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The average price of Tamil classes is ₹440.

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Learn Tamil in India

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘Tamil’? For many, it is a very soft-sounding language, even though they don’t know any Tamil words. And if we look at the history of this language, it dates back to around 3000 years ago and has a rich cultural history with unique literature and literature of rich legacy that has been passed on from generations together. And mastering this language is thus, a dream of many individuals out there!

Reasons to be Well Versed in Tamil

With Tamil being the most affluent lingo, given below are some compelling reasons which will make you learn Tamil:

Deep-Rooted Understanding Of Tamil Culture

The Tamil culture is very interesting because it has its own traditions, beliefs, habits and so on. This means that by learning the language of this culture, you will be able to have a better understanding of these things, as well as the people who adhere to them.

Broadens Your Thinking Capacity

As with any other language, learning a new one makes your brain work harder in order to process the information and make sense out of it. Because of this, your brain gets stronger and the level of intelligence increases noticeably with the years that go by. Also, when learning Tamil you will be exposed to different ways of thinking about things or doing things. This is because the way people think in different cultures varies greatly from one another, so it’s always good if you get exposed to Tamil.

Learning Tamil will help you get acquainted with Tamil people, then you are in for a treat of rich cultural diversity! You will learn about the fascinating history and culture of India, as well as modern-day life in India. The Tamil people are known for their hospitality, and once you learn a few phrases in Tamil, you will be warmly greeted.

Increase Your Intelligence

It is no secret that learning any language can help to improve your cognitive functions, but did you know that there is scientific evidence to back this up? A study found that learning a second language increased brain volume in areas associated with executive functioning. This means that you will feel more intelligent after learning Tamil, and it will also help keep your mind sharp as you age.

Compelling Facts About the Tamil language

If you talk about India, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is its multiculturalism and multi-religious society. This is true for several reasons. One of them is the prominence of rich languages the country is a hub too! But, there are many facts about Tamil too, some of those are listed below:

Spread of Tamil

Tamil is an ancient language spoken by more than two hundred million people. It has a rich history of more than 3000 years and thus holds the record for being the oldest surviving language in the world. Tamils are hardcore citizens of the land in which they live, irrespective of their country of origin, and wherever they are situated, they try to make their mark in their own way.


It is believed that Tamil was originally the language of the native people who used to live whole over the south Indian Peninsula around the 1st century AD and then slowly became the common language of all Indians by fusing with several other languages.

Proclaimed as God

Tamil has been the only global language that has been represented as a deity. There is indeed a sanctuary devoted to Tamil Thai in Karaikudi, and individuals who support the tradition believe, Lord Shiva constructed the above embodiment.

Superprof To Learn A New Language

Learning the Tamil language can make you one step closer to how you view your culture, country, and class. To help you gain a better grip over Tamil, Superprof is a platform that makes you get in connection with the best teachers from the length and breadth of the country and get tutored. An added feature is a demo class which will make you get acquainted with the teaching style of the teacher and hence, plan things accordingly. The platform has a unique solution to supplement your search for a better result. So, find the best Tamil tutors on Superprof.

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