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💰 How pricey are chemistry courses in Mumbai and the surrounding areas?

In Mumbai, the average rate of chemistry tuition is INR 611 an hour.


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✒️ What is the average score of chemistry teachers in Mumbai?

Students rated their chemistry teachers on average 5.0 out of five from a sample of 161 recommendations.


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Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are the three most important subjects to do well in if one wants to excel in CBSE examinations.
Chemistry is one of the hardest subjects in school. Many teens struggle with chemistry as it is such a vast subject. There are many areas of study in chemistry such as biochemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry and there are also mathematical elements to chemistry which many pupils find difficult.


With the help of a chemistry tutor many students are able to excel in this subject and get the grades they need.

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Chemistry is one of the most fascinating and challenging subjects of the science stream that has several applications. You can find the application of concepts of chemistry everywhere. These applications range from testing the purity of the water to testing rocket fuel for the rockets.

Moreover, the subject goes hand in hand with other subjects at advanced levels such as biochemistry and Nanochemistry. All these applications make chemistry lessons important for everyone.

A student may require a professional teacher to understand these concepts in depth. In this article, we’ll discuss where you may find the best chemistry classes in Mumbai.

What is the Importance of Chemistry Lessons?

You must look beyond passing exams and cracking an entrance exam when studying chemistry. The subject is present everywhere; therefore, it impacts the world around you immensely. Several fields such as medicine, farming, pharmaceuticals, cooking, manufacturing, and more rely on chemistry.

Here are some ways chemistry lessons are important for everyone.

  • Understand the reason behind everything with chemistry

Chemistry lessons are essential in understanding how things work at the molecular level. For example, it tells you how two chemicals react together to form another compound. Besides, you can find chemical reactions in household items, combustion of an engine, rain, and changes in colours of metals. 

Everything in the vicinity is based on chemistry. Therefore, with the knowledge of chemistry, you will stand out from other people as you will know the reasons and processes behind simple things in nature.

  • It helps in developing analytical and cognitive skills

Chemistry lessons will open up your brain to understanding new concepts. For instance, the chemicals react at the molecular level. These molecules follow the laws of physics to change state, speed, and form reactions. 

As a result, your brain will be performing complex numerical tasks, memorising various things, and learning new concepts simultaneously. Moreover, you will pay attention to all the details and become a problem solver. This will improve your analytical and cognitive skills.

  • Chemistry offers excellent career options

There are several applications of the chemistry subject; therefore, you will find many career options to choose from. You may enter the medical field or become a scientist. Besides, you can pursue a career in forensic departments, labs, teaching, publication, food analyst, and more. You may major in any branch of the chemistry subject and land a lucrative job in the industry.

  • Knowing chemistry will keep you secure

As there are so many real-life applications of the subject, you will know how certain reactions may take place at home. You will know to put out a kitchen fire, prevent chemical damages to metals, and avoid certain foods due to their chemical make and more. This will help you stay safe and keep your family safe from accidents and illness.

  • Chemistry scholars can literally save the planet

Chemists are capable of finding alternatives for fuel, chemicals, medicines, and polymers. These findings may help in reducing wastes and pressure over the planet. Moreover, they may create such alternatives that are biodegradable and are at a fraction of cost. 

Furthermore, they may find cures and medicines for viral diseases and chronic illnesses. All these innovative findings will help in improving the quality of life and protect the planet at the same time.

  • It helps in solving cases

Some chemistry scholars are using their skills in investigating crimes and fighting against criminals. They can use several chemicals to find proof in the physical and chemical evidence for a case. This is a high-profile job that will give you a sense of satisfaction as you will be helping people.

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You can find the best chemistry classes in Mumbai by registering on the Superprof website. The website has a free registration process that allows you to reach professional teachers. You can contact the teachers via inbox and discuss the syllabus that you wish to cover in the classes.

Besides, you can find a suitable teacher who will teach you at your pace and level. Therefore, you don't need to worry about skipping essential things in class. You are also free to clear your doubts in the face to face lessons. One of the best features of these lessons is the flexible timings.

You can schedule the class as per your convenience and study at your pace. Moreover, the teacher will essentially focus on teaching one student at a time; hence, you will benefit greatly. Register on Superprof to schedule your first free demo class to see how the online teaching method works. You will be able to understand concepts of chemistry right from the comfort of your couch.

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