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Zacharias driving Teacher

He is a brilliant guide who will actually help.improve your driving. His patience and technical understanding are the differentiators

Mohsin driving Teacher

I would definitely recommend Mohsin to anyone without any doubt at all. From the first day, I knew that I was in good hands. Mohsin was the most amazing, punctual, patient and reassuring guy ever! He is super calm and a great and experienced...

Kishu, 3 weeks ago

Mohsin driving Teacher

Mohisin, Teacher is having great knowledge about the technical aspects of various cars. Earlier I had taken classes in 2 driving schools but no one taught the techniques as explained by Mohisin. He is an excellent teacher and any one can learn...

Shaik mahammad haneef, 3 weeks ago

Dipak driving Teacher

Dipak is efficient, patient and punctual. He keeps you motivated and helps you build your confidence. He gives attention to details as well.

Rashmi, 1 month ago

Snehal driving Teacher

He's extremely efficient at getting rid of your fear of driving anywhere be it roads,subways, flyovers,highways even ghats.I was able to drive confidently at all such places,day and night within even 5-6 sessions with him.after the that session was...

Advait, 1 month ago

Moazzam driving Teacher

I was unconfident to drive a car on highway. Within few minutes of my driving, he identified all my mistakes and listed out everything. He keep on remembering my mistake, that helps me to learn faster. I never drive more than 20 km in my last 1...

Balasubramanian, 1 month ago

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Learning to Drive in India 

Driving is a skill that is not only easy but also fun to learn. Initially, mastering the skill might seem a little intimidating. However, with regular practice and proper guidance, anybody can learn to drive easily. Be it a man or a woman, everybody should learn to drive so that they can be empowered besides being self-reliant. Anybody can master the skill if they are provided with proper guidance.

Once people learn to drive they can enjoy road trips without going through the hassles of booking a car or a driver.

It is important to keep in mind all the traffic rules while driving so as to ensure complete safety on the road. All these traffic rules and driving techniques can be learnt better with the help of a guide. In India, people have the opportunity to master the art of driving by finding tutors near their area. These tutors have years of experience in this field, hence, the students do not need to fear.

Many people can overcome their fears once they are able to grasp the basics of driving. These basic techniques can be taught only by a driving tutor who can understand the difficulties faced by their students. After the learners gain proper knowledge about driving, they can pass the driving tests and receive their license. It is very crucial to own a driving license before buying a car or driving alone. In India, the legal age to apply for a driving license is eighteen years. In some states, the minimum age is twenty and all people should abide by these laws.

Benefits of Learning to Drive | Learn to drive your own car

Driving is a skill that stays for a lifetime and is extremely beneficial for everybody. In India, once you have attained the legal age to drive, learning the skill should be of prime importance. Taking help from a professional tutor is the basic step towards starting this journey. Slowly, we are witnessing many people opting for a private mode of transport as it is more convenient and fast.

If you own a car, learning how to drive it should be of prime focus. Here are certain points that can help to understand why learning to drive is beneficial:

Boosts Independence

Once a person learns how to drive they do not have to be dependent on other people in order to reach somewhere. They can drive themselves to the destination easily and reach on time. Often waiting for other people becomes a problem as the timings might clash. This leads to further problems such as not being able to reach their locations on time. Hence, learning to drive is very important if one wants to be self-dependent in professional as well as personal life.

Saves Money

If one knows how to drive they can save a lot of money on conveyance. People do not need to spend money on cabs or metros. Plus they would not even require hiring a professional driver who would drive on behalf of them. These days there are also a lot of options to rent cars at nominal rates. People who do not own cars can rent at low prices and drive on their own. This saves a lot of extra spending in daily life.

Sometimes booking a cab may be extremely expensive but people are left with no choice as they do not know how to drive. During these situations, skill is most needed. Hence, every adult should learn to drive as early as possible.


If people know how to drive, they do not need to rely on others to ensure their safety. Once a person has command on the driver’s seat, the safety is in their hands. If they follow all the traffic protocols while driving, they can easily reach the location. Sometimes people get stressed when the drivers are not properly trained or tend to disobey traffic rules. To prevent these situations it is important to learn to drive. If a person is responsible for their own safety, they tend to be more careful and avoid reckless driving on roads.

Promotes Cognitive Function

Learning how to drive helps a person improve their memory retention. People who know how to drive are more alert and active in life. They can handle any stressful situation by staying calm and using their brain. Driving also increases patience, it is a life skill that has a positive impact on the brain. While learning to drive, the brain is able to take new information at once and the practice helps to retain all the knowledge for long durations.

Master the Skill of Driving with Private Tutors from Superprof

It is true that finding a driving tutor can be extremely hectic. To make this search easy for every learner, Superprof has come to the rescue. You can find a driving teacher anywhere in India with the help of Superprof. These teachers are skilled professionals who are ready to assist the learners when they face any difficulty while learning to drive.

Does not matter if you are a man or a woman, everybody should learn how to drive as it is a life skill. Superprof allows learners to find tutors within the comfort of their homes. Once you are able to find a driving tutor as per your requirements, learning the skill is the most fun activity. Learning to drive has a positive impact on our minds, bodies and daily life.

Finding the correct tutor to teach this skill should be given prime focus as not everybody is patient enough to deal with their students. Driving should be learnt correctly so that no accidents are caused. Before driving on a public road without any guidance, one should learn all the rules and practise properly. This life skill can become threatening if not practised properly. It is the duty of the driving teacher to ensure that the learners know the rules well before driving on roads.

Superprof has helped the learners by providing teachers who are responsible enough to guide the students in this aspect.


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The average price of Driving  lessons is ₹529.

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