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Teacher in New Delhi

One of the sweetest people, I ever met in my life. Takes a pain and responsibility for every lecture. Helped me not only in academic growth but in overall holistic growth. Made me a better person, and maybe a better physician one day. Thank you,...


Teacher in New Delhi

wonderful teacher, creates a personalised lesson plan for particular students’ needs and goals and is very accommodating, respectful, and knows how to teach. would recommend to anyone i know!!

Apeksha, 5 days ago


Teacher in New Delhi

Effective teachers don't set limits on their students. They have high standards, consistently challenge students to do their best, and teach students to believe in themselves and she is a mixture of all the qualities a great teacher should have. She...

Aryan, 1 week ago


Teacher in New Delhi

Mrs. Hong is professional and detailed Tai Chi teacher. It’s my 1st time trying it and so far is has really been nice experience which I think is because of the way Mrs. Hong had introduced me to Tai Chi. She also has a great setup with good light...

Karan, 2 weeks ago


Teacher in New Delhi

Coach Vijay is very knowledgeable about body fitness. You can trust him with whatever your fitness goals are, be it strength/ resistance training, cardio, or total body work out. His focus is on losing weight in the most healthy manner instead of a...

Gouri sharma, 2 weeks ago


Teacher in New Delhi

Lovanya is an incredibly talented, hard working and dedicated teacher. she targets more on one's particular weak areas rather than throwing out her knowledge onto others. She clearly knows what to teach to whom and in the manner which suits best...

Vijay, 3 weeks ago


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The average price of private lessons is ₹ 630.

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The work of a home tutor is to personally guide the student in a particular subject, by solving their doubts and making the concepts easy for them. They also have the time to provide personal attention to each student. The students will not love all the subjects at the same time. They require extra guidance in the subjects that they find difficult to study alone. 

The teachers in schools are unable to cater to every student’s problems because they have to provide attention to various students at the same time. The duration of the classes is also not enough to solve everyone’s doubts. This is why students have decided to resort to home tuition for the subjects they need extra help in. New Delhi offers various opportunities for home tuition to the students, thus helping them in their learning and scoring good marks in the subjects they don’t like.

The learners in New Delhi who are looking for home tuition, can either search for teachers online or offline. They can also ask for reviews and take feedback from others before deciding on a teacher.

Home tuition has become extremely popular over time as the study load has increased for the students. Children have to master various subjects, so they need a home tutor who can make the process less stressful for them.

Responsibilities of a Home Tutor

It is the responsibility of a home tutor to understand their student and help them in the subjects. They look after the performance of their students and help them to achieve better marks. Home tuition has become important for every student, considering that the education at school is not enough. Learners in New Delhi should look for home tuition in the subjects they require extra help.

Sometimes parents are also not able to provide the time to their children to help them in their studies. Home tutors take their place by providing the time and assisting the learner at all times. They also inform the parents about their child by giving them a detailed update of their progress in a particular subject.

Here are a few key responsibilities of a home tutor:

Schedule Classes

The home tutor should be able to provide class timings according to the convenience of the students. They should talk and see which time is suitable for the students. It is the responsibility of the teacher to be present at the scheduled time and help the student in their studies. The home tutor should make sure they are providing enough time to the students. 

They should also schedule frequent classes so that the student is constantly in touch with the subject. The more time the student spends with the subject, the better it is for their learning. If required, the home tutor should also be active enough to make time for extra classes.

Track Progress

The responsibility of a home tutor is also to track the progress of their students. They should see if the students have started to perform better in the subjects. In case they notice no progress, the teacher should be able to figure out where the problem lies. Then they should find out strategies to tackle the problem so that the students start to perform better. All of this information should also be provided to the parents by the home tutor.

The home tutor should help all the students to score good marks in the subjects they teach. They should figure out ways to provide better assistance to each student.

Solve Doubts

The home tutor should be extremely approachable and friendly with the students. The learners should be able to ask doubts and solve problems with the help of these tutors. Home tutors should always be available to assist the students in their learning. It will make them love the subject more. A teacher plays the key role in making a student acquainted with the subjects so they need to be calm and approachable.

Choosing Home Tuition in New Delhi

Superprof is a website that has made the process of finding tutors convenient for every learner. Students in New Delhi can easily find a home tutor sitting at home. They can look through various home tuition options and decide on which teacher to choose. The teachers are experienced in every subject so they can provide the right guidance. Students do not need to fear any subject as they can take professional help from tutors at home.

Superprof has helped numerous students in New Delhi to find a home tutor and study a subject in a better manner. They not only solve doubts but also provide effective career advice to the ones who need it.

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