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A chemistry tutor costs on average INR 789 an hour in Lucknow.


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Students gave their chemistry teachers on average 5.0 out of five from a sample of 131 ratings.

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Some students find chemistry interesting and full of cool concepts. On the other hand, some students may consider chemistry harder than mathematics. The subject is crucial to get a good score in the science stream and have versatile career options. Therefore, it is essential to clear your doubts in the subject before appearing in board class and competitive exams. In this article, we’ll discuss where you may find the best chemistry classes in Lucknow.

With the right teacher, you will be able to understand all the complex concepts of the subject. As a result, you'll feel confident in solving physical chemistry, numerical and organic chemistry reactions. Furthermore, you will be able to think about pursuing a career in various branches of science. These may include medicine, teaching, research, and natural science.

Keep on reading to learn some study tips and where you may find reliable mediums for chemistry lessons.

How to Study Chemistry?

Chemistry is a blend of theoretical and numerical concepts. Therefore, you will need to polish your numerical solving skills and understand the core concepts of the subject. Here are some useful ways you may be able to study the subject better and retain new concepts for longer.

  • Take time to revise each concept

As the subject is vast, you may need to revise the topics constantly. The thorough revision of all the topics will ensure you are able to learn and understand things by heart. It will also encourage you to attempt various multiple-choice questions from the different branches of the subject. 

  • Understand the concepts instead of memorising

Sometimes students memorise a certain topic instead of understanding it. This is a short-term solution and may not be the best way to study. Therefore, focus on understanding so that the concept is clear in your head. 

  • Prepare notes

This may seem redundant; however, you will be able to understand simpler notes better. All the books have detailed notes that may not be required to prepare for the exam. So, make simple notes to refer to after understanding the concepts. These notes will come in handy when you have to revise in a hurry.

  • Make use of online apps and flashcards

There are so many learning apps online that will help you develop an interest in the subject. Besides, you may use online flashcards or make some on your own to refer to while studying. These can be used to study elements, chemical reactions, and formulae. 

  • Devote some time every day

This may come as a no-brainer; however, some students may skip studying chemistry for a long time. After learning a few concepts, you may feel overconfident and end up forgetting substantial information. 

For this, you will need to devote some time to study the subject even when you do not have exams. Moreover, get out of the habit of studying last minute as it will not help you learn the concepts.

Chemistry Coaching with Superprof

For the best chemistry classes in Lucknow, register for free on the Superprof websites. This method of learning combines professional tutors and online convenience. These days, more students opt for online lessons as they save time and are accessible as per the requirement.

Superprof has top-notch teachers who have years of experience in the field. They will guide you through the class syllabus, competitive exams, and difficult concepts. Moreover, they will be available to help you revise and answer your queries. You just have to contact the teacher via inbox and discuss your expectations.

Select a time for the class and start learning. Superprof offers the first demo lesson for free so that you can get familiar with the online teaching and the tutor. In addition, you just pay for the hourly classes; therefore, you do not need to pay for months in advance. This is a convenient and effective way to study from the comfort of your room.

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