Therefore, we can interact easily in English along with our own mother tongue.

Once you add a foreign language or two to your vernacular, you prominently get ahead of others in the job market.

IT is the booming industry in India and is considered to be the future of India. Do you know the big players of the IT field who often send their employees abroad as onsite opportunities, making it a mandate to know the native language of the respective country?

For instance, if you are a software engineer working with a company and get onsite in France, you have to produce an official certificate to your organization declaring that you are capable of interacting in the French language. Failing to do so, you will end up missing the onsite opportunity while knowing a foreign language always comes in handy.

If you are keen on picking up a Government job, you can learn the French language to try your luck at Indian Foreign Services or IFS. IFS is not only a prestigious job with a lucrative salary, there are some amazing perks also which come along with the job itself. You can even get an opportunity to stay at the Indian Embassy in France. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true moment for you?

Keeping all these facts in mind, you should take some time and contemplate hard on the prospects after you learn French.

Rarely-Known Perks of Learning French

Learning French or for that matter, any foreign language should never be a routine task. If you enjoy learning French and thoroughly understand the road ahead of you after you complete French lessons, you actually extract some more incentives from your French classes.

Assimilate the French Culture

Knowing a native language can really do wonders in discovering a place. The local language and far more intricate dialects or colloquial vernaculars open new doors in front of you. You start communicating more confidently with the local people.

Today France appears to be the epitome of exquisite culture which is far away from you and will come close to your heart and intellectual understanding once you know the language. Above all, you don’t have to pore over the subtitles while watching some great French movies.

 Grab a Spectacular Job in France

If you become a pro in the French language, you can settle in France and take up a job there. In a study of comparison, Indians feel at ease with jobs in America, Canada, the UK or any other English speaking country. In that case, you don’t have to learn another language.

However, if you want to bag a job in France or Russia, or Japan, you have to know their language.

Strengthen Your Resume

We live in an era of cutthroat competition. How awkward it may sound, but the reality is harsh! People get rejected from getting on board with a good job owing to the lack of as minimum as 0.1%.

We must think to strengthen our CV as much as we can to get a step ahead of others. Knowing a foreign language most certainly gives you an edge over others.

French is a language that has a high demand. So, give yourself the chance which can make a difference in the future.

Learn French today and reap the result tomorrow!

Acquire Proficiency in French with the Most Efficient Tutors from Superprof

If you wish to learn something seriously, you should have an organized and systematic approach. Once you are resolved with your aim, you must seek guidance from a suitable person. Finding a tutor who can teach you French is not as easy as finding a tutor of academic subjects.

Furthermore, the pace of learning, in this case, is very important. Although the French language has certain similarities with the English language, yet you must learn it from a veteran mentor. There are grammar, syntax and other technical stuff which make every language unique. You should learn all these from an expert teacher. The pace of picking them up varies from individual to individual. Respecting that, we design one-to-one sessions where students can interact with the tutor singularly.

Superprof is a super cool solution to discover suitable tutors. With a simple and easy to navigate layout, Superprof brings you a panel of elite tutors around you who can teach you French with utmost care and undisputable sincerity. Log in to the Superprof website to find more information.

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