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The Indian public has adapted to the English Culture swiftly. Since the past few years, almost every department and school in the country has given a prime status to the English language. In this scenario, it becomes essential for your child to learn English from the best sources and get excellent results.

It is no surprise that English is also identified as the Official Language of India and it is used in all sorts of parliamentary proceedings and other governmental procedures.

Being Indian, English is not your mother tongue. This is one of the major reasons why you need a detailed understanding of English which is not catered in most of the schools. Due to the same reason, your child needs an extra hand to learn English with the full attention of a private tutor who can train him/her in the nuances of the language.

Not only this, every exam, be it academic or a means to gain employment in any sector, government or private, learning English is very much beneficial for the students. It has become a standard of intelligence and analytical skills to help a student prove his/her prowess and understanding of the language in order to become fit for the job.

English is the backbone of your kid’s future:

In India, English is no longer accustomed to the academics, rather it has spread out to the political fabric and has become an issue of feasibility. Down the line, any individual without the adequate knowledge of this language will become vulnerable and miss out on a whole lot of opportunities.

English is essential for information gathering, critical analysis, evaluation, and understanding the academics of all levels of education. In the context of Indian Educational syllabi, English is a mandatory subject right until the 12th standard. After this, the student can wish to learn the language in more detail. Colleges offer Graduate and Post Graduate level degrees and courses for English.

All in all, without English it will not be possible for anyone to take part in any kind of public or private event because English will be the main standard of communication here.

Getting a private tutor will provide you or your child with a higher level of understanding and build confidence on the account of personal attention that is not awarded in the parlance of a school environment.

English Learning Standards in the Indian Schools:

Children in India are taught English early on. They are provided with the right guidance and curriculum from the beginning. And it is also essential to take part in all the foundational activities of learning English so that it becomes easier for the kid to make progress in the later stages.

But the problem lies in the asymmetric standards of education in the Indian Schools. There is a starking difference in the proficiency of English teaching in the high standard elite schools when compared with the sub-standard educational institutions.

This difference brings about an incongruous level of education in the country which further cements the need to learn from private tutors who excel in this subject matter.

There are several gaps which need to be filled with school education. As a student, you may encounter some topics which need more discussion, but that is not provided in the limited time given by the schools. This further necessitates the need to get private tutoring from where you can understand everything in detail.

Reading, Writing, and Speaking:

All three aspects of language proficiency have to be mastered by your child for overall development. Reading is at the elementary level of the Indian education system.

The very first goal of teaching English in Indian schools is building a sense of familiarity. This is followed by the basic training of the grammar rules and regulations to be followed while writing and speaking English.

At this stage, your child needs to be paid more attention than usual. Knowing the grammar for any language builds a strong base for future understanding. Hence, this is the time you can start with private tutoring so that your kid may not miss anything that is essential for the future development of the language.

In the higher standards of education, the Lexical knowledge, Vocabulary, and literature introduced that helps a child converse with the more in-depth forms of the language.

On the whole, the Indian English teaching standard progresses gradually. Starting from the basic to the Shakespearean English, everything is taught as per the potential of the kids. SuperProf has brought to you an amazing platform so that you can connect with the right tutor for your kid or yourself.

For Indians, to go abroad, they need to pass the IELTS, TOEFL, or the Cambridge English Proficiency test. Wherever you go or work, English will be the main source of communication.

Private Tutoring in India:

Whatever may be your aim in life, English will certainly have a role to play in it. Every single profession that you can think of will need a good understanding of English. Taking private tuition in India from SuperProf means that you will connect with the right teacher. We have a list list of the best teachers coming from all across the country giving private lessons to students of all ages.

There is no rush with private tuitions, you can learn in your speed and curate a custom environment which further increases your efficiency and productivity. More importantly, a private tutor will highlight the areas where you need more focus and attention. You will get advice on any topic in which you are lacking. Most of all, there is no stigma attached to getting private tuition which is often found in a classroom environment. You can ask any number of doubts and clear them all without any hesitation or getting embarrassed.

Superprof to your Rescue:

SuperProf has a portfolio of more than 600,000 private tutors and counting only in India. You can choose any teacher you like and connect with them from our platform. Check for prices, reviews, experience, reviews, and location of the teacher who you think can help you get better in English. We have made it easier for you to find the best teacher on your phone, tablet, or computer.