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The study of matter, it’s properties, is what defines Chemistry.

How and why substances combine is all answered by chemistry. Understanding the basic chemistry concept is important for almost every profession.

When we think of a chemist an image of a person standing with white-coat comes to our mind. Strange, isn’t it? But the truth is that all of us are chemists in real life since chemistry is an important part of everything in our lives.  Every material in the world is made up of matter - even human bodies.

From growing food to cleaning our home and launching a space shuttle, chemistry is involved in everything we do. It is one of the most important parts of physical science that enables us to describe and explain our world. 

What is the importance of Chemistry?

Chemistry has a reputation for being boring and complicated. This is an understatement. The concept of fireworks and explosions is based on chemistry, that doesn’t seem boring now, does it? The application of math and logic while studying chemistry can make the subject a challenge if you are weak in those areas.

However, anyone can understand the basics of how things work and that’s what chemistry is all about. 

How can you relate Chemistry with everything on a daily basis?

It’s almost unbelievable to think that Chemistry can be seen in a normal day to day routine. However, here are a few activities that will give a better insight into how to look at things that are a part of a chemical process. 

  • Cleaning: You use chemistry to determine which cleaner is best for your dishes, clothes, and even your own self. Choosing bleaches and disinfectants based on different chemical compounds is also a part of chemistry. 
  • Environmental Issues: If you are wondering how to relate environment with chemistry then ask yourself the following questions:
  1. What makes one chemical a nutrient and the other one a pollutant?
  2. How can you clean the environment?
  3. How can you produce stuff without affecting the environment?

Different Branches of Chemistry

There are five main branches of chemistry. Take a look below:

  • Analytical Chemistry: This branch of chemistry uses quantitative and qualitative observation to measure the chemical properties of substances. 
  • Physical Chemistry: Combining chemistry with physics shows how matter and energy interact. This is known as Physical Chemistry. There are two important branches of physical chemistry - quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. 
  • Organic Chemistry: This branch of chemistry studies compounds that contain CARBON. It is also known as the “Chemistry of Life” because all the molecules that make the living tissues have carbon as a part. It has many unique properties, allowing it to form complex bonds and large molecules. 
  • Inorganic Chemistry: The branch of chemistry studies materials such as metals and gases which don’t have carbon as a part of the makeup. 
  • Biochemistry: A study of the chemical process that occurs within living organisms is known as biochemistry. 

Fields of Study

Within these five categories, there are multiple fields of study. Here are some of the job opportunities after studying chemistry written below. 

  • Food Chemists

Food science deals with the biological components of food - carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.

Food scientists are also concerned with inorganic components of food like water, content, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. They improve the quality, safety, storage, and taste of our food. Food chemists may work for industries to improve processing, or may work for government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration to inspect food products and protect them from getting contaminated. They also test the products to supply information used for the nutrition labels.

  • Environmental Chemists

Environmental Chemists study how chemicals interact with the natural environment. It is a study that involves both analytical chemistry as well as environmental science. This job profile requires a person to understand the chemicals and chemical reactions present in the soil, air, and water.  A water quality chemists test rivers, lakes, and other water bodies to look for dissolved oxygen, salinity, sediments, and the pH.

The water to be used for human consumption must be free of harmful elements and can be treated with additives like chlorine to increase safety.

  • Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers research and develop materials and processes that involve a chemical reaction. The field combines a background in chemistry with engineering and economics to solve technical problems. It falls into two main groups - industrial application and development of new products.  Chemical engineers are required to devise new ways to make the manufacturing of a product cost-effective.

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