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How to learn Statistics online?

Statistics means "numerical data" and it is a branch of mathematics that deals with data gathering, tabulation and interpretation. It's a type of mathematical analysis that uses several quantitative models to generate a set of experimental data or real-world research.

Data gathering, analysis, interpretation and presentation are all aspects of applied mathematics.

Statistics is the study of how data may be used to solve issues. Statistics is glimpsed by few as a distinct mathematical science somewhat than a content of mathematics.

What are the Benefits of Statistics?

Planning and statistics

Statistics are critical in planning in the modern era, which has been dubbed "the age of planning." Governments almost everywhere are returning to economic development planning.

Economics and statistics

Involving economic problems, statistical data and statistical analysis tools are extremely valuable. Wages, prices, time series analysis, and demand analysis are just a few examples.

Business and statistics

For production control, statistics is an irresponsible tool. For evaluating the much and desire of prized clients, business executives are increasingly depending on statistical approaches.

Enterprise and statistics

Statistics are generally used in the business for condition control. To determine whether or not the commodity fulfils the speciality in output engineering. Examination plans, custody diagrams, and other statistical devices.

Mathematics and statistics

Statistics and mathematics are inextricably linked, and recent advances in statistical methods are the result of a wide range of mathematical applications.

Statistics and science

Statistical tools for collecting, presenting, and analyzing observed data relevant to disease aetiology and occurrence, as well as the effects of various medications and medicines, are critical in medical science.

Statistics, psychology, and education 

Statistics has a wide range of applications in education and physiology, including identifying or attempting to determine the reliability and validity of a test, factor analysis, and so on.

In the mathematics of E.O.L., C.O.L., etc.

Vacancy liability, which may be interpreted as the chasm between the elevated feasible earnings for a circumstance and the substantial earnings obtained for the real effort seized, is highly familiar in the industry. Using the notion of maximum and minimum pay-off criteria, the expected opportunity loss (E.O.L.) and conditional opportunity loss (C.O.L.) may be simply determined.

Scope of statistics in India 


The application of statistics is critical to the smooth operation of corporate organizations. Business people must make a variety of decisions to complete various processes on time and correctly. Statistics aid in making informed judgments in the business world, which is full of uncertainty.

Statistical tools aid in the planning of production activities and the delivery of items by client requirements.


Economics and statistics are two theories that are borrowed in coincidence with one another. It's impossible to separate the two terms. Statistics is a tool for gathering, analyzing, comparing, and presenting the information. It covers practically all aspects of economics, including production, consumption, and distribution.

It can furthermore be employed to evaluate GDP and per capita earnings, as well as import-export and inflation ratios. Furthermore, it provides numerical data to solve economic difficulties.


Banking is another large industry where statistics are used to carry out operations. These institutions primarily make money by lending money to the public from the deposits they receive.

Banks charge high-interest rates on loans and low-interest rates on savings accounts. The profit differential between these two is significant. Banks rely on statistical analytics to determine the proper proportion of lending funds from their deposits.

Accounting and Auditing

The science of statistics plays an important role in auditing and accounting. The process of auditing entails selecting and assessing a sample to verify its accuracy.

Choosing the sample size for error detection In accounting, however, it is used to make numerous approximation-based decisions. Current asset valuations are adjusted based on their current value or the purchasing power of money.

State Administration

The information utilized by the government for administrative purposes is also included in the scope of statistics. It is utilized by nation agencies to formulate strategies and give rise to therapeutic decisions.

Statistical data aids in the revision of pay scales, employee dearness allowances, and the formulation of family planning programs. When creating budgets, the government uses statistics to estimate its expenditures and revenues from various sources.


Another key field in which statistical tools are widely used in finance. The masses, sizes, distances, and densities of celestial bodies are all measured in astronomy.

While measuring many facets of this field, errors are unavoidable. When doing various calculations between celestial planets, statistical approaches are employed to make the most likely measurements.

Research Work

The field of statistics also encompasses the field of research, which necessitates the use of statistics to complete every task. Researching in the desert is nearly impossible.

There are no statistics. Researchers utilize statistics to assess difficulties in a variety of situations. For decent findings, someone administering a study should retain the crucial proficiency and capacities in this area.

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