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If you are an aspiring businessman or a chartered accountant, you need to have adequate knowledge of accounting. As accounting is one of the pillar aspects of every business venture; it is necessary for you to master it from the crux.

As it helps in managing your finances, with sufficient understanding of accounts, you can easily determine if your business is in loss or profit. 

First off, you need to learn accounting bit by bit. Besides, it is not necessary to learn accounting only for the sake of getting a job as an accountant. You can also learn it if you are fond of handling expenses. Even a certification in this subject will prove to be beneficial for your future. The skills learned in this field are valuable and desired in all the industries.

Here, in this article, we will help you understand that by specifically informing you about the various accounting courses across Pune.

But before we proceed ahead, let’s have a look at some aspects of accounting.

What are the various aspects of accounting?

As a matter of fact, accounting is much more than just managing business finances and paying taxes. The word ‘accounting’ is associated with a lot of systems and terms. For instance, you can also investigate some white-collar crimes, like fraud, cyber-crime, and identity theft. Besides, it can even get you to work exclusively in government services. 

So, if you have considered a career in accounting, go through the aspects of accounting listed below. Also, if you are a resident of Pune, you are lucky as all these subject elements are taught in accounting courses across Pune.

  • Financial Accounting

Everything, from calculating and reporting a company’s business transactions to create the balance sheet, comes under the term financial accounting. In short, it provides a clear picture of the financial health of the business by keeping a track of their operations. The three main financial statements are:- the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow.

  • Balance Sheet

It contains the records of the company's assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity at a certain point of time. Besides the bigger the company, the level of balance sheet complexity rises.

  • Income Statement

It represents the income and expenditure of the company. Besides, it also determines the amount of profit and loss that the business has made in a given period.

  • Statement of Cash Flow

The amount of cash entering and leaving the company is calculated in the statement of cash flows. 

Management Accounting

It creates reports about all the business operations to help the managers make all necessary decisions for the company’s bright future. In fact, in management accounting, the financial information is delivered at regular intervals so that the company can plan their business activities accordingly.

With management accounting, you can identify early signs of issues to avoid future losses. The most important feature of this type of accounting is that it is not regulated by any law. And so the managers can themselves decide and act on the areas which require improvement and modification.

Governmental Accounting

Government accounting is the procedure of managing finances, including revenues and expenditures of the government offices. Besides, it also holds information about the deposits and loans granted by the government. In addition, governmental entities keep separate funds to track income to provide a complete report on how money is spent. 

Moreover, it complies with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), which develops accounting procedures for the state as well as local government. With the help of this system of accounting the budget is monitored, and the funds are allocated appropriately.

Forensic Accounting

This is frequently used in fraud and embezzlement cases to recreate and reconstruct the financial data. Moreover, it is also used by banks, police departments, attorneys, and businesses to investigate their financial activities. Furthermore, it gathers all documentation to record all credit, debit, and cash transactions. 

These accountants are also helpful in regaining the company’s missing or incomplete financial data. Besides, they combine their accounting knowledge with investigative skills to determine the cause of suspicious activity in their accounts.


Auditing provides an independent analysis of any financial activity in a business to ensure that the transactions are made following all the standard rules. Besides, the auditing accountant also gives advice and support on tax returns, bookkeeping and cash flow. Moreover, there are two types of auditing, internal and external. 

External auditing gives you the opportunity to work with multiple organizations and auditing their accounts. However, internal auditing means to evaluate the internal controls and check whether they are complying with the laws. Further, it also helps to collect and report the data timely.

How can Superprof help you?

At Superpof, you will find a pool of tutors that have mastered in their own fields of interest. The students can get themselves registered for free and select the teacher they want to learn from. Besides, Superprof offers a free demo that helps them to determine who’s classes they want to attend and which tutor is a good fit. 

So, if you are willing to learn accounts, there are a number of teachers and professors of accounting on Superprof. Although the platform is budget-friendly, you are free to choose the tutor that fits in your budget.

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