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Learn Statistics in Lucknow

Statistics is the science of collecting, organising, interpreting, and presenting data. Statistics give us a way to make informed decisions. You consider the ratings while buying a product, for example. Statistics can be classified into two descriptive and inferential statistics. In descriptive statistics, you summarise data using numbers and graphs (bar graph, histogram, pie-chart, line graph). 

The data can also be described using numbers through mean, median, and mode. However, inferential statistics is more of sample-based statistics. We take samples of the data and use them to make inferences or conclude the population. 

Statistics are everywhere. From weather forecasts to product reviews, it lives with us. Still, it has not managed to become super popular. Learning statistics will only benefit you as it is the requirement of the near future. Let us now find ways to learn statistics in Lucknow.

What are the career opportunities for statistics majors?

Studying statistics will be helpful in the longer run. Not only will it provide you with high-paying jobs but also it will increase your intellect. Below are the top nine highly recommended jobs in the field of statistics.


Actuaries are professionals who use their mathematical and statistical skills to predict the future. They use the data, analyse past experiences to predict the future. They primarily work in insurance companies. When something can not be measured or counted, actuaries are needed. While actuaries are great at the technical stuff, they are also great communicators. Being an actuary is one of the most amazing jobs and requires economics, business administration, finance and mathematics, and statistics as prerequisites. 


These are professionals who work in pharmaceutical companies. Application of statistics in medical science, biology, public health, and similar fields. Their job functions typically include using mathematics to help design studies or clinical trials, develop methods for collecting data, analyse it, present the data to draw information and conclusion, prepare reports to help guide public health strategy or policy. If you have an interest in science as well, then this one is for you.


A logistician is a person who is responsible for the supply chain, that is, the movement of goods or people. Right from getting the products to reach them to the final consumer ultimately is the job of a logistician. s/he can sometimes get involved in purchasing, inventory management, and warehousing. Moreover, he facilitates the delivery of the goods and services to the place of destination and also provides updates about the status after shipment.

Investment analyst

An investment analyst’s job is to evaluate financial and investment information. They collect data, perform research, and analyse assets such as stocks, bonds, currencies, etc. The job is demanding and requires dedication, and long hours and frequent travel. But, this job pays you pretty well. 

Collaboration is a vital part of this job, and so is giving presentations and sharing information with your peers. Good communication skills and knowledge can be helpful. A bachelor’s degree in finance or business is a prerequisite. A creative and analytical mind that can skillfully create mathematical patterns is the top desired skill.

Research analyst

The job role of a research analyst is to prepare investigative reports. They inquire, examine, find or revise facts, principles, and theories for in-house or client use. A research analyst often gets hired by an investment bank or a firm. The research analysts can be divided into two groups: buy-side research analysts and sell-side research analysts. An asset management company typically hires the former. In comparison, the latter is given to clients for free for consideration. Such research analysts can be used to promote companies.

Financial analyst

A financial analyst examines financial data and uses their findings to help companies take business decisions. They research macroeconomic and microeconomic situations along with the fundamentals of the company to make predictions. S/he should be well versed in preparing financial models. A bachelor’s degree with a major in economics, finance, or statistics will do. Financial analysts can also work for local and regional banks. 

Computational Scientist

The person who wishes to serve at this position applies high-performance computing to advance the state of art in their respective disciplines. They are usually researchers at academic universities, national labs, or tech companies. The primary task is to analyse a large amount of data to create mathematical models to combat the scientific problem. These models are usually made on super-fast computers. 

Quantitative analyst

A “quant” specialist applies mathematical and statistical tools to financial and risk management problems. Extensive financial knowledge, programming skills, and strong abilities in mathematics and statistics are few skills that one should have before applying. It is a high-paying job that requires hard work and dedication.

Data scientist

A data scientist makes sense of the data. We live in a data-driven world where companies have an absurd and unimaginable amount of data. Data scientists combine software engineering, data science to make sense of all this data. They create algorithms and models to forecast outcomes.

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