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Learn Mathematics from A Superprof Maths tutor

Maths! The name of the subject is enough to strike fear in someone’s mind. Many of the students around India run from Mathematics due to one or the other reason. They may not get scared of the demon in a horror movie, but they will from Math.

Overall, the subject is unique and exciting from other subjects, but it has a bit of a bad reputation in some students’ minds. There are plenty of reasons that students don’t take an interest in Mathematics.

A lot of students look for NCERT solutions from Maths teachers, you can easily get that on Superprof.

Here in this article, we will discuss some of these factors along with techniques with which you can get a good hold of Mathematics.

Why is Mathematics not liked so much?

Just as described above, Mathematics is not liked by some students. There are many reasons for that. Some prominent ones are:

Less Practice

The thumb rule behind Mathematics is practice. Believe it or not, if one has to excel in this numeric subject, he or she needs a lot of practice. Unlike other subjects, it cannot be remembered or crammed. 

Concept knowledge

The one who excels in Mathematics would know that the topics of Mathematics work on a limited number of concepts. These concepts can be easily grasped with practice and regular learning.

Another plus point is that the topics in Mathematics are interlinked; for example, Calculus includes differentiation and integration, which is linked with various other topics of Mathematics like Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration and more. 

Lack of interest

The primary and most important reason behind not liking Mathematics is a lack of interest. This cannot be explained much as it all depends upon the psychological thinking of an individual, which is different in all cases.

How to be the best at Mathematics

This section is for those who have an interest in Mathematics but lack the proper way of dealing with it. There are some methods that one can undertake to be the best at Mathematics. Some of them are described below,

Master the key concepts

It is needless to say that without concepts, you won’t be able to move an inch in your learning pursuit. Having a proper plan and strategy in mind is the first step to learning Mathematics. In a populous country like India, competition is very high, and to be ahead of your competitors; you need to master the key concepts.


Not only in the case of Mathematics, but in case of any other subject, consistency is the key and is the toughest to maintain. Being consistent in some sort fo work for a specific period can put you ahead of your competitors in life. Same is the case of Mathematics in India if you keep your pace steady and work consistently for a while, you will always excel.


These are some handy formulas and methods that one needs to know. Going for a Maths exam without formulas is similar to going into the war without a gun. Although, without practice, it is a bit difficult to get through the competition.

Practice practice practice!

The golden tool in the hand of anyone who wants to be a master of Mathematics in India. Practice is the ultimate weapon that can beat the hell out of Mathematics and make you the boss of it. 

Professional Home tutor

If it is easy for you to manage all the above things yourself, it’s great!! If not, you can go for various personal and online tutors for Mathematics in India who can help you get rid of your phobia. There are countless websites that offer tutors for Mathematics in India.

How can Superprof help you?

Superprof offers you a platform where you can quickly get experienced tutors of not just Maths but also for all other subjects. All you need to do is specify the name of the subject, which in this case is Mathematics along with the city where you live, and Superprof will give a wide range of choices for tutors. 

You can check the experience of the tutor from their bio and their specialty, for example, is it in Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration or all of the above. The more the number of tutors, the more choices you will have in case of the price range. Some tutors charge more, some charge less, it all depends on the experience they have.

For making the job of the students easy, all the tutors on the Superprof platform offer their first class free of cost.

This helps the student to get knowledge about the teaching style of the tutor, along with his or her knowledge of the subject. If you feel comfortable, you can opt for that, or you can look for more.

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