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New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Mandarin/Chinese Classes at Home with 4 Years of Experience in China- New Delhi

1. I would like to know the exact expectation of my student and will discuss how we can solve together. 2. Study Material will not be provided from my side but I can help to get in India. 3. Better if a student would tell me the current situation in Mandarin.

Mandarin school
1st class FREE!

Learn Chinese in Mandarin School. place- Chennai, classes available for students, Businessman, housewife, IT professionals and for everyone who willing to join this course.

Introduction: Mandarin School Chennai is one of the most elite institutes here in Chennai where we mainly focus on teaching the Chinese language alone. We teach spoken, written Mandarin as well as advanced Chinese to students from all walks of life. Now as you know China has become India’s largest trading partner. The bilateral trade between these two countries has crossed $51.8 billion.

New Delhi
1st class FREE!

Foreign language now a days play a very important role for career purpose.

MY NAME IS SAKSHI. I am chinese language teacher. I already teach DU students. I hv 1 yr experience of teaching chinese. My teaching method is very easy to understand. I hear all the queries of students and love to solve them in any manner.

Ala language
1st class FREE!

Learn Mandarin Chinese Language for your Business or Job in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

My Teaching Methodology may be: Face-to-face classroom teaching, recorded video teaching, Online classes, Hindi / English Language to Chinese Language Teaching. Language Related Translation, Interpretation and Transcription Services depends on the nature of work. Private Tour guides for Chinese Language also available.

Sathiya narayanan
1st class FREE!

To Make Friends and Grow Business, Speak Mandarin upto HSK Level 3 with in short time.

Leart Pinyin Pronounciation, Make you to practice Survival and Business Chinese every day. so that you can start communicate without any hesitation. Also Teach vocabulary, grammar and sentence pattern to make you construct your own sentence and conversation in fast and perfect way.

1st class FREE!
New Delhi
1st class FREE!

I teach chinese, mandarin, oral expression - chinese, oral comprehension - chinese, translation - chinese. For the level(s)primary, middle, secondary, higher secondary, higher secondary/baccalaureate,

I am a chinese writer and Language teacher. i have chinese language teaching certificate from Beijing language and Culture university. I teach chinese, mandarin, oral expression - chinese, oral comprehension - chinese, translation - chinese. For the level(s): beginner, intermediate, kid, HSK Exam.

Camillus bai
(4 reviews)

Chinese teacher, conferred master degree, 4 years teaching experience for individuals and universities

Hello everybody, My name is Camillus BAI. I am a Chinese, living in China until 25 years old and I'm in France since September 2016. I have great passion to share Chinese culture and teach language. I have four years’ experience of teaching Chinese and make conference on Chinese culture in universities. Now I give Chinese course for all levels, both for adult and child.

Paris 4e
(13 reviews)

Chinese teacher for the City of Paris, in schools and associations, provides tutoring, academic and postbac individual courses all levels, exam preparation and competition

I am a Chinese (mandarin) teacher for pupils, students and adults of all levels, individual classes tutoring and group lessons for several years, for the City of Paris, the Marymount International School, the LYON Business School (formerly Business School of Lyon) and several training organizations and associations.

(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Chinese Chinese Prof easy for Adults and Adolescents in Nanterre and Reuil

Hello, My name is Jasmine and I am a Chinese national. I teach Chinese to adolescents or adults to practice Chinese by professional obligation. I specialize in teaching Chinese to foreigners with five years of experience behind me. I worked for a year in the Philippines and two years in France. I speak French fluently.

(8 reviews)

One-to-one Mandarin Chinese Lessons in Barcelona (private and for companies). Learn Chinese Now!

Hello, I am a native Chinese who speaks standard Mandarin. I can teach you how to speak, understand, read and write Mandarin Chinese anytime and anywhere in Barcelona city. In class, we will speak as many Chinese as possible, but we will use English when needed.

Paris 7e
(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Phillip English Courses

Englishman gives courses in Savoie in Chambéry - Tel (concealed information) or (concealed information). I live in Chambéry and I have 20 years of experience. Thank you and see you soon.

Sant'Agata de' Goti
(5 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Graduated in Linguistic Mediation offers classes of Mandarin Chinese in the province of Benevento.

My lessons involve the acquisition of skills based on the needs of the student. After a first free and cognitive lesson, in which I evaluate the starting level, I fix the didactic objectives and structure a program of lessons in accordance with the needs of the student.

Paris 15e
(3 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Master degree gives Chinese classes for all levels student especially in Lyon

Young Chinese graduated from the Universite Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Master specialty Applied Foreign Languages ​​- Language and Management. After spending 5 years of higher education in Lyon 3, and an academic exchange year at Shizuoka University in Japan, I am perfectly four languages ​​English-French-Japanese-Chinese. With excellent interpersonal skills.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

I offer Chinese and Japanese langage lessons in French, English, Japanese and Chinese.

Those who are motivated to learn Asian languages are welcomed by a native speaking teacher willing to share the native languages and cultures with you.

San Nicola La Strada
1st class FREE!

I offer Chinese and English language classes, interpreting and translation services in English, Chinese and Italian

The preparation of lessons plans is aimed at achieving the objectives set with the student. My lessons are diversified by age and purpose, mainly divided into conversation, grammar and written language. They are addressed to people who have just begun to learn the language or want to improve their level. I am a friendly and positive person, attentive to the student's requests.

Sesto Calende
1st class FREE!

Graduated in Oriental languages ​​with managerial experience in Shanghai, she offers language and business classes

The study will be carried out by texts provided by me, lectures of conversation and homework for writing the characters. Informal environment with amateurs and formal business needs. I have gained an excellent teaching experience abroad both with children and adults, thanks above all to my jovial and lively personality that makes the study interesting and light.

1st class FREE!

Proficient Chinese language and culture teacher, operating on line or face-to-face in a La Rochelle / La Roche-sur-Yon / Niort triangle zone

I am a 43-year old native Chinese, who has been teaching Chinese language (mandarin) and culture (including personal, school or business trip preparation), for about 10 years, in private, group and companies classes. I also teach calligraphy and Chinese cooking, 2 passions.

1st class FREE!

My name is Riccardo Barlocco, graduate in Business Chinese (degree in Chinese) in Beijing at Beijing Language and Culture University, with 5 years experience in an international environment that

I start from the idea that if I speak fluently, everyone can learn Chinese well. Not only knowing how to speak Chinese well, but being able to read Chinese society in its most varied nuances is an art. I have traveled far and wide in China. I love China, I hope I can pass on the same emotions.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Chinese lessons for beginners

French having lived 10 years in Asia, a graduate of the University of Taipei and Beijing, offeris Chinese language teaching, spoken and / or written for adult wishing to make rapid progress. 6 years of experience teaching Chinese to French and English expatriates in China. individuals or small groups (2-3 pers..). I can teach you to speak and / or write in a very practical way.

1st class FREE!

Graduated student in Asian studies ​​offers English and Chinese written and spoken courses

My lessons are aimed at middle, high school or university students (in this case it depends on the required language level). I always listen to my students and their needs. I try to make lessons as enjoyable and interesting as possible, without limiting myself to following a program.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

A chinese student university of lyon give lessons of chinese

- Course content: oral expression, written expression, oral comprehension, written comprehension ...

1st class FREE!

Management student gives Mandarin Chinese courses at primary level college or beginners BORDEAUX

I would like to help those who want to start Chinese: reading, writing characters, pronunciation, and solving various exercises. I am therefore addressing those who start Chinese, whether they attend Chinese classes at school or not. Elementary school, college, beginners.

(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Individual classes / performer / DELF / DALF / HSK Chinese and French in Ile de France

Hello, former student in economics from Paris IX Dauphine University, currently a student at the University Paris Sud XI Orsay faculty, with a good level of French (DALF degree in C2) and a good level of Chinese (in Chinese level equivalent of a Bachelor), I propose courses of Chinese individuals with 25 EUROS TIME for all levels.

1st class FREE!

Hello everybody ! I give particular during Chinese- Annecy / Annecy-le-vieux

大家 好!请 和 我 一起 说 "中文" 好吗? I was born in Inner Mongolia, married a French. I live here since 2014. I offer Chinese courses for all levels and ages. curriculum adapted to your project and your niveau.conseiller and follow your schedule. I also offer Chinese classes from Monday to Friday morning.

1st class FREE!

Professional translator gives chinese language and culture lessons for chinese students and lovers.

Graduate doctor in translation offers lessons to anyone who wants to approach or deepen the study of Chinese culture and its language. We will do it with passion and fun, in order to make our hours of study enjoyable and to feed our curiosity.

1st class FREE!

Chinese Language and Culture Teacher in Rome, offers individual or group private lessons (maximum 5 people) to learners of any age. The lessons will focus on the preparation of the certification

Study of the Chinese language (written and oral) through lectures, carrying out exercises and also taking advantage of the support of technological tools for teaching. The lessons usually two hours include an initial phase of preparation on the topic to be addressed, the study of this topic, and finally the verification of what has just been learned.

(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Chinese teacher. Preparation for the official examination HSK & YCT (all levels).

Learn the language of the future! Material varied to prepare 听力, 口语, 阅读, 写 文. Enjoyable and fun training. Preparation for the HSK Chinese Official Exam. Many years experience preparing students successfully. Innovative interactive whiteboard lessons with webcam. We use Skype, Hangouts, Weixin, QQ, Facetime,...

(4 reviews)
1st class FREE!

Chinese teacher in the university (12 years of experience) gives Chinese lessons online via webcam

Hello, my name is Min. I have 12 years of teaching experience ( 6 years in Beijing and 6 years in France). I currently teaches Chinese at a university in France. And I also teach Chinese via Skype to some civil servants of the European Commission. When I was in Beijing, I gave Chinese lessons in many embassies and a lot of companies like schlumberger and Alstom.

(2 reviews)
1st class FREE!

During Chinese- Mandarin- teacher from China-course face to face / webcam in Ile de France- via webcam all over France

Hi, I have lived in France for two years. I lived the first 24 years of my life in China. I speak Mandarin maternally. My courses are for young and old, those who want to know the basics of Mandarin to those preparing for competition or who want to improve their pronunciation / accent. I can also teach you how to write Chinese symbols if desired.

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