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Teacher in Lucknow

I have chosen him for my learning as he is very patient teacher to teach and intervenes to correct my mistakes. I highly recommend him for learning the language. Carries amazing skills for the language.

Trixie mae

Teacher in Lucknow

Trixie is a very patient teacher with excellent teaching materials. She also promptly responded to my lesson request.

Tathagat, 1 month ago


Teacher in Lucknow

Mounika is the perfect teacher - patient and so encouraging. I look forward to the classes and enjoy learning with her. I'm grateful for her time and effort she puts into each class. If you want to learn Telugu, you should definitely reach out to...

Gauri, 1 month ago


Teacher in Lucknow

Vikash is an AMAZING TEACHER at Superprof for Rubik's cubes classes, My 9 years old son learnt speedcubing in few classes. I am impressed with the way you are engaging the kids in the class. I will definitely recommend for everyone. Thank You

Bhaavya, 2 months ago


Teacher in Lucknow

Ritika has helped me in understanding some of the most troubling yet intriguing aspects of myself which is contrary to my past self-loathing tendencies .The reason why I recommend Ritika is because for her active listening skills, understanding...

Shubh, 5 months ago

Tribeni borgohain

Teacher in Lucknow

Her teaching methodologies are Magnificent. Mam is ground to earth, i got clarity in each and every topic, her secret technique(teaching through modules with diagrams)to learn any concept in class is amazing and lastly got practise sheet for my self...

Anupam, 8 months ago


💰 How much do home tutors charge in Lucknow?

The average fees of private tuition classes in Lucknow is ₹ 832.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

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21,010 tutors are currently available to give private classes near you.

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From a sample of 1,154  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

All recommendations and reviews are moderated and read by the customer service team on Superprof.

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Enrol in Home Tuition near Me in Lucknow 

Whether for yourself or your loved ones, finding the perfect classes always seems to be full of trouble and hassle. The question of whether the tutor will give adequate time and attention keeps floating around the mind. In case you are looking for a tutor for your child, the worry increases even more.

There are many options in Lucknow that you can check out. The rise in the popularity of home tuition has led not only the learners but also the parents to stay worry-free. If you want to enrol in home tuition near me in Lucknow, read ahead to know why it is the best option.

Why Choose Home Tuition?

According to research done by the National Center for Educational Statistics, about 500,000 children are enrolled in-home tutoring. But before you opt for these classes, it is very necessary to set a goal and ensure that the tutor is aware of your needs.

Fill Gaps 

COVID-19 left everyone in awe and caused unspeakable damage to the flow of learning. Many of the parents were worried about their children’s education. 

Hiring a home tutor can help fill the gap caused by the pandemic and help anyone get back on track. 

Prepare Tests and Homework

A home tutor can provide individual attention and make sure that your child completes the classwork and assignments. They can also help in test preparation by customising the study plans.

Apart from this, they can also learn additional skills and knowledge. They can also help the child to communicate in case of distance learning.

High-Quality Education and Experience

A home tutor would help your child focus on their career and studies. They can create specialised modules and simplify the process of learning. Home tutors also help to focus on presentations and guide how to write in exams. 

Make sure that you let your tutor know your goals after you enrol in-home tuition near me in Lucknow.

Higher Scores 

Home tutors can take pre-tests to help them, and the kid understands the part where they lag behind. These tests will help the child perform better in actual exams and reduce the chances of exam fear.

Chance to Explore Other Activities

Hiring a home tutor will help you set a schedule and will make sure that your child’s focus goes undiverted. A home tutor may also help your child manage his/her schedule so that they have time to pursue other activities like sports or music etc.

Personal Attention 

Home tutors bring individual approaches and attention with them. They can allot indefinite time on a topic that a learner is struggling to understand. This also helps in understanding a child’s learning style.

Comfortable Environment

A comfortable environment can do wonders in the process of learning. If you hire a home teacher, you also provide a safe place for yourself or your child to ask questions. This option is great if your child feels shy.

Also, a home tutor will help you understand the basics and basic idealogy behind the topics. Special materials and presentations can be provided by the tutor that will ease the process of learning.

Boost Self-Confidence

A good home tutor will improve the skills and knowledge in any subject or practice. They move according to the child’s pace, which helps to boost confidence and leads to improvements.

Anyone struggling with learning can feel isolated and frustrated, which can hinder them from succeeding or understanding further concepts. A home tutor can help you understand that just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re not smart or skilled and that you need guidance.

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There are over 20,000 tutors that serve in your area and have verified reviews. The average cost of these classes is ₹832/hr, and almost 100% of these tutors offer a free demo class. So, without waiting, sign up, describe your needs and connect with your super-professor today!

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