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The average price of private lessons is ₹ 565.

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Choose Superprof for Home Tuition in Pune

Every child is different, so the learning capacity also differs from one child to another. While some students understand difficult concepts quickly and can learn in a short time, few students require more attention to understand the same concepts. They also take a lot of time in learning and retain the information. These children need a home tutor who can guide them and provide personal attention all the time. 

Since there are so many subjects that a child has to deal with, they need a home tutor who can organize the study materials and frame a study plan.  It is wrong to assume that home tuition is beneficial for children only, it is also needed by adults who want to crack competitive exams to get into a job or a university. These reasons have made home tuition quite popular over time. 

Students in Pune do not have to deal with the pressure of studying all subjects alone. They can take help from home tutors who are ready to provide the time and attention each student needs. Students can choose class timing according to their convenience. They can also solve their doubts and ask questions about a particular topic to the tutor, who has proper knowledge about the subject. The ones preparing for competitive exams in Pune, who do not know what to study as they are not well-acquainted with the question patterns, can also resort to home tuition.

Opting for home tuition saves time and energy for the students. They can completely focus on studying within the comfort of their homes. If a student is able to choose the right tutor, they do not have to fear the subject anymore. The home tutor will find out ways to make the student like the subject more by answering their questions. The learners in Pune who are not benefitting from self-study and are experiencing immense stress while studying should search for home tutors.

Home tuition VS Online Tuition

Students opting for home tuition often face the dilemma of choosing between home tuition and online tuition. They are confused about which is more effective. There is no perfect answer to this question because the capacity of the learners varies from each other. It depends on the learner to decide which model of the class is beneficial for them. Both the classes have their own pros and cons, one has to consider them before choosing online tuition or home tuition. 

Learners in Pune should check both models of classes first. While most students prefer home tuition as it is much more convenient, some prefer online tuition because it is flexible. However, home tuition is believed to be more effective because the child can solve all their doubts in the class. The teacher is also present to check if the child is studying correctly and doing all the tasks on time.

Here are certain points that prove home tuition to be more beneficial than online tuition:

Personal attention

In online classes, the teachers have to look after a lot of students at the same time. The duration of the class is also short due to various reasons. The students are also distracted as they know that the teacher is not present in-person. If a student opts for home tuition they receive the entire attention of the teacher during the class. There is no scope for getting distracted as the teacher is vigilant enough to check if the child is studying correctly.

Network connection

Network problems are the main area of concern during online classes. If a network problem takes place in the middle of the class, it disrupts the entire focus and the class is not fruitful. Network problems can create no issues during home tuition. The teacher is present at home and no disruptions take place throughout the class.


Home tuition is considered cheaper than online tuition because one does not have to invest in the internet or an electric device such as a mobile or laptop. The entire focus is on studying if one chooses home tuition. Every parent can afford home tuition and they get the most benefits. The students receive professional support in their studies and score good grades.

Home Tuition Near Me in Pune

The best place to find home tuition near your location is Superprof. This website helps students find home tutors for every subject near their location. One has to enter their area pin-code on the Superprof website and it will display all the tutors who are near. A student can choose a tutor from the various options. They can start learning any subject they want in their home under professional guidance. 

Students in Pune should check out Superprof if they are looking to opt for home tuition. These teachers help students and also provide useful information about the subject to the students.

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