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review their Hindi teachers

Aaliya hindi Teacher

Aliya is good teacher, she has patience and teaches every word and its meaning effectively by making good amount of notes. She makes sure my daughter understands the meaning and remembers it. My daughter is excited for the next class.

Spoorti hindi Teacher

Spoorti is super friendly intellectual and a very good teacher. She analyze our ability and teach accordingly,she used to interact so fondly. She will never tired of clearing our doubts. If you are looking for Young, energetic and friendly teacher I...

Nivetha, 5 days ago

Sandeep hindi Teacher

I am a student of 11th grade from karnataka.Sandeep sirs teaching skill set is very versatile since he can teach hindi to anybody by understanding the level of proficiency of the student and adapting to it to teach his subject in an organized manner

Koola, 1 week ago

Sandeep hindi Teacher

Sandeep sir taught my 8 year-old non-hindi speaking child. He spent first class evaluating Aabha's learning goals and her strengths, based on which he conducted rest of his classes. He was very flexible in modifying how he dispensed his class based...

Simmi, 1 week ago

Pratibha hindi Teacher

At this young age handling these many students to make them learn a language is not an easy job. Best person if you want your child to familiarise with Hindi and get confidence.

Vignesh, 2 weeks ago

Pratibha hindi Teacher

She is very organized and has a good plan on how to teach. She brings different elements to the class, making learning more interesting

Knight, 3 weeks ago

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How To Master Hindi? Learn From Private Teachers 

Hindi is considered as the most respected language in Indian Culture. Not only this, it is spoken in most parts of the country and is also awarded the Official Language Status in India. Every single official document which is printed and distributed by the Central Government of India has two variants. One is in Hindi and the other in English.

A language that has been spoken and used since time immemorial needs to be learned so that we can connect with our roots better. To that end, learning Hindi from the Indian schools is somewhat tricky. And since it is a relatively difficult language to learn within a limited time and among a large number of students, you or your kids will need a private tutor.

A private tutor from Superprof which has a community of more than 14,000 Hindi teachers is perfect for every learner. This is where you will be able to handpick your favourite tutor. And ask them to either take online classes or face to face classes depending on their location.

Changing Perspectives for teaching Hindi in Schools:

The current government in India attempted to make Hindi a compulsory subject at the academic level for every State in India. This move, however, did not disturb the Northern States, the Southern states however protested, and it was revoked. As per the new educational policy, every school student needs to learn at least three Indian languages.

This includes English, the language spoken in the state where the student goes to school, and one another language that is spoken in any other Indian state. When it comes to Hindi, it has also become an important medium of communication in most of the states. Hence, this necessitates learning Hindi for your child right from the beginning.

When it comes to learning any language, everything has to be planned from the beginning. And Hindi is a complex language that has a number of associated rules and regulations. As a language, it is born from Sanskrit and needs a good understanding.

This is something which children, especially of this digital age, will find lacking in modern Indian schools. A trend has been observed, especially in this 21st Century, whereby they are careening towards learning English and show a lackadaisical behaviour towards other languages.

The motive of the tutors at Superprof is to rekindle student's interest in this age towards learning Hindi and adapting to its beautiful and sophisticated lexicon.

The Reading, Speaking and Writing Aspects of Hindi:

Hindi is a unique language in the form that it is easy to speak and read, but when it comes to writing, even the native speakers are troubled. This is because the complex understanding of matras and other associated grammar rules make it difficult to fathom what is to be written.


Speaking a language is something that comes naturally to every individual. Nobody forces a kid to sit down and ask him to speak. He listens and learns new words with age. Same is with Hindi, your kids too must have learned the mother tongue on their own without asking for much training.

But when it comes to learning a new language, even speaking is difficult. It takes a lot of effort and work on pronouncing the alphabets correctly and then forming words only to practice speaking them again and again. All this makes a lot of difference if you have a good teacher to guide you along the way, just like you will get from Superprof.

More than this, there are a lot of minor differences in Hindi. This further adds to a lot of work for the student. Flexibility is the key here. The tongue has to be trained to speak out these subtle differences with perfection.


Reading and speaking are learned simultaneously. When a student starts to learn Hindi will be taught first to read the alphabets, pronounce them and then they advance to writing. With Hindi or any other language, it is essential to learn the phonetics aspect. As it is said earlier that Hindi has a lot of matras (accents) and the pronunciation of the word may differ with the addition and removal of a matra (accent).

To become a master of Hindi, it is essential to gain a good understanding of such aspects. It is only when your pronunciation and reading is perfect that you can write accordingly. And the tutors at Superprof will first analyze your understanding of the language before proceeding further.


This is one of the most important and complex aspects of learning Hindi. Being a native Hindi speaker, some of you may find it easier to grasp and understand. But when it comes to writing, the majority of the people are as amateur as any other person who is a non-native Hindi speaker.


Here too, the use of matras (accents) is what makes it difficult to learn. The slightest misunderstanding and the whole meaning of the sentence seem to change. For the tutors at Superprof, education is not a tool to collect certificates. Instead, for them learning a language or educating others is akin to liberalizing them and opening their senses to thought, perception, and awareness.

They are driven by a mission to help their students, no matter the age get the most out of their efforts. Coming back to learning Hindi, since it is a nationally and internationally recognized language, learning Hindi is indeed necessary.

In school and colleges, although the trend has been reversed and today more and more students are going towards English. But this does not mean that we can forget about our culture and our roots.

Superprof India | Spoken Hindi classes near me?

We know that it is not easy to find a good Hindi teacher in your city. That is why we have done all the work for you. On our platform, you will find a huge number of Hindi teachers from all over the country. Each one of these tutors is well versed in their subjects, they are experienced and have a knack to teach. You can talk to them, understand their teaching methods and some may also offer the first class for free. Isn’t this awesome?

So, what are you waiting for? Join us and get on your way to learning Hindi from the best teachers in India.


💰What is the average price of Hindi lessons?

The average price of Hindi  lessons is ₹717.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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