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💰 How much are chemistry coaching classes in Jaipur?

The average price of chemistry classes in Jaipur is INR 642 an hour.


Prices will vary depending on:

  • Whether you are preparing for engineering examinations such as IIT JEE exams.
  • The experience of your teacher
  • Where your lessons will be held (online or your place)
  • The number of classes and the duration of each lesson
  • The objective of your chemistry classes. Eg are you preparing to sit your HSC chemistry exam or studying at university level?

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In Jaipur and the suburban areas, 1,471 chemistry tutors are available to offer private courses


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From a sample of 102 ratings, students rated their chemistry teachers an average of 5.0 out of 5.

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On Superprof, you can learn chemistry online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your HSC examinations, are struggling with coursework, or would just like to improve your chemistry skills, our tutors can help you.

Many of our tutors offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private tutors on Superprof offer chemistry classes via webcam and most of them give their 1st lessons free!

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Chemistry is one of the most incredible and fascinating areas of study. Studying chemistry will help us to live in a more balanced world. Moreover, chemistry is everywhere around you, the food you eat, the water you drink, clothes you wear, air, medicines, and so on. Apart from this, it plays an indispensable role in everyone's lives by offering new solutions to problems in materials, health, and energy usage.

What are the benefits of studying Chemistry?

If we talk about the benefits of taking chemistry as a significant subject, there are numerous benefits.

First, chemistry is necessary because everything you perform in your daily life is also chemistry. Besides this, you can have multiple career choices if you consider pursuing your education in this field. Below we have shared some of the main benefits of studying chemistry; let's begin.

  • The food we eat is also chemistry

The food we eat is nothing but a mixture of different chemicals. Even in the production of cooking, chemistry plays an important role. The farmers use many fertilizers and crop-protection chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides to prevent the plants and increase the production, which is all chemicals.


Furthermore, sometimes ripped food is brought into the food processing industries, where they convert the ripped food into a finished product with the help of different chemicals. Besides, many ingredients like flavouring agents, preservatives, and chemical additives are added to the food package based on chemistry. That represents how important chemistry is in the daily fundamental parts of life.

  • Important in the medicine industry 

The medicine industry is nothing without chemicals; all drugs are made of chemicals that pharmaceutical industries produce. Moreover, pharmacists and doctors must know about chemistry only to prescribe the right medicine to the patients.

Have you ever wondered how chemists and doctors prescribe the medicines?


However, the chemical ingredients listed on the label help them understand the medicine and decide on a particular pill for their patients. Aside from this, such chemicals are also crucial for killing dangerous microbes and bacteria. So, you must understand and think about how essential chemistry is in our day-to-day life.

  • Forensic industry 

With the help of forensic sciences, the jobs of police officers have become really easy. Also, solving high crime cases has become easier only with forensic chemistry. It helps to recognise the criminals by examining the chemical residue left behind the crime scenes. Besides, chemical techniques are helpful that the forensic department uses, such as spectroscopy, X-ray diffractometry, colour tests, chromatography, and many more.


Hence, forensic chemistry plays a vital role to determine the crime scenes by analysing fertilisers non-biological trace evidence at the crime situation. It is all possible due to the chemistry.

  • Environmental protection

Chemistry is the main subject and can be used to study the environmental conservation and issues that are bothering humankind. Moreover, all pollutants and greenhouse gases are nothing but hazardous chemicals. Besides, chemistry can give answers to questions that are destroying the environment. It will also help us to know how we can make new beneficial chemicals without degrading the environment.


Furthermore, the pollutants that destroy our environment also destroy the ozone layer and enter our food chain, causing severe health issues. Apart from this, natural disasters can also occur if no significant step is taken. Therefore, to understand all these things and chemical reactions in the environment, we need to study chemistry.

  • Useful in the textile industry

Chemistry is beneficial in the textile industry. The raw materials used in textile manufacturing, such as wool, silk, jute, cotton, fibre, acrylic, nylon, etc., all are transformed to obtain a finished product. Moreover, during the process of transformation, raw materials are put through various chemical processes.

In addition, chemical treatments like cleaning, dyeing, smoothing agents, bleaching, printing, designing, and more are added to make the finished final fabric. Also, chemists work tirelessly to enhance the quality of the product or be involved in new material progress.

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Also, the great thing about this platform is every tutor has fixed their prices per hour for providing classes. Therefore, you can choose the best professor according to your budget. Apart from this, Superprof provides students with their first class as a demo class, which is an excellent idea. 

If students don't like the tutor's teaching method, they can switch to another teacher. Also, if you are happy with the demo class, you can pay the fee and continue your lessons. Therefore, visit our website now and find the best tutor online; students from any part of the country can enrol themselves on Superprof. So what are you waiting for? Register today!

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