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Professional in karate trains the people for self defence and discipline in life

i teach people the respect and art to learn in a manner of life and make the individual the strong and be self dependent in life along with the art of self defence and protect himself from the odds and help others

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"Don't limit your challenges, Challenge your limits". Taekwondo its in my Blood.

My teaching methodology is mostly based on my years of experience as well as form my teaching experience of last 10 years. My focus is on holistic development of my student who trains under me I prepare them Physically, technically and Tactically.

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Expert in combative events & gives tuitions in combative events and martial arts and fitness

I have plan of training scheduled for Client and to take regular practices for developing Client status, I have the punctuality for training programme to arranging daily or trice a week practices. Mostly I am looking always for result oriented programme for the client development. I have a hard working and motivational and sincerity personality person for good behaviour character.

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Be like a good Water,and always feel happy, Fight is not a good choice, always try to be aware from fight

I am a martial artist. I love martial arts, I know Karate, self defense, Wing chun, basic exercise.

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Based from Japan Karate Shotokai, Okinawa-Japan. Even MMA classes including BJJ , Are you ready?

My Methods are simple sometimes but all are Fundamentals equal based on Human Physics which is the Most Important for Martial Arts .

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My name is Kiran Pawar, Taekwondo player from Bangalore, Karnataka. I have been training in this Martial art from past 15 years. I have won a lot of medals in the state level, national level and also represented India in a couple of international tournaments. I have also coached the Karnataka junior team for the National level tournament and finished 4th in the tournament.

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Passionate in giving effective nd efficient training..set the target to achieve goal

My training method is efficient,effective and goal oriented..It is based on fitness and divided into 3 phase..fitness,basic, technics...meditation and concentration increases. One can learn taekwondo professionally to build a career in..or can learn self defence.

Mauli Baidwan
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Kickboxing national player certified fitness trainer gives individual or group classes in chandigarh and mohali

My teaching method is result oriented based on the latest techniques and studies which will enhance performance, functional fitness and overall health.

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Martial Art and krav Maga - Self Defense - fitness best training

10+ years of experience in different style and form of Martial Art and 5 years of experience as instructor. Looking for instructorship with your esteemed organization/gym/institute. I would like to teach students the arts of self defence and install in them the elements of respect, confidence and fitness.

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Femme-Power - A self defense workshop for students, corporate, schools Ngo's etc

The project FEMME-POWER is an individual initiative launched by Mr. Rohit Menon – Former Immigration Officer who is also an entrepreneur engaged in multiple verticals of education and finance. Mr. Menon aims to provide a better understanding and awareness of self defense aspects to empower the women of today considering the major prevailing issues in the society. Mr.

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Beat the fear within you with some mind-blowing karate moves. Karate coach for more than 8 years. Black belt in Karate. Specialised in close combat, women selfdefence, fitness maintainance.

my teaching includes good warm-up sessions, interesting self-defense techniques, basic and advanced level of karate and to calm your mind and create self-control over anger. I teach the best and most effective self-defense techniques that are quick and sharp. As a teacher I teach everyone, there is no age limit you can learn anyday anytime anywhere.

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Self Defense, Fitness and Yoga Trainer, Base - Martial Arts ,5yrs Experience as Trainer near Mira Road Dahisar Borivali Kandivali

Martial Arts Trainer (For age 9 yrs and above) Focus- Self Defense, Fitness and Yoga Self Defense- Specialized techniques for defence against combat attacks, staff attacks and knife attacks. Fitness- To strengthen and condition the body so as to keep the body compact and agile.

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Karate: Self defense will make you confidence. India- Karnataka- Mysore. Defense be confident and

My basic method is to teach how to protect your self from external forces, and by adopting various " Innovation and Creative methodology to understand why the technique is used and some theoretical knowledge about the subject. I want to see my country powerful.

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Change your life with national level Coach. Martial Arts Taekwondo is not only for Self defense ,Martial Arts Taekwondo Change Your Life..

Teaching has no fixed way, cause students nature is variable . So my technique depends on students IQ .

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Self defence pratice 3 month experience gov.girls high school n i want to vanaras for trainning

my self ravi kumar now i"m present in banaras hindu universiy from department of physical education and now i'm trainning of all sports eg. badminton,atheletics ,hockey,etc...

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Digital Marketing Manager for an agency in Mumbai, professional mma fighter in the making!

Martial Arts is not about attack; it's about knowing the attack and guarding against it. From self-defense to full contact, I will teach you only what you need to know. There is no beginner, intermediate and advance classes in reality when you come up against a force stronger than you.

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Message Therapy with Riki and Chi Therapy! After practicing Yoga and Martial Arts I used the Chi power to do Message to Heal Our body! Some special treatment available for girls at their own home.

Message Therapy with Riki and Chi Therapy! After practicing Yoga and Martial Arts I used the Chi power to do Message to Heal Our body! Some special treatment available for girls at their own home.

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Teacher with 10 years of Krav Maga & Self Defense in London city centre

My lessons are composed of 15/20 minutes of athletic training and 40/45 minutes of practice. During the practice part I always alternate conditioning, fighting under stress, breath, speed and power. If suggest to the beginners to start with this sport because they have the possibility to assimilate fast the techniques.

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Fitness coach 6 years experience offering personal training in Johannesburg South Africa

My teaching methods are unique i strive for results and i base my classes individually if needed and in groups too. I work with the individual and within his/her physical capabilities.

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Martial arts I have good experience of teaching martial arts to kids, teen and adults. currently I am in Sydney working in different martial arts school and private lessons. So I am looking for privat

My teaching method is face to face. You are welcome to come in my school or I can come to your home or place to train you martial arts. I approach traditional method of martial arts along with showing and teaching modern way as well.

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Karate Lessons Black Belts In Karate & Ju Jitsu (Japanese) State Champion Winner.

I focus more on strategy and positioning in relation to your partner or opponent and focus on Kumite (sparring). We can go through kata but my focus is on kumite whether that be training for point sparring competitions or full contact Karate. My lessons are around teaching you strategy to apply in kumite competitions. I DO WEBCAM LESSONS AS WELL ACROSS THE GLOBE, TIME DIFFERENCE IS NO ISSUE.

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Open Hand Self-Defence With Master Errol Learn self defence techniques that work

In the main I offer a bespoke training session based on the individuals personal experience and requirement. Self - defence Easy to learn, Easy to remember, Techniques that Actually Work , with DEVASTING EFFECT!!! anyone can learn all welcome.

La Feria
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Full contact self defense mix martial artist training program for beginners

Hi school graduate computer technician​ Self defense training Full contact and mma training Knowledge about cars I have a intermidate knowledge about cars ,i finished a six month class on how to deal with hardware computers ,I learned self defense, full contact self defense training, and mix Martial arts alone that turns out very effective in random places and I'm a artist with no training

Copperas Cove
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All Army and Armed Forces Boxing Champion gives lessons in Boxing of Beginner, Intermidiate and Advanced Skills to adults and Children from 10 years and up. Have over 17 years of experience as a USA A

Hello everyone I am a 17 year veteran of the amateur boxing world. I have competed in State, Regional, National and Olympic Trials Championships. I Have also been a member of the All Army and Armed Forces Boxing teams where I was a 3 time Gold Medalist in each team. I was also a Bronze Medalist at the USA National Championships in 2009 and 2013.

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Professional Fighter and certified Combats Sports trainer . Training sessions customized to your specific Goals and Motivation

Professional boxer in fighter activity in France, Thailand and the United States. State Graduate with more than 10 years of teaching experience. Diploma recognized by the Ministry of Sports (BPJEPS).

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6 years practicing Muay Thai and kickboxing in 5 differents country !

Frist training will be free, the objectif is to understand your level and what you are looking for. I can teach you the basic. I can make you fit with boxing. You can just come to punch and enjoy a sport moment. It can be really technical or really intensive.

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the teaching will be carried out depending on the student's needs, but there is extensive experience in children with attention deficit or cardiac problems.

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Martial Arts and kettlebell for the stronger happier body and mind! Move better, faster, more every day!

My teaching system changing with my age and experience! I'm over 40 now, so I keep focus more on the foundaton of human movements, ( dead lift, squat, loaded carrying, hips hinge, push and pull) I keep attetntion on the clients mobility flexibility and strength level, and actually when all good they can use they ability what they need for! I want to build up a healthy body & mind to make the...

Luiz cláudio
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Personal Defense, Individual or Group in Brasília - CMK - 2º Dan

I'm Black Belt 2nd Dan in Karate. I teach Personal Defense classes for mixed classes and for women specifically. I currently have classes for adults, young people, children and baby (3 to 5 years). I use the techniques and knowledge passed by Mestre Caio Márcio, who has a vast curriculum as a Brazilian National Team Athlete and World-Class Athlete coach.

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Classes with world runner. Personal defense, combat, katas in Madrid. ENG / SPA

My classes are pleasant but demanding. I try to make the student feel as comfortable as possible, with his classmates and with me. If they are group classes, it's a better environment. Students are pushed to the maximum of their possibilities. I teach classes of all levels. From beginners to high competition groups.

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