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The average rate of a chemistry tutor in Chennai is INR 534 an hour.


Rates will vary depending on:

  • Whether you are preparing for engineering examinations such as IIT JEE exams.
  • The experience of your teacher
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On Superprof, you can learn chemistry online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your HSC examinations, are struggling with coursework, or would just like to work on your chemistry skills, our tutors can help you.


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From a sample of 130 ratings, pupils gave their chemistry tutors an average of 5.0 out of 5.


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Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are the three most important subjects to do well in if one wants to excel in CBSE examinations.
Chemistry is one of the hardest subjects in school. Many teens struggle with chemistry as it is such a vast subject. There are many areas of study in chemistry such as biochemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry and there are also mathematical elements to chemistry which many pupils find difficult.


With the help of a chemistry tutor many students are able to excel in this subject and get the grades they need.

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Chemistry is everywhere. Simply put, chemical science is so engraved in our lives that not studying it is like not understanding your life on Earth. What does that mean? Sadly, chemistry is often taken as a subject to be studied as part of the curriculum and not for knowledge. Go deeper and find that it is all about who you are, what you are, and how you came into being. Isn’t that interesting? 

How Does Studying Chemistry Benefit You?

Maybe you are studying chemistry for academic purposes or out of interest. We aren’t sure. But one thing we must tell you is that Chemistry has several branches, namely, polymer Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, and more. Each has a different application.

So, you may pick any ss per your interest for higher study. However, our first benefit is all about employment opportunities. 

  • Variety of career options

Indeed. The only subject that offers a multitude of career opportunities in chemistry. It has a broader scope with numerous options to build your career in any direction you may like. So, if you are not eyeing an entrepreneur’s life, you can play tons of roles once you complete your formal education. 

  • Teacher

What would be better than shaping the lives of millions with your ability? The noblest of professions, teaching is one of the most sought-after career options. You may choose to be a school teacher, a college professor, or a freelance educationist. It depends on your choice and abilities. 

Note that online chemistry teachers are most wanted and are even paid more. Besides, you can do both - traditional teaching with online teaching to supplement your income.

  • A Technician

A chemical technician is someone who understands chemistry to a large extent. He is responsible for providing equipment to the lab and guiding research chemists on how to use them. The professionals monitor equipment and guide while also devising new techniques to use them. Just think of it; you will be the backbone of several types of research going on.

  • Toxicologist

A toxicologist is a scientist whose work involves studying chemicals. He determines whether a specific chemical is harmful to humans and other living creatures or not. They may also assist in solving criminal cases involving toxic substances. So, if you decide to study toxicology as a major, you have an opportunity to work with some Law Enforcement agencies. Interested? Think of it.

The three career options above are just basic careers. However, as told earlier, the different branches have different applications and can carve other careers accordingly.

Below are some more reasons to study Chemistry.

  • Lead a better life

You may wonder how? Let us explain. Chemistry is much deeper than the matter we see around. It helps in creating materials you may be already using to live a comfortable life. Due to the industrial application of Chemistry, we eat, wear, drink, or even commute. 

  • Environment Issues

Do you know we perform chemical processes every day of our lives? When we breathe, a chemical reaction is responsible; what we eat is also due to a chemical reaction. Also, we use so many chemicals unknowingly. You will understand why one chemical is a pollutant with constant learning while another one is a nutrient. 

And with this knowledge, you can help save the environment as you will be well informed of the processes that can fulfil our needs without harming the environment. 

  • Better understanding 

Why does an autumn leaf turn red? How does soap make us clean? Why is diamond the hardest material? You will have answers to these questions besides many more after having some basic understanding of chemistry. You would feel a sense of pride telling others about such things. And once hooked, you will be hooked to it for life.

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Superprof is an online platform providing teachers with chemistry classes in Chennai for home-based study. To find a suitable slot, register yourself on Superprof first. Use your email ID for registration. The platform will introduce you to a community of experienced and highly qualified chemistry teachers for different levels. 

You can check the complete profiles of the teachers and pick as per your requirements. However, to be more confident of your selection, you may read the reviews under each profile. This will give you an idea of their teaching style and the success rate so far. 

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