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Learn Mandarin within 30 hours by foreign language expert in Bangalore at your home.

my teaching method is different from others. i teach after study the mind of student by this way they want to learn give them trick to catch the words and phrases and how to make sentences by selves. Within few days student start to speak .

New Delhi
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Chinese Language Trainer with wide-ranging experience Graduate and Postgraduate in Chinese language

My classes are customised. Although I do not prefer to use a textbook, but I design my own notes and distribute regular worksheets and assignments. I believe in regular assessment to keep a tab on my students' progress. I work hard to prepare every lesson for every class and expect my students to be as sincere and responsible.

Sathiya narayanan
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To Make Friends and Grow Business, Speak Mandarin upto HSK Level 3 with in short time.

Leart Pinyin Pronounciation, Make you to practice Survival and Business Chinese every day. so that you can start communicate without any hesitation. Also Teach vocabulary, grammar and sentence pattern to make you construct your own sentence and conversation in fast and perfect way.

Ala language
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Learn Mandarin Chinese Language for your Business or Job in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

My Teaching Methodology may be: Face-to-face classroom teaching, recorded video teaching, Online classes, Hindi / English Language to Chinese Language Teaching. Language Related Translation, Interpretation and Transcription Services depends on the nature of work. Private Tour guides for Chinese Language also available.

New Delhi
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I am chinese/mandarin translator and teach Chinese/mandarin as well, love to teach.

Basic course is for 3-4 months. In basic, I teach greetings, how to talk to shopkeeper, airport, bus stand, months, days of the week, basic conversation in chinese/mandarin language. I take home tuition as well. Currently, I am teaching in noida.

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Well qualified Chinese language instructor providing quality education keeping in mind the growing importance of the language in dwarka,delhi

the main focus is to establish a strong foundation enabling the students to kickstart and further their studies. aim is to enable the students to master the basic chinese so that they are competent to read,write and speak a good chinese thereby cracking the "HSK" exam conducted by china.

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Alumni of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan , Delhi and i want to help students who are interested in learning Chinese Language.

My method of teaching is quite simpe and interesting at the same time . I believe in hardwork as the only key to success , as in chinese language my main focus will be on the tones and the pinyin (pronunciation) and basic vocabulary and grammar initially then once my student will hold on to the basics we'll move forward gradually.

New Delhi
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Come and study worlds most difficult language with ease (learning made easy) get trained ti d advanced level and get d most out of ur learning.

We make language fun and easy . So dont get scared thinking Chinese is tough , come n enjoy ur learning experience instead. I start from basics and create a strong base and then move further to higher levels so that its easier for students to understand.

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Native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai with more than 5-year experience !

native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai ! native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai ! native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai ! native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai ! native Chinese translator and teacher in Chennai !

New Delhi
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Doctor whos loves language and loves to share knowledge around with fun.

Practical , theory , communition , visual aids like ppt and diffrent approach towards gaining knowledge of any new subject.

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Learn chinese mandarin in entertainment way ...let's say ni hao ...Study chinese

You will be taught chinese in entertainment way ....videos , fun games and activities...

New Delhi
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I have completed my bachelors (honours degree) in Chinese language from a renowned university. I've been teaching this language for more than a year and can also provide my students an insight into th

The session between the students and me will be both knowledgeable and interactive at the same time. Learning a foreign language is fun and my aim is to let my students have fun while learning this language.

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Students in chinese language school gives tution in simplified chinese and literature

My teaching method is fabulous because because I want that my all students will write chinese characters and listening or reading.

New Delhi
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Chinese teacher with few years of experience gives chinese mandarin lessons at home

I am a native Mandarin speaking teacher from mainland China. I'm good for teaching beginners, intermediate , spoken chinese, HSK exam. How I will teach my students? First i would ask my students why they study chinese, then according to the student needs, I will prepare a suitable teaching plan.

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What will be the next tech superpower? What will be the next biggest economic power? China is an answer to both of these questions! This answer made me learn Chinese. It’s your turn now

I have been learning Chinese for one and a half years now. After taking a two months long trip to Taiwan and after having lived in an environment where the only means of communication was Chinese, I feel the command over my language has only improved. I have secured first rank in every level and I would love to impart the gained knowledge to the ones who wish to have it too.

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English Chinese language in Rome - 9 years of experience in China

I am a Chinese cultural and linguistic mediator with almost 10 years of experience in China. (Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Sanya and other cities) Former Chinese Wife (Tianjin) I can help you understand how Chinese people express themselves, focus on pronunciation, tone and try to meet the specific needs of each you.

Paris 4e
(13 reviews)

Chinese teacher for the City of Paris, in schools and associations, provides tutoring, academic and postbac individual courses all levels, exam preparation and competition

I am a Chinese (mandarin) teacher for pupils, students and adults of all levels, individual classes tutoring and group lessons for several years, for the City of Paris, the Marymount International School, the LYON Business School (formerly Business School of Lyon) and several training organizations and associations.

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Chinese Chinese Prof easy for Adults and Adolescents in Nanterre and Reuil

Hello, My name is Jasmine and I am a Chinese national. I teach Chinese to adolescents or adults to practice Chinese by professional obligation. I specialize in teaching Chinese to foreigners with five years of experience behind me. I worked for a year in the Philippines and two years in France. I speak French fluently.

(8 reviews)
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Native Chinese speaker (mandarin) Chinese Class for all levels and preparation HSK

After obtaining my master's degree of translation in England, I started my career as a language teacher in Beijing in 2008 and since then I've never stopped teaching. I believe that language learning is not only about vocabulary and grammar,but also the culture and the life of a country. I also believe that language is alive.

(13 reviews)

Trilingual teacher (Chinese / English / French) with 6 years experiences teaches Chinese, English or French as a foreign language to students of all levels

Double degree of French language and economics in 2008 at Wuhan University in China, Master of Management Science in 2011 at Em-Lyon business school in France, Founder of IRIS Education in Ile-de- France, 6 years experience in the field of education and vocational training, I attended several international language examinations (CET4 / CET6 / IELTS / TOEIC / TOEFL / TEF / DELF / DALF / TCF ...

Paris 16e
(34 reviews)

Chinese courses for every level in Paris (75006)

A graduate of the Engineering School of the City of Paris (PIAs) and Cours Florent (a famous theater school) provides Chinese language courses for all levels. Professor of Chinese in Paris for four years for individuals and groups, I give and organise Chinese courses for children from 6 to 12 years in an association supported by the Mayor of the 15th in paris.

Ciudad de México
(8 reviews)
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The Chinese native Class of Mandarin to door in Mexico City

I graduated from the University of International Studies in Sichuan, the level of Spanish is B2, I can be used for daily communication. I would like to help foreign friends who like Chinese. Because I'm a Northern, my Mandarin accent is standard.

(8 reviews)

One-to-one Mandarin Chinese Lessons in Barcelona (private and for companies). Learn Chinese Now!

Hello, I am a native Chinese who speaks standard Mandarin. I can teach you how to speak, understand, read and write Mandarin Chinese anytime and anywhere in Barcelona city. In class, we will speak as many Chinese as possible, but we will use English when needed.

Rapid City
(7 reviews)
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Tutor For Hire,Business, Social Science, ESL, Mandarin Chinese, General Mathematics & History

I have an MBA, BA in Social Science; I am currently working on my Doctorate degree in Psychology, have taught ESL for more than 20 years, do math tutoring, and have studied Mandarin for 20 years. I majored in Entrepreneurship, and can advise you on ways to receive money for your start up business.

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Chinese teacher, able to give courses in your place, conferred master degree, 3 years teaching experience for individuals and in universities

Hello everybody, My name is Camillus BAI. I am a Chinese, living in China for 26 years and live in France since September 2016. I play two Chinese instruments, Bamboo flute and Guqin, and practice martial art. I have great passion to share Chinese culture and teach language. I have three years’ experience of teaching Chinese and make conference about Chinese culture in universities.

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Master's Psychology Graduate with Distinction (University of Bristol) offering Psychology and Chinese Lessons in Bristol.

As a bilingual Psychology graduate with the passion for Education and Psychology, I can help you with your Psychology and Chinese courses (up to A-Level). My lessons will be tailor-made for you. Together with my knowledge in cognitive psychology, your lessons will be carried out in your most efficient way of learning to maximise your potential (and of course your grades).

Greater London
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1st Class Masters Graduate who studied Mandarin & lived in China. Extensive experience of teaching adults and children.

I have worked as a tutor and teacher in several countries, including China. My students get strong results as I tailor bespoke lessons to each individual. I believe in a hands-on approach to develop student understanding of the subject matter and believe that learning should be enjoyable - and can be for everyone - once we have found the right strategies and techniques that work for us.

(1 review)
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Hi, I am an outgoing person(in a Chinese way) and a Sheffield University Student. I am from South of China. I had trained to become a news reporter so I speak standard mandarin and west-south tongue.

I prefer teaching language in a way that you can use it. So the class will divide into Listening, speaking, reading and writing four parts. The first three-part will be more focus if you are a beginner at learning Chinese. I aim to provide a friendly, quality and useful class to you.

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