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The average price of German  lessons is ₹1,321.

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6,662 tutors are currently available to give German lessons near you.

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From a sample of 1,768  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Learn German Through Private Language Trainers

It is no surprise that you want to learn German, Germany is one of the upcoming global leaders of the world and it has a lot of scope in terms of development and growth. And it is basic human nature that when you something is on the trajectory of growth, people are attracted towards it and leverage from its increasing might.

Learning a foreign language is a useful skill for any student who wishes to travel abroad for immigration or further studies.

India is far away from Europe, but still, it has a lot of connectivity to Germany.

Apart from this German is the 10th most spoken language in the world. So, this gives you another reason to learn German.

Learning German will be beneficial for you in terms of studying there, setting up a business, or even if you wish to visit a relative there. And German is an amazing language.

There are other languages that are also gaining some traction in today’s world. And this is the major reason why you need to take up German classes in India so that you can converse with a wider group of people.

Why learn German in India?

From students to all the leading engineers of the world will benefit from learning German. Moreover, we are rapidly building associations with other European nations where German is also spoken.

And not only Europe, there are some regions like Brazil and Namibia, where German is also spoken. So, think of the scope that you will be exposed to once you are better equipped to converse with people of German origin or who can speak the same tongue.

If you want to start learning German in India for any purpose, the key is to start from the basics and then proceed further. You will need to find a good German tutor in India who can help you be knowledgeable in the language.

Moreover, German is not a very difficult language, it also has fewer dialects than what is seen with other languages. This makes it further easier for those who are looking to study, work or visit Germany.

Did you know that Germany is the world’s 2nd largest exporter?

Then think of the scope of work and opportunities that you can explore here. Today, there are several German companies that are also making a mark in the Indian economy. 

In cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and other such metropolitan cities, there is always a need of interpreters, translators, and content writer. Big German automotive companies are also setting up either their manufacturing units or regional offices in these cities. It may be gradual, but German is spreading its wings in India.

Where can I learn German in India?

German is readily taught in various universities and colleges. You can pursue bachelor in German in Jawaharlal Nehru University. And institutes like Hansraj College are offering certificate courses in this language. Both of these institutes are in Delhi. But, there are several other such education houses that help the students learn German from the basic level to other advanced levels.

But the issue is that most of the private teachers that you will find are present in the bigger cities. There aren’t any German tutors in the tier II or tier III cities of India. To solve this problem, you can find some online German tutors in India, who are equally efficient in training students all across the country.

Superprof is one such platform on which you will find German tutors. Online teaching is way better than other forms of private tutoring. The level of efficiency and convenience in online learning is better than the offline tutoring.

We have designed the platform through which you can connect with the online tutors. And because German is among the most popular languages in India, you will find a lot of tutors to help you get trained in the language.

This is how Superprof works

Everything on Superprof is done online. The teachers on Superprof will register themselves and will create a profile sharing their expertise and experience with the students.

As a student, you can search through all the profiles, get to know the teacher, have a personal interview with them and even get the first class free. This makes it easy for you as a student to find the right connection and start learning.

On Superprof, the German tutors come from all parts of the country. There are more than 3600 German teachers in India which are sharing their knowledge with the students.

There is also a review system set up on the platform, where you will see other students have given their feedback on tutors. It will be easier for you to check out the past performance of the teachers and then go for the one which suits you the best.

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