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An EFL (English as a foreign language trainer) giving online and classroom training to students of all levels

I have worked as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher. Have worked in different parts of the world to name a few are England, Poland, Indonesia, Egypt and India. I provide classes to students in General English, Business English, IELTS, Young Learners etc. I have been teaching students of all age groups and from different walks of life.

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Experienced ESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages) teacher. Native English speaker. An Economist by qualification and a passionate teacher by hobby with 10 years of experience in teaching Engli

Teaching is my hobby and skill. I have been teaching since last 10 years. I believe in excellence. I give my complete attention to my students individually ensuring no doubt remains uncleared. I deliver my best efforts.

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CELTA certified trainer specialize in teaching English for conversational purpose. Train for IELTS preparation too

 Adapted study material to suit learner needs and assessed learners for different learning styles (visual ,auditory and kinesthetic) and language proficiency.  Prepared lesson plans customized to learners needs  Integrated lessons with receptive and productive skills and equally distributed language and skills lessons.

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Hey, guys are you struggling in learning or understanding the language, English? I can help you to overcome your fear and be fluent in this language.

My teaching method is simple and easy to understand. I am open to online teaching. I love to make it interactive and expressive. I usually teach on a white board which helps both my students and me to interact other than verbally. I like my students to be free and expressive enough so that I can help them overcome their weaknesses.

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English Teacher from Nanded with method that every student understand. I prefer online classes.

I teach topic by topic. And I do teach until my students understand. I also have time oriented training in which specific time is given to finish the topic but students must understand it. My classes are divided into two parts. Teaching grammar 30 min and 30 min conversation.

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English Lecturer who would like to teach/coach students in South Bangalore, with their Academic English and others who want to become fluent in the English language.

For me setting down your objectives clearly is the first step to actually achieving it! If its for students, the objectives would probably be how soon they can go through their syllabus, but more importantly, how to effectively retain what was studied. With Professionals, it would be to get better at Business Communication.

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Student currently pursuing 3rd year graduation dreams to teach and make others aware of the beauty of English language.

I prefer teaching by giving examples of what children can relate to. I mostly give references of novels, poems, movies, or comics so that children are able to understand without much difficulty. English can seem to be daunting at first, but with time you will realise how fun it actually is.

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English communication tutor with 15 years experience at IB/IGCSE/CBSE curriculum, Corporate / IT/ And management collegcertificatione. Train The Trainer certification by International experienced trai

Teaching method is interactive and presentation style with detail theory in written and converstaional. Academically past papers are worked upon,brainstorming sessions, and study material inclusive. Positive successful results and reports of candidates. Pre exam orientation conducted for students. Counselling session conducted for students haing low self esteem.

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IT professional with 11 years of experience dealing with clients across the globe

My Teaching method is understanding the students perspective where he needs more focus on and improve them and imbibe the self confidence in them. Using the methodology as per the subject and the topics to make it more interesting too.

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Know the color of English through me, Grammar Tuition, Key, Pet & all Cambridge Syllabus

Learn English In playful manner and class room manner. I use TESOL/ TEFL methodology in my teaching style this is because what i have learned in TESOL/TEFL course so i prefer to adapt this as it gives more weight in understanding English language in an easy way for the students.

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Get Trained by Senior Verbal Trainer & Professor with 10+ Years Experience in English Teaching

Learning needs to be fun and engaging especially with English. I ensure that my student takes part in fruitful conversations in order to feel comfortable. Depending on whether the student is preparing for an exam or wants to improve his or her communication, my teaching methodology would differ accordingly.

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Experienced tutor available for coaching in Maths, Science & English to students of class 6th - 10th

My teaching is based on practical approach towards learning the concepts and applying the same in academics as well as beyond academics.I appreciate innovating thinking and ideas and allow the students to freely express their thoughts and opinions.I inculcate the habit of self learning and brain storming among students.

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If you want to communicate like a native speaker than contact me

For me fun learning is the best way to teach any student. According to me teaching is one of the most direct ways to make an impact. Lastly i would like to say that i can make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. “THE BEST TEACHERS TEACH FROM THE HEART NOT FROM THE BOOK”..

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English Trainer with more than 10 years of experience trains on English language skills.

I prefer the child-centric education methodology. I believe that a single method cannot suit everyone hence a best combination of various approaches according to the learning styles and needs of the students is used.

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Professional with over 7 years of experience in teaching/training from primary to high school students.

I approach a topic by making the basics clear in a simple and easy manner. Once the basics are clear and strong, the rest of the journey becomes very interesting. I am interested in teaching or training through the online medium.

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TEFL trained English language tutor for Business and conversational english in Pune or online via skype or viber

Conversational and Business English for beginners, Lower intermediate, intermediate and higher intermediate students and/or working professionals, who require fluency in speaking and written English. One-on-one tutoring with practice sessions in basic grammar and conversation sessions on various topics of discussion.

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English trainer in Mangalore to teach spoken English, through online teaching and classroom based

The method I use to help students who want to practice Spoken English is through communicative language teaching. I can help the students to improve in the language based upon the needs to the student. Communicative language teaching will help the students to communicate effectively and to be confident in spoken English.

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Assistant Professor of English gives online tuitions for students, employees, job seekers or other interested learners

According to me, the interactive method helps in enhancing communication skills. I start the lesson with an introduction, followed by an explanation of components, revision, practice and production. Regular interaction, discussion, interest and attitude help the learner to achieve the desired targets.

New Delhi
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I teach students not from superficial angle but from intensive and user friendly angle

My methodology is to teach students from the base. If the base (roots) will be clear to them, they can understand the product (fruits) easily. I have natural way of giving answers of any query or question. That is all.

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Corporate Business English language and soft skills trainer with over 15 years of experience

My teaching methodology is to make them talk about anything under the son. Make them stand and tell a story . They would be learning 5 new words every day to use while communicating in English. I try and make it a very interactive class in the process they build up courage and confidence.

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I did my Master's in IT software. But I am interested in English Language to teach others. I have completed IELTS in International English scoring band 8. So I love to train English Language

I base my class on interests. Students will concentrate on the concept by humor, fun & curiousity. I believe this method and I hope it works for learning English language. My passing years have offered me a good chance to play with my creativiity & intelligence. I know how to manage the time balance, priority of work & applying smart work.

Nala Sopara

Preparation training course for CELTA by a Pass B ESL teacher in China

I intend to give this course to the aspiring teachers who would like to complete their CELTA and travel to teach. My teaching methods are purely as per Cambridge standards, because I was trained by professionals who themselves are the best in this domain. As I am in China, the courses can be be conducted on Skype. As a teacher I am very demonstrative and patient.

New Delhi
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Tesol certified tutor for English teaching assignments in Delhi / Gurgaon region, Online teaching worldwide for Hindi Speaking students.

Teaching using online tools and offline materials. Standard methodologies, q&a's,assignments,discussions.Use of language in different environment settings. Suitable for beginners, intermediate learners, learning for business or as a hobby.Use of online tools for affective and interesting learning experience for young and adult learners.

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Training- Placement Officer and Engineering Master with English and Japanese Language Proficiency

I believe in fundamentals. Every language correlates certain expressions, culture and emotions; by the virtue of same one can learn and become a proficient in foreign languages. I will emphasize on foundation of language and vocabulary so as to understand language in most positive way. The classes are open for every individual, who wish to be proficient in English and Japanese language.

Navi Mumbai
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An oratorically blessed chemical engineer who'd love to give some English tuition to those interested. :-)

English is fun- that's my mantra of helping people out with their lingual issues! I make them find out their own mistakes. I, in turn, get an understanding of their present level which follows me helping them rise up to the needed level and continue on that track by ensuring more practice. I hate to project it as exhaustive. Its got to be fun if we want it to leave a permanent mark.

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English Language (Linguistics) Jaipur Doctorate (Specialist in Linguistics and Teaching of English)

My teaching method is providing quality education based on the market value. What is required to student is assessed first then I start teaching. I always dive deep into the mind of student that really what he requires in accordance with that he is taught.

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Guranteed english speaking and online class in 3 months for all interested beginners

Trough the short method ,Learning makes easy . -Excellent ability to facilitate and teach difficult concepts to students, including breaking down topics, scaffolding, re-teaching, and checking for understanding. -Exemplary oral and written communication skills when delivering lectures to students and communicating with staff or other members of the university.

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Teacher of TESOL/TEFL with International Certification and a member Of TESOL Canada

My teaching methods use a very practical and activity oriented way of learning English as a Second or Foreign Language since today English is the Lingua Franca across the world. I tutor students individually as well as in classroom situations not exceeding 15 - 20 students at a time, max.

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World class Communicative English, Business english and Fluency Training in Thirty days

Master of Education and M.Phil., in English. Have more than 30 years of Research and Training experience in Communicative English, Business English and Media literacy. Methodology is purely practical and skill oriented. No boring grammar and Exhaustive exercises. Suitable for Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Students, CEOs., housewives etc.

New Delhi
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I am here to teach English verbal & written communication. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Anyone interested to learn English language can contact me. I will teach English grammar and basic fundamentals of English communication to improve. I can guide on professional or personal front to enhance your confidence while talking to your colleagues r in any professional environment.

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Perfect! I would like to thanks Narinder for all the hard work she made in couple for weeks to improve my English, with all the efforts she made I was able to achieve my goal of 8 in my IELTS test. I would definitely recommend her, just try and you will see...

Karan, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

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